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A friendly ERP Solution for Apparel Industry. Industry Overview.

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1 a friendly ERP Solution for Apparel Industry

2 Industry Overview

3 Single largest foreign exchange earner for India. Accounts for about 8 % of GDP 20 % of the industrial production 30 % of export earnings of India only 2-3 % import intensity. Source : Our Industry

4 2 nd largest employer, Next to Agriculture Employs about 35mn people Textile economy is worth US $37bn Global share about 5.9% Aspires to grow its revenue to US $85bn, its export value to US $50bn and employment to 12 million by the year 2010 - Texmin 2005 Source : Our Industry

5 Today not only is the export business growing, enthusiasm in the minds of the foreign buyers is also at high. Today many leading fashion labels are being associated with Indian products. India is increasingly being looked upon as a major supplier of high quality fashion apparels Indian apparels have come to be appreciated in major markets internationally. Source : Overseas Market

6 Indian textile industry has performed remarkably well during the last one decade Still needs to carve a competitive edge through quality output and high value addition especially when today India is on the fast track of globalization. Source : Globalization

7 The Industry is based on fashion and invariably goes through short fashion cycles. To be in the market, there have to be regular innovations in color, style, design, fabric, finish and fit. Automated machinery and IT solutions are key in such a scenario to be competitive and improve business results. Pace of the Market

8 ۩ Accurate Delivery ۩ Communication Gap ۩ Cost Factor ۩ Integration Issues ۩ Multiple Orders ۩ Overall Efficiency ۩ Competition - External Growing Needs & Challenges

9 ۩ Integrated System ۩ Time & Action Planning ۩ Resource Planning ۩ Decision Support System ۩ Management Information System Solutions Available @ Present

10 o u r s o l u t i o n s

11 ۩ Merchandise ۩ Export Orders ۩ Order Scheduling & Follow up ۩ Production Planning … Contd Modules in our ERP Solution

12 ۩ Production Monitoring ۩ Inventory Management ۩ Costing ۩ Payroll ۩ Financial Accounts Modules in our ERP Solution

13 Merchandiser Process Proto Perfect Proto Perfect Proto Salesman Order Salesman Order Bulk Order Bulk Order Production Sample Approval Shipment & Realization Enquiry Fabric & Accessories Approval

14 Approval System Buyer Enquiry Buyer Enquiry Development Request Development Request Receipt Sent To Buyer Sent To Buyer Development Process Development Process In-House Outsource Not Approved Go Ahead Approved

15 Merchandiser Menu

16 Merchandiser Snapshot


18 Export Order Process Export DC Export Invoice Export Invoice Post Shipment Invoice Post Shipment Invoice Realization Packing List Packing & Weight List Drafts Covering Letter Bank Negotiation Documents Convey Letter Export Order Production Activities Orders On Hand Formal documents generated during the process

19 Export Order Snapshot

20 Order Scheduling & Follow up Order Scheduling is core area for any industry that includes Multiple activities with follow ups Day to day activities reminders are mailed automatically to respective merchandiser. Weekly Calendar of action plan is also generated by the system Deviations are intimated to the respective higher officials

21 Order Scheduling & Follow up Snapshot

22 Production Planning Order size Breakup Style Definition Production Plan Workplace Availability Man-hour Availability Machine Availability Data Bank

23 Production Planning Snapshot

24 Production Planning – Operation List

25 Detailed Availability Checkup

26 Overall Planning

27 Production Monitoring Production Plan Production Monitoring Day Plan Plan Vs Actual

28 Production Monitoring

29 Inventory Management Purchase Order Purchase Order Store Issue to Production Issue to Production Consolidated Requirements (BOM) Consolidated Requirements (BOM) Export Orders Work Order Authorization

30 Inventory Management – BOM

31 Inventory Management Snapshots

32 ۩ Costing consolidation for an Order ۩ Style wise costing statement Costing

33 ۩ Employee History ۩ Attendance ۩ Incentive Calculation ۩ Advances & Loans ۩ Wages Calculation ۩ ESI & PF Calculation ۩ Pay Slip Generation ۩ Disciplinary Actions Payroll

34 Configuration

35 ۩ Journal ۩ Receipts ۩ Payments ۩ Contra ۩ Debit Note ۩ Credit Note ۩ Trial Balance ۩ Profit & Loss Account ۩ Balance Sheet Financial Accounts ۩ Cash Flow Statement ۩ Fund Flow Statement ۩ Cost Centers ۩ Budgeting

36 ۩ Object Level Security – Each user can be assigned for specific objects ۩ Function Level Security – Functions are limited for each object. Application Security Separate security engine provided to achieve the maximum control of application users. Levels of security

37 Interactions are geared up. Decision-making becomes much faster. Communication gap reduced. Maximum utilization of resources by Effective Production Planning Minimizing the Inventory. On-time In-house of materials assured Answering Challenges

38 Administrators will have the control On-time Rectification of problems in production by Online Production Monitoring System With the same execution capacity the business can be increased to a significant level. Right employee get right incentives Achieving On-time Shipment By doing this naturally profit margins are increased. Answering Challenges

39 ۩ Highly Customizable to any requirement ۩ Huge Data Handling Capability ۩ Secured System Access and Data Storage ۩ Latest Web Technologies ۩ Multi Skilled Professionals ۩ Systematic Approach Our Core Competence

40 Temple City Technologies (P) Ltd

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