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2 WHAT IS IMAGE? It is the general opinion most people have of a company, product, or person. WHAT IS BRAND IMAGE? Yes! It is the opinion people have of a brand. WHAT DOES A BRAND IMAGE HAVE (CONSIST OF)? Name Logo (symbol) Recognizable Design

3 How Are Marketing Experts Important When It Comes To Image?
They work hard to create brands. They promote the brand image through advertising campaigns (AKA BRANDING). Customers feel happier buying a famous brand than a product they don’t know. The image of the brand has to appeal to the target market!

4 EXPENSIVE OR CHEAP? 1. Are Luxury goods expensive or cheap? Low quality or high quality? 2. Inexpensive and cheap can mean different things. What do you think the difference is? 3. Do you think goods which are value for money are cheap or inexpensive? Are they low quality?

5 Look at the brands. Which group does not belong
Look at the brands. Which group does not belong? Luxury goods or value for money? Choose words or phrases to describe the image of each picture above. fun stylish reliable practical fashionable dynamic excellent engineering latest technology

6 Match the words or phrases 1-5 with the meanings in a-e.
VOCABULARY Match the words or phrases 1-5 with the meanings in a-e. Clothes made in a factory, not specially for one person b. The company’s name on the clothes they have designed c. A company that designs, makes and sells fashionable clothes d. The most expensive products in a range e. Making and selling very expensive clothes especially for women top-end Haute couture Off-the-peg Fashion house Designer label

7 Article Reading Read the article, Fashion’s Favorite and answer the following: Why are there only 2,000 customers for haute couture? Do fashion houses make a profit from haute couture? What is the main advantage of a fashion show? Why is Paris the true capital of fashion? Why is the fashion industry good for France? Which city competes with France as a centre of fashion? Would you pay more for a designer label? Why?

8 Choose the Best Definition for the Following Words.
hand-made: manufactured in a factory made without machines talented: hard working having a special talent firms: companies or small businesses groups of workers Textile industry: businesses manufacturing fabric groups of workers output: production shows Domestic market: sales abroad sales in your own country

9 Complete the article with the following words or phrases.
campaigns famous fashion houses shows glossy magazines image publicity wear Fashion houses __________ , such as Versace and Yves Saint Laurent, are choosing celebrities for their advertising ___________. In the past, supermodels like Cindy Crawford were the main stars of fashion. Now the __________ are full of photos of beautiful actors such as Nicole Kidman. Louis Vuitton’s latest advertisements feature the singer Jennifer Lopez, and no __________ fashion models. Newspapers are more interested in what film stars ___________ to the Oscars (Academy Awards) than in fashion ___________. But people in the fashion industry still say that they cannot do without them. They create the __________ of the brand and generate a lot of ____________. campaigns Glossy magazines famous wear shows image publicity

10 LISTENING PRACTICE: Promoting the Image
Dee Delaney is an independent marketing consultant. Listen to her describe how companies communicate the image of their brand. Answer the following questions.

11 LISTENING PRACTICE: Promoting the Image
1. Companies don’t just sell products. What more do they sell? 2. What three examples does Dee Delaney give of things that people buy that ‘say something about who you are’? 5. Is Gap’s StressFree clothing for men or women? 6. What two adjectives describe the image of the brand?

12 GRAMMAR: Comparatives and Superlatives
Equatives Fashion shows are cheaper than advertisements. Paris has the world’s biggest number of talented designers. The British fashion industry isn’t as important as the French or Italian. *Express similarities or differences between two people or things. -er + than or more/less than *Express extremes among three or more people or things. the + -est or the most/least *Used when people or things are equal to each other. as + adjective + as

13 Choose the correct answer.
The US has a bigger / more big domestic market than France. There aren’t as many designers in London than / as in Paris. John Galliano is one of greatest / the greatest designers in the British fashion industry. I think Emma is most talented / more talented than Owen. I think Josh is most talented / more talented than John. The price in the US is lower / the lower than in the UK. The quality of clothes in the stores is worse / worst than ever before.

14 DESCRIBING PRODUCTS To sell a product successfully, you need to find a good way to describe it in product brochures, catalogues, etc… Market researchers ask consumers for their opinions because this helps them to design better products.

15 Compare the following watches using the adjectives below
Compare the following watches using the adjectives below. Which one do you like best and why? Heavy light sporty stylish fun value for money easy to read comfortable to wear

16 What special features does it have?
Describe this computer desk. Match the questions 1-7 with the phrases in bold a-h. (One question has two answers!) It’s ideal for a small room. It is / isn’t designed for use in the office or at home. You can use it for a PC or laptop. It’s suitable for people of all ages. It’s got lots of space for books and papers. It’s very practical, in my opinion. It looks stylish. It’s made of good quality wood. What can you use it for? Who can use it? Where can you use it? What special features does it have? How does it look? What is it made of? Why do you / don’t you like it?

17 LISTENING PRACTICE Listen to three people giving their opinions about the desk in the picture. Do they all like it? Listen again. How does each customer describe the desk? Choose from the list in the box at the right. What can you use it for? Who can use it? Where can you use it? What special features does it have? How does it look? What is it made of? Why do you / don’t you like it?

18 PAIRWORK Work in pairs. You are going to describe a product to each other. Do you like this product or not? You will then describe the product to your classmates, without telling them what the product is. They will need to guess. PRODUCT USE(S) FEATURES LOOKS TARGET CUSTOMERS

19 Dilemma & Decision: Volkswagen Bugs
Access this article at: Click on Spring, 2013 Class Lists, then Global Business, then Dilemma & Decision Articles You may also access the a sample MEMO on my website under Sample Business Reports, then Letters

20 HOMEWORK Write a MEMO to the senior management of Volkswagen and recommend one product idea. This time, choose a DIFFERENT consumer group than the one you choose in class. Use the sample memo on my website as a reference (It can be found under business reports).


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