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Minna Parikka Life is too short to take fashion seriously.

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1 Minna Parikka Life is too short to take fashion seriously

2 Minna Parikka is a Finnish shoe designer She was only 15 years old when she realized that designing shoes was her true calling in life At the age of 19 Minna moved to England to study footwear design at the De Montfort University I felt like Id been struck by a lightning when I first realized I could actually make a career out of making shoes.

3 At 22 she was awarded the title of Young British Glove Designer by the British Glove Association In 2005, she returned to Helsinki to start Minna Parikka brand, aiming for international success Minna is the creative designer and the managing director of her company In 2011, she was awarded in Finland with a young entrepreneur prize Timangi and in Spain with Fuenso Special Jury Award

4 Today, Parikka's shoes are sold in her flagship boutique in Helsinki and 16 different countries as well as being available online on numerous websites Price 220-450 EUR, average 300 EUR Also bags, leather gloves and knitwear Minna creates designs that combine elements of surrealism, playfulness and contemporary design with quality, comfort and wearibility

5 The Creativity and Passion of Parikka Minna Parikka gets her inspiration from an active everyday life Stress Pressure Commercialism can kill creativity. However, she does recognize the importance of being commercially successful. She feels it is a must to take the customers expectations into account while designing her collections. She couldnt imagine working for anyone else as a designer. She believes that…

6 The Creativity and Passion of Parikka Entrepreneurial Identities Minna Parikka is an entrepreneur with three entrepreneurial identities: Inventor Identity She identified the opportunity for her business and developed the brand Minna Parikka, which is now internationally successful. When creating her collections she constantly develops her products with the market and the consumers in mind.

7 The Creativity and Passion of Parikka Entrepreneurial Identities Founder Identity From the beginning of her career, she has been very passionate about establishing her business for commercializing and capitalizing on opportunities. Developer Identity She is constantly engaging in attracting new customers and market development, and is passionate about growing and expanding her business.

8 Audience Management Short Digital Marketing Plan Minna Parikka engages with her audience and consumers through a variety of ways including: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Vkontakte

9 Informative Mostly impersonal interaction Differs from the webpage very little Audience is visible Suggestions: Enhance personal communication Encourage user involvement

10 Twitter @MinnaParikka 48 Tweets (in 2012: 6-12 tweets / month), 26 Following, 186 Followers Informative channel

11 Twitter (cont.) Possibilities: Twitter is relatively small in Finland but big abroad Powerful way to connect fans, superstars, as well as organizations, such as World Design Capital Helsinki @wdchelsinki2012 Huge possibility to become an opinion leader in shoe/fashion/design world Suggestions: "The designer behind the brand" "Learn the possibilities"

12 Pinterest

13 Pinterest (cont.) Minna's shoes are already on Pinterest! Many of the pins are from Possibilities: Reports claim that over 80 % of Pinterest's users are women (easy to reach the target group)! The fanbase is already there Fashion pinners are becoming more influential (cf. fashion bloggers) Suggestions: Connect and Pinterest more deeply and try making Pinterest her number one social media channel

14 Information Shop Few interaction possibilities Only in English and Finnish Points out the artist

15 Vkontakte Minna Parikkas community: 583 members Discussions concerning the brand in terms of its quality, price, and the most convenient ways to acquire the product Photo galleries Links to the office webpage and to the online shop Details on where to find her shoes in Helsinki Russian analog of Facebook Fan groups, videos, etc.

16 Thank You!

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