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A Meander through the History of Indexing By Peter Duncan 2010.

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1 A Meander through the History of Indexing By Peter Duncan 2010

2 First Indexes Cannon of the Gospels e.g. Lindisfarne 7 th Century Masoretes 10 th Century Stephen Langdon (1150- 1228) Knowledge of the Alphabet

3 First Printed Indexes Invention of printing 1456 Alphabet important part of technique Specialization & commercialization Peter Schoeffer (ca. 1425-1503) regards his books as being superior better because they have indexes

4 Peter Schoeffer (ca. 1425-1503 )

5 First Printed Indexes Named Dating not so clear Epistolae Hieronymi (1470?) List of first words of each section Clearly dated: Turrecrematta Expositio Psalteri (4 Oct 1470) printed by Ulrich Han List of words of each double sheet Undated possibly earlier: Augustine De arte praedicante (146-?) Two editions produced by Furst and Schoeffer

6 First named indexer Bernardo Machiavelli (1428-1500) Niccolò His son Livy Fictitious

7 Sixteenth Century Indexes What an index is, is not clear Table of the contents? Alphabetical list of subjects?

8 St John Chrysostom. Commentarium (1554)


10 Toscanelli. Observationi … di Virgilio (1568)


12 Ortelius Theatrum orbis terrarium (1570)

13 Ortelius Theatrum orbis terrarium (1570)

14 Ortelius Theatrum orbis terrarium (1570)

15 Seventeenth Century Plan of the book and indexes where we would expect them

16 Thevenot. Travels (1686)


18 Important indexer: Samuel Pepys (1633-1703)

19 Eighteenth century Indexing format recognizable

20 The ladies magazine or Entertaining companion for the fair sex. Vol. 7, 1776. Advertisement, an extraordinary one Dead, select dialogues of the letters from the, to the living Dissipation, dangers of Dullness, humourously [sic] described Fair sex, effusions in praise of them Fans, moral reflections on them Ill tell you what, a fable of Mistake, a terrible one Perseverance, in point of love Virtue in distress

21 Important indexer: Alexander Cruden (1699-1770), A Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures (1737).

22 Nineteenth Century Professionalism begins? But first the Same old thing

23 The ladies monthly museum. Vol. 6, 1801

24 The ladies monthly museum. Vol. 6, 1801.

25 Similar index entries to previous Affability and gentleness, essay on, 45 Affectation, the destruction of beauty, 127 Aigrette worn by the Queen on her birthday, described, 217 Duties due to Society, 474 Words, remarkable ones, 429

26 Notes and queries. Vol. 1, 1849-50. Anecdote of a peal of bells Bald head, defense of B. (J.M) on finkle or finkel - -on howkey or horkey - -St. Winifreda Black broth, Lacedaemonian, was it coffee? Curious custom --symbolic custom

27 Notes and queries. Vol. 1, 1849-50. Depinges, what are they? Ed., what are deepenings? Hints to intending editors Limb of the law on a maiden assize and white gloves Mess (A) meaning of Singer (S.W.) on the Dodo queries --Dodo replies To endeavour oneself Use of coffins

28 Fiske. Darwinism and other essays (1893) Bow-wow theory Buckle, H.T., his History of civilization, 43 his death at Damascus, 211; -- his mental impatience, 212; his lack of subtlety, 214 Electric girls, 129 Fasting girls, 130 Heredity in book-making, 350; Mr Buckles loose talk about heredity Louis XIV., his injurious influence on science and literature, 193 Title pages, slovenliness of, 349 Virtue and pleasure Wallace, A.R., on causes of mans intellectual supremacy, 38, 46; his surprising credulity as to spiritualism, 127

29 Professional indexing Indexing Society, 1877-90 Mary Petherbridge

30 Petherbridge. Indexing as a profession for women. Good housekeeping. (1923) There are four stages in indexing: (a) The writing of the slips; (b) The alphabetical listing of them; (c) The critical editing and its attendant research; (d) The proof reading, which must always be done by the indexer personally.

31 Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953)

32 Belloc. Marie Antoinette. (1909) Boston, British man of war arrives in harbor of, to impose tea tax, at same hour as Louis XV.s death, 72 DAIGUILLON, Duc de, chief Minister at end of Louis XV.s reign after Choiseuls fall, made by the Du Barry, 55,58,59; receives grant of public money on dismissal in the modern English fashion, 83; Fall of largely due to Marie Antoinette, 84 Elizabeth, Madame, Marie Antoinettes relations with, 122; brought to Paris by mob in Days of October, 230, 231

33 Belloc. Marie Antoinette. (1909) Joseph II., son of Maria Theresa, first association with her in the empire, 23; hastens the conclusion of Marie Antoinettes marriage, 30,31; accompanies Marie Antoinette for the first day on journey to Versailles before her marriage, 36 his insufficient character, 103; his ignorance of La Marck and Lavoisier, 105 his ludicrous misjudgment of French military power, 105; his Bungling in religion, 131 MADAME. See Adelaide Madame Elizabeth, her passage of arms with Pétion, 287-288; watches sun rise with the Queen before attack upon the palace, 320. See also Elizabeth.

34 Charlotte Yonge (1823-1901)

35 Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

36 Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) Portrait by Erickarla

37 Beatrice Webb (1858-1943)

38 Georgette Heyer (1902-1974)

39 This is not a profession to be taken up casually. Only a real student can hope to make a success of it; but to that privileged student the work is a delight Thanks

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