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GET SOCIAL: 1. Text AreYouInInc to 22828 to get the notes from todays presentation 2. Tweet/ and tag #AreYouInInc / #PRSSAnc.

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3 GET SOCIAL: 1. Text AreYouInInc to 22828 to get the notes from todays presentation 2. Tweet/ Instagram @TheGarnerCircle and tag #AreYouInInc / #PRSSAnc for a chance to win a free copy of Are You In Inc: PRs Alter Ego 3. Stay in touch by following -


5 What is Public Relations Publicity is the art of stirring up interest to promote your product or service – Jay Levinson "Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other. - PRSSA

6 Publicity is the front cover of People Magazine. Promotion is the back cover. ~ Michelle Rapkin,Bantam Books

7 So You Want To Be A Publicist???

8 Tools Of The Trade Press Kit -A cohesive branding and informational piece. Preferably in a physical, well graphically designed format or digital format. Components of a press kit: * publicity photo * packaging * product overview * fashion overview * company history * pitch letter * press release * bio * fact sheets * photography with caption * press clippings * testimonials * options: celebrity endorsements, save the date

9 Event Publicity These offer a terrific way for any company/ brand to get great press

10 Product Launch The Brand: Coca Cola Introduces Sprite Green Sprite Green, the new reduced-calorie Sprite line extension, is the first of what the Company expects will be many new, naturally sweetened, reduced, low and zero-calorie beverages sweetened with TRUVIA natural sweetener in the future. Target Audience: Upscale Urbanites

11 Presents the 3rd Annual 2 Kings Dinner with Jay Z & Lebron James (NBA All Star) #SpriteGreen

12 The PR Breakdown... The Objective (what needs to be accomplished): -To introduce a new product, attract a somewhat health conscious, high- energy, young audience (ages 18 - 35), The Strategy: -Increase awareness by 50% within 6 months (must include quantitative goals) The Tactics (direct methods): - Celebrity Driven / Influencer Launch at NBA All-Star - Targeting organic celebrity spokesperson for the brand extension - Increase social media engagement (social media placement on photo opp areas) Lets Talk!

13 The Grand Opening Target has touched down in the Hamptons this summer with a cheeky temporary store, the Bullseye Inn. Media Highlights: Creative Branding Elements created extensive social media chatter and photo opps that reiterated the Target symbol Q & A: What are additional ways of creating press from this event?

14 Blogger/ Media Preview Event

15 Media/ Influencer Engagement: Items to consider: 1. Do they speak to your target audience 2. Unique Site Visits: Quantcast 3. Determining Level of Influence: 4. Setting Deliverables with media 5. Know outlets policies regarding gifting

16 Trunk Shows/ Listening Parties/ Art Receptions The obvious inducement is to give access to merchandise before it is available to the masses.

17 Fashion PR

18 What Do Fashion/ Beauty Editors Want From You? The key to any successful PR campaign starts with understanding your audience. Before your product or service ever makes it to the pages of a popular magazine or newspaper, it must first pass a strenuous test conducted solely by a fashion/ beauty editor. If you cannot catch their attention then you will never make it to the consumer. In order to attract the editors attention it is important that you know a little about the person youre dealing with….

19 Get To Know... There are five main publishers including Conde Nast, Hachette Filipacchi Media, Hearst, Fairchild and Time Inc. Under Conde Nast you have publications such as Vogue, Allure, Glamour, GQ, Lucky and Vanity Fair. Each publication looks for different types of stories, but they all follow the same criteria for pitching. First, you should know that editors generally work on a three-month lead-time for national, 2 month regional, and 2 week to a month (weekly / daily)

20 Fashionable PR - The Fashion Show Front Row: -editor & chiefs of major magazines (Vogue, Bazaar) -A-list fashion and creative design -Major Department Store Buyers (Saks, Bloomingdales) - Celebs -Socialites 2 nd Row: -fashion directors/ Sr. Fashion editors -National Newspapers and Major Local 3 rd Row: -Regional papers, associate editors, fashion assistants 4 th Row: -Small local papers, small boutique buyers, corporate sponsors 5 th Row: Fashion Community

21 Case Study:

22 The PR Firm: NC Connect The Spokesperson: Naomi Campbell The Cause: Hurricane Katrina

23 Event Conception, Sponsors and Celebrity Procurement Newsworthy Highlights: Celebs: Diddy, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Richie and more Lines: L.A.M.B., Armani, Sean, Gucci, D&G Sponsors: Yahoo! Auction, 7 th on 6 th, MAC, and Polo In the News: MTV, STYLE, YAHOO, E!

24 Arts PR

25 Case Study: Brand: The Atlanta Ballets brand had become lackluster. Objectives: To attract a younger, multi- cultural audience and re-energize the brand


27 5 Tips for PR In The Arts... 1. Something new. By definition, "the news" consists of things that are new, and where you as an artist are concerned, this includes an opening, a new installation, publication of a book or article about your art, the fact that you won an award, your venture into a new medium or a new topic area, technical innovation you've created with your medium, and so on. 2. Something trendy. That always makes one person's story far more interesting to more people and coverable far beyond the local area. Consider demographic, commercial, lifestyle and aesthetic trends and how you fit with those. 3. Something charitable or heartwarming. Donating work to the local pet shelter or orchestrated an open studio or demo as a benefit for earthquake relief? If so, tell the media. They love highlighting good works and good will. 4. Something surprising. This means featuring something that the average person doesn't know, or going against expectations. For instance, here is a headline from a Pennsylvania newspaper: Conshohocken Sculptor Makes his Mark in Butter. Most people don't think of art being created in a medium like butter. 5. An event. Because an event takes place at a specific date and time, it's news, while an ongoing or everyday process may not be. Your newsworthy event could be an open studio, auction, lecture or exhibition. Research calendar sections in publications in your area. Submit calendar listings for your events prior to the deadlines, and nine times out of ten, you get at least a listing and sometimes a feature.

28 Music PR Dear Publicist, We NEED blogs to feature us. We NEED people to follow us and be engaged on social media. We NEED radio to play our songs. We NEED fans to come to our shows. We NEED you, Ellen… and you too, MTV!!!

29 Tips for Music Publicists... 1.) Make it easy for them (the media). Its your job to define the artists story and tell the world why it is that they need to make music. Getting coverage is much more likely to happen if the story is compelling and the content is streamlined throughout all available social media outlets. Note: Music should be easily shareable (i.e. soundcloud ) 2) Become newsworthy. When you have news to share, write an attention-grabbing press release - use social media wire engines to spread the word and connect with millions of indie-bloggers and writers 5) Write an informative blog and truly engage on social media. Perhaps your client has toured a lot on a small budget. Or maybe reated a successful Crowdfunding campaign. Shoot – maybe it was unsuccessful and you can share what NOT to do. Include a link to your music or website in every blog post you create. As it circulates, readers will likely check out the links provided and stumble upon the music. Stay visible. Cultivate information portals through social media platforms

30 Case Study

31 A Few Resources... HARO - Help a Reporter Out ( HARO Seek or Shout Although ProfNet isnt free, the small investment is worth itProfNet soundcloud DropBox/ MediaFire Digital Press Kits -

32 Entertainment PR

33 Managing The Red Carpet

34 Press Release Extras... 1. This is one of the most important aspects of your event, so make sure to write a compelling press release that will get the media excited about coverage. It should include the pertinent information about when the event is, expected celebrities, and types of media opportunities. (red carpet, VIP party, Meet and Greet, awards show press room access, interviews with producers, etc.) Check the Hollywood Calendar or the trades for important awards show and movie premiere dates, you don't want to schedule your big night the same night that the Academy Awards occur. Finally, if you are announcing nominees for an awards show, have the press release ready to go BEFORE the announcement. (Honestly, this is PR 101.) Once the announcement is completed, email it out to your media contacts, place the nominees list on your website, and tweet it out.

35 Tip Sheets 2. These are imperative to any photographer or reporter's job on the red carpet. They include a picture of the confirmed celebrity and their latest/most notable credit. For up and coming talent, it is great if a publicist is escorting the actor down the carpet with a sheet of paper that includes the correct spelling of the actor's name and their upcoming movie or TV show.

36 Red Carpet Placement 3. A typical red carpet places photographers first, then video crews, and then writers/bloggers at the tail end of the line This is done for a reason. The photographers grab their shots and then send the talent down the line to be interviewed. After the video crews grab the interview, the writers will ask more in depth and longer questions so it is okay if the back end of the red carpet crowds up a bit. Each media outlet is assigned a spot where the bigger the outlet, the better the placement. You can expect to see E! News, ET, and Access Hollywood up front and the online media outlets closer to the back. A piece of 8x10 paper indicating the outlets name is placed on the carpet.

37 A Few More Dos & Donts 1. Remind your client to Talk to the reporter, not the camera. 2. Useable sound bites. Must be be able to convey projects in 20 words or less (humor gets higher placement) 3. Make sure you provide you client with clear messaging points including easy contact portals 4. Remember to wear what looks good on camera (most newsroom interviews are shot with green screen backgrounds). Stay away from greens and blues and all white 5. Remember its 2013, cameras are High Definition 6. Follow up for coverage

38 Q & A STAY IN TOUCH:: 1. Text AreYouInInc to 22828 to get the notes from todays presentation 2. Tweet/ Instagram @TheGarnerCircle and tag #AreYouInInc / #PRSSAnc for a chance to win a free copy of Are You In Inc: PRs Alter Ego 3. 4. Visit ----> GET YOUR COPY OF Are You In Inc: PRs Alter Ego today or Monday at the Exhitbition

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