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Booker T. Washington Enrollment and Course Information.

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1 Booker T. Washington Enrollment and Course Information

2 Course Information Details about Specific Courses

3 AP Physics 1 AP Physics 1 is an algebra-based, pre-med type physics. A score of 3 or better on the national exam earns college credit at most schools. Open to Juniors and Seniors Enrollment in Algebra 2 is required, and Precalculus is recommended.

4 AP Physics C Engineering-type physics. A score of 3 or better on the national exam earns college credit at most schools. Open to seniors who have taken Pre-AP Physics or AP Physics B as juniors. Enrollment in calculus is required.

5 IBHL Physics Emphasis is on written explanation and real-world applications of physics. Open to seniors who have taken AP Physics B as juniors. Seniors who are not in the IB Diploma Program are encouraged to take AP Physics C instead.

6 Archery A new PE credit elective Offered 7 th hour Learn skills & prepare for local, regional, & state level competition See Mrs. Palace in room 206 for approval and instructions

7 OUTDOOR ADVENTURE/ PE FIT FOR LIFE This class is now a year long adventure with units on how to enjoy the great outdoors through individual sports, camping, fishing and water activities

8 If you never have had Art in High School: Rising 9 th and 10 th --------Pre-AP Art 1 Rising 11 th and 12 th ------Art 1 If you have had Pre AP Art 1 or Art 1: Rising 10 th --------Art 2 or Pre-AP Art 2 Rising 11 th --------Art 2, Pre-AP Art 2 or Studio Art IBSL with signature Rising 12 th --------Pre-AP Art 2, Art 2 or Studio Art AP with signature If you had Pre-AP Art 1/Art 1 AND Pre-AP Art 2/Art 2: Rising 11 th ------Studio Art AP and/or Studio Art IBSL both with signature Rising 12 th -----Studio Art AP and/or Studio Art IBSL with signature If you have had Pre-AP Art 1/Art 1 AND Pre-AP Art 2/Art 2 AND Studio Art AP: Rising 12 th ------ Studio Art AP: Drawing, Studio Art AP: 2D or Studio Art AP: 3D If you have had Pre-AP Art 1/Art 1 AND Pre-AP Art 2/Art 2 AND Studio Art IBSL: Rising 12 th -------Portfolio Art IBHL and/or Studio Art AP

9 Introduction to Ancient Greek This course will focus on the basic introduction of classical Ancient Greek vocabulary and grammar. Students will be introduced to Greek narratives interwoven with ancient Greek history and culture. Also included is a study of English derivatives of the Greek language and their relevance to government, medicine, logic, science, and the arts. This class is open to Students who will be enrolled in the second year or higher of their current world language Students who have completed two years of a language for graduation requirements

10 AP Spanish Literature /Spanish IBHL Students will have the opportunity to read short stories, plays and poetry Learn new vocabulary Study customs and traditions in Spanish speaking countries Improve writing skills Share your ideas and opinions about the stories Can receive college credit Open to Spanish 6 students and native speakers who are juniors or seniors Explore Spanish cultures around the world Discuss cultural diversity in Hispanic countries Learn about the music and dances of other countries Discuss global issues Learn about foods and traditions

11 ACT Test Preparation This is a year-long course. This course is for JUNIORS ONLY! This is for students who are committed to improving their scores on college entry exams! BE READY TO WORK!

12 Will you be a sophomore? Do you want to take an AP class? The Social Studies & English / Language Arts Departments both strongly recommend that you also enroll in Pre-AP English II. AP courses require well-developed writing skills because the AP exam essays must be written at the college level. Think of Pre-AP English II as the boot camp that is preparing you for: taking those AP exams at the end of your sophomore year. taking IB or AP classes during your junior and senior years.

13 Sports Marketing Open to 10 th -12 th grade Marketing, Business and Economic Concepts taught with a Sports and Entertainment emphasis. Learn about the different ways products are marketed complete projects like starting a band, organizing a sports camp and how the NCAA works.

14 Fashion Marketing Open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry. Everyone has to have something to wear because we come in the world naked! From the cotton tree growers, to the pickers and textile specialist, to the buyers and designers. The Class is about Marketing, Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on the fashion business industry. Then theres fashion show, is a small part of the class. But is the way all a part of the learning process of event planning, retail store ownership and building business relationships through networking

15 Image Management (Photo 1: Tech or Fine Art Credit) Beginning Photo is a crash course in analog darkroom photography and a survey of the history of photography through the recent trends in image content creation methods. Students are trained in the use of Adobe Photoshop to professionally edit a photograph in a variety of processes and methods. Students study the basic elements of composition, studio lighting techniques and concepts such as visual literacy and symbolism in art. BTW Photography Program Instructor: Mr. Wakeley

16 Digital Editing and Production (Photo 2 – Tech Credit) Advanced Photography is a comprehensive review of the advanced shooting, editing, and production techniques of both digital and darkroom photography. Students focus more on building a body of work and are expected to enter photography competitions at the local, state, and national levels. Students are guided towards understanding and harnessing the professional techniques of contemporary professional photographic expectations.

17 Business and IT Capstone (Photo 3: Tech Credit) Third year photography is for seniors only and is an independent study course in which students are given projects that range in size from one day of work to weeks of work to complete independently. Students are given consistent feedback on their work by the teacher and their peers but are given several projects to complete simultaneously. Students must complete a professional internship, create a photography show, and present their body of work to local area photography professionals for feedback.


19 We offer Accounting 1 and Computerized Accounting If you plan to major in Business, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Statistics, International Business, Entrepreneurship, or Marketing or have your own practice of any kind, your degree will require at LEAST 2 ACCOUNTING classes !

20 SOPHOMORES WORLD HISTORY SURVEY Mandated for 10 th graders who are not considering the I.B. Program May also be taken by other upper classmen Full year course

21 SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS AND SENIORS ADVANCED PLACEMENT WORLD HISTORY Usually taken by 11 th or 12 th graders who want to take a rigorous College Board course Full year course Students must take the AP exam for weighted credit.

22 SOPHOMORES OR JUNIORS ADVANCED PLACEMENT UNITED STATES HISTORY 10 th graders who are considering the I.B. program or 11 th graders who desire a rigorous College Board AP Course Full year course Students must take the AP Exam for weighted credit

23 JUNIORS U.S. HISTORY SINCE 1878 This is an EOI course which is mandated for every student. Students have the option of substituting AP U.S. History Full Year Course

24 JUNIORS or SENIORS ADVANCED PLACEMENT PSYCHOLOGY You will study consciousness, dreams, memory, behavior, research, disorders, intelligence, therapies, insanity, perceptions, memory, thinking, & IQ Much, much more Full year course Must take AP Exam for weighted credit

25 JUNIOR or SENIORS IBSL WORLD HISTORY This course focuses on 20 th - century problems of conflict, ideology, and global political development. Full year course Must take the IB exam for weighted credit.

26 JUNIORS or SENIORS Military History Students study military history: major wars, decisive battles, strategies, tactics, technology, the causes and consequences of war, as well as those who participated in the wars (generals, admirals, soldiers, sailors) Full Year

27 JUNIOR or SENIORS IBHL AND IBSL PSYCHOLOGY Students will be involved in real life experiments on human subjects and study cognitive, biological, and socio-cultural psychology Full year courses Must take IB exam for weighted credit

28 JUNIOR or SENIORS IBHL HISTORY OF EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EAST This course focuses on the modern history of Europe and the Middle East: politics, leaders, social issues, economies. Full year course Must take IB Exam for weighted credit.

29 Juniors or Seniors Contemporary Affairs Study about current events and investigate the background stories of the cause and effect for what is happening around the world Semester Course Paired with Street Law

30 JUNIOR or SENIORS STREET LAW This course covers practical applications of law in America related to many issues like civil rights, gangs, search and seizure, and other issues Semester course Paired with Contemporary Affairs

31 JUNIORS and SENIORS ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY Students gain experience in the study of disorders such as multiple personalities, schizophrenia, bipolar, eating disorders, phobias, serial killers, etc. Paired with social psychology

32 Juniors and Seniors Social Psychology A great course that covers ideas such as aggression, attraction, cult and mob psychology, prejudice, and bullying Service Learning off campus Paired with abnormal psychology

33 JUNIORS and SENIORS IBHL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAS Students learn about the history of the cultures and peoples of South America and Central America including Mexico and America and Canada

34 JUNIORS and SENIORS IBHL HISTORY OF ASIA AND OCEANIA Students learn about the modern history and culture of the people of East and South Asia and Oceania from 1600 to the present. Must take IB Exam for weighted credit.

35 JUNIORS and SENIORS AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY Students learn about the history of African Americans from their cultural beginning in Africa to the present. One year class

36 JUNIORS and SENIORS SOCIOLOGY Sociology is the study of people in groups and you will study such things a the cultures of religions, social class structures, cults, and demographics. Paired with Anthropology.

37 JUNIORS and SENIORS ANTHROPOLOGY In this course, students study the artifacts, humanities, literature, and culture of nations, peoples, and ethnic groups. Paired with Sociology.

38 JUNIORS and SENIORS ECONOMICS How does the economy really work? Why do we have money? How can you earn money in the stock market? Paired with AP Economics Macro

39 Juniors or Seniors Advanced Placement Economics Macro This semester course prepares you for the AP Exam in Economics Macro and is the equivalent of an intro econ course in college. Paired with Economics Must take AP Economics Macro Exam for weighted credit

40 JUNIORS and SENIORS IBSL ECONOMICS This is an upper level rigorous course where students investigate the complexities of world markets, economic theories, and how the world works. Must take IB Exam for weighted credit

41 Juniors and Seniors IBSL World Religions This course focuses on the history and beliefs of religions all around the world. Open to non-IB Students too! Full Year Course Must take IB Exam for weighted credit.

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