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JANCO S.R.L. Italian casualwear manufacturer Company profile.

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1 JANCO S.R.L. Italian casualwear manufacturer Company profile

2 HISTORY Janco was founded in 1972 by Mr. Giancarlo Neri as a small artisan laboratory, producing casual wear apparel for men and women. Today is a modern company that invests continuously in human resources and state of the art technology, to maintain high manufacturing standards.

3 MISSION Janco projects and manufactures jeans and casualwear for independent and major brands. Thanks to more than 35 years experience and continuous research and development, we can offer a professional service at the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Its our commitment to make all possible efforts to provide customer-focused products.

4 PRODUCTS Janco has a jeans-related image, because it is specialized in denim. But more, it has a 35 years experience in fashion casualwear garments, targeting the medium-high segment of the market. Our products reflect a meticulous attention to details that it is usually reserved for tailormade garments.

5 FABRICS Janco works with the best fabrics made in Italy, Spain, Turkey and Japan: Denim, Bull Denim, Twill, Broken Twill, Gabardine, Taffetas, Popeline, Satin, Silk, Velvet, Wool, Reps, Flocked and Woven fabrics.

6 JEANS Denim from 5 to 14 oz Colours: from black, midnight blue to blue shades. Fabric: cotton 100%, or cotton blended with linen, silk, polyester and wool. Colours: all All articles are available in stretch versions, always with soft handle

7 JACKETS Slub yarns and open weaves produce slight vintage effects. Bleached fabrics contrast with dark, untreated row fabrics. Trendy lines prefer yarn-dyed fabrics featuring shiny threads, in shirt to trouser weights, in patterns (stripes and checks).

8 PANTS Denim is not only indigo but also coloured in delicate Spring shades and prints featuring floral and geometric patterns. To obtain clean aspects on denim, overdyeing and particular finishing treatments are used.

9 SHORTS A classic pair of shorts can have a different look, with a worn-out effect and a fashion printing… We can apply hand abrasion, scraping, holes and all kind of flaws… with so much care!

10 T-SHIRTS We can manufacture also t-shirts and sweatshirts, with your label on them, mixing high standards and personalized solutions to meet the customer needs.

11 STRENGHTS POINTS Thanks to our experience we are able to drive our customers through: -Fabrics selection; -Cutting; -Manufacturing; -Washings and special treatments; -Packaging; to grant the whole production cycle and the highest standards.

12 REFERENCES Janco served some fashion brands such as:

13 JANCO S.R.L. Use our experience! Contact us at: TEL: +39-071-797-6258 FAX: +39-071-797-6259

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