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2 RAZR success factors*** Small size and weight Performance features Superior ergonomics Durability Materials Appearance *** Model and company success is mater of discussion.

3 RAZR Development team had electrical mechanical materials, software and manufacturing engineers. Industrial designers Technology as argument for sales.

4 Industrial Design Way to differentiate Initially was born in Europe (according to Ulrich and Eppinger) in the early 1900-s. AEG Bauhaus European school - from inside out American school – from outside to inside


6 American school Henry Dreyfus Eliot Noyes

7 Critical goals for design (1967) by Dreyfus Utility Appearance Ease of maintenance Low cost Communication

8 Need for Industrial Design In-house design and contracted design Range of design investments is tremendous


10 Expenditures for Industrial Design How Important is Industrial Design to a Product? Ergonomics Needs – interaction with human

11 Ergonomic Needs How important is ease of use How important is ease to maintenance How many user interactions are required for the product functions? How novel are the user interaction needs? What are the safety issues?

12 Aesthetic Needs Is visual product differentiation required? How important are pride of ownership, image and fashion? Will an aesthetic product motivate the team?

13 RAZR 3 Ergonomics Ease of use Ease of maintenance Quantity of user interactions Novelty of user interactions Safety Aesthetics Product differentiation Pride of ownership, fashion, or image Team motivation Importance HighLow

14 The Impact of Industrial Design Is Industrial Design Worth the Investment? Direct Cost Manufacturing Cost Time Cost – spending time to different models

15 How does Industrial Design Establish a Corporate Identity? Visual style of organization Visual equity Product colour Form Style Features EXAMPLES : Apple, Rolex, Braun, Bang and Olufsen, BMW

16 The Industrial Design Process 1.Investigation of Customer Needs 2.Conceptualization 3.Preliminary Refinement 4.Further Refinement and Final Concept Selection 5.Control Drawings or Models 6.Coordination with Engineering, Manufacturing, and External Vendors

17 The ID process 1.Investigation of customer needs 2.Conceptualization 3.Preliminary refinement (soft models)

18 The ID process 2 4. Further refinement and final concept selection (rendering, hard models) 5. Control drawings and models (control models) 6. Coordination with engineering, manufacturing and vendors

19 Management of Industrial Design Process Technology Driven Products User-driven Products

20 Technology- driven Products User- driven Products Super Computer Hard Disk Drive

21 The Impact of Computer-Based Tools on the ID Process Development of CAD

22 Timing of Industria Design Involvement

23 Development activity Identification of customer needs Concept Generation Technology Driven ID has typically no involvement User- Driven Close work with marketing. Participation in focus groups and interviews.

24 Assessing the Quality of Industrial Design 1.Quality of User Interface 2.Emotional Appeal 3.Ability to Maintain and Repair the Product 4.Appropriate Use of Resources 5.Product Differentiation

25 Summary Primary goal is to design the aspects of interaction: esthetics and ergonomics More product is seen more depends on ID For user interction related products ID should be involved in all development process For technology oriented products ID is used in final stages

26 How to introduce new designs (presentation of Mr. Giovannni Benedetti) Experimenting with product colour. Without additional tooling we can create new products. Bringing different sizes of items. Basic + small bag, big bag, extra big, extra small, gift item with logo etc... Material side, production and certain technologies remain same. Slightly changed functionality of items. EXTENSION OF PRODUCT LINES

27 Small companies must also have product line and not to rely on single product Easiest way to have product portfolio is to experiment with colour and other parameters not requiring big investments.

28 Different sizes of medical bags


30 Soft bag

31 Manchester United souvenir bag

32 Specials-Charlotte-Fiell/dp/3822858838 Specials-Charlotte-Fiell/dp/3822858838 Initiative_Overview.htm Initiative_Overview.htm

33 http://www.danish- jacobsen-drawers http://www.danish- jacobsen-drawers gn_museum/Introduction.html gn_museum/Introduction.html Functionalism products-hold-the-secrets-to-apples-future

34 Dieter Rams ten principles to good design Good design is innovative Good design makes a product useful Good design is aesthetic Good design helps us to understand a product Good design is unobtrusive Good design is honest Good design is durable Good design is consequent to the last detail Good design is concerned with the environment Good design is as little design as possible


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