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Hungary Made by: Earths Fashion. Introduction Basic information Geography, Topography Climate People and Religion Fashion FamousCities: Pécs, Kalocsa,

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1 Hungary Made by: Earths Fashion

2 Introduction Basic information Geography, Topography Climate People and Religion Fashion FamousCities: Pécs, Kalocsa, Budapest Models of Hungary

3 Basic information Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The foundation of the country was laid in the late 9th century by the Hungarian prince Árpád. The present form of government is a parliamentary republic, which was established in 1989. Today, Hungary is a high-income economy and a member of the European Union, NATO, the OECD and is a Schengen state. Capital (largest city) Budapest Official languageHungarian GovernmentParliamentary Republic Area93,030 km2 Population9,942,000 CurrenyForint

4 Geography and Topography Geographic Coordinates: 13°45N, 100° 29E Slightly more than one half of Hungary's landscape consists of flat to rolling plains of the Pannonian Basin: Little Hungarian Plain in the west Great Hungarian Plain in the southeast. Transdanubia is a primarily hilly region with a terrain varied by low mountains (W:Alpokalja, S:Mecsek). The highest mountains of the country are located in the Carpathians: these lie in the North Hungarian Mountains. The highest point of the country is the Kékes at 1,014 m/3,327 ft. Hungary is divided in two by its main waterway, the Danube (Duna); other large rivers include the Tisza and Dráva, while Transdanubia contains Lake Balaton, a major body of water. Hungary has 10 national parks, 145 minor nature reserves and 35 landscape protection areas.

5 Physical map

6 Climate Hungary has a continental climate with hot summers with low overall humidity levels but frequent rainshowers and mildly cold snowy winters. Average annual temperature : 9.7 °C (49.5 °F). Temperature extremes are about 41.9 °C (107.4 °F) Average high temperature in the summer :23 °C (73.4 °F) to 28 °C (82 °F) Average low temperature in the winter: 3 °C (27 °F) to 7 °C (19 °F). The average yearly rainfall :600 mm (23.6 in). A small, southern region of the country near Pécs enjoys a reputation for a Mediterranean climate, but in reality it is only slightly warmer than the rest of the country and still receives snow during the winter.

7 People and religion Due to migrations and significant territorial changes, the demographics of Hungary have significantly fluctuated over time. In modern times, Hungary has become an ethnically homogeneous state. 93.6% of the population speak Hungarian, a Uralic language unrelated to any neighboring language and distantly related to Finnish and Estonian. The main minority group are the Roma. Other groups include: Germans, Slovaks, Croats and Bunjevcis, Romanians, Ukrainians, Serbs and Slovenes. The majority of Hungarians became Christian in the 11th century due to Hungary's first king, Saint Stephen I. Catholic54.5% Protestant18.9% Other11.1% Not specified15.5%

8 Fashion The hungarian youth is often interested in fashion, and sometimes hunagrian fashion conquers the world: The hungarian (Kalocsai) motif has been worn by several celebrities, like Emma Watson, Nicole Kidman, Suri Cruise or Lewis Hamilton. Hungarian marks: Tisza, Retro Jeans, Sugarbird, Budmil, Mayo Chix, Devergo. Fashion designers: Abodi Dóra, Tóth Bori, Mojzes Dóra, Nanushka.

9 Pictures Lewis Hamiltons suit with hungarian motifs and Dora Abodis collection

10 Famous cities Pécs is the fifth largest city of Hungary, located on the slopes of the Mecsek mountains in the south-west of the country and also known as the mediterranean city. Pécs always was a multicultural city where many cultural layers are encrusted melting different values of the history of two thousand years, and the first university was founded here in 1367. In 2010 Pécs was selected to be the European Capital of Culture sharing the title together with Essen and Istanbul. The city's motto is: "The Borderless City". Pécs is famous about its gloves: Gant Pécsi Keszty ű Ltd. founded by Mihály Marczi and partners in 1993. Main markets for the company in this period were the USA, England, France, Russia and Austria. Lady Gaga, the Olsen twins, Christina Aguilera and Queen Elizabeth II. have pécsi gloces as well.

11 Pictures

12 Kalocsa is a town in Bács-Kiskun county, Hungary. It lies 88 miles south of Budapest. It is situated in a marshy but highly productive district, near the left bank of the Danube River. Historically it had greater political and economic importance than at present. The art of Kalocsa Embroidery was born in the second half of the 19th century. Originally the needlework was only white and the embroidery patterns were merely made up by holes. The so- called "hole-embroidery" became very popular. The women at Kalocsa and in its area could get ready-made Kalocsa embroidery patterns but they liked creating their own designs as well. In 2012 the Kalocsa pattern became famous, not in Hungary but in the world by the suit of Lewis Hamilton.

13 Pictures Hungarian kalocsai motif

14 Budapest In the fifth district, you can find one of the most popular shopping streets in Budapest, which is called Váci street. Here you can buy the most fashionable clothes of the worldwide famous shops, such as ZARA, H&M, Mango, Salamander. Click to this link and you can also take a virtual trip on Váci street: utca-uzletek-3d-virtualis-tura.php However we do not organise a fashion week in Hungary, but we have an all year opened Fashion Street in the city centre. Originally it was called Deák Ferenc street, but during the years it became to the Fashion Street, where you can already find the more exlusive shops than on Váci street.


16 If you have passion for fashion, you should definitely visit Andrássy utca, which is an iconic boulevard in Budapest, dating back to 1872. It links Erzsébet Square with the Városliget. Lined with spectacular Neo-renaissance mansions and townhouses featuring fine facades and interiors, it was recognised as a World Heritage Site in 2002. It is also one of Budapest's main shopping streets, with fine cafes, restaurants, theatres, and luxury designer boutiques such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Guess etc.

17 Street fashion always finds the way in a capital, to express itself. In Budapest you can find fashionable prints on walls, where usually fine-dressed women are depicted. It is another type of street fashion, it is rather called street art. The anonymous girl, who creates these pieces of art, has chosen an illegal hobby because she usually paints on walls of houses. One of her masterpiece can be seen hereby.

18 In common with street fashion, we need to notice, that this summer the Kiscelli Museum opened an exhibition, called Street Fashion Then and Now.

19 Our company-slogan is: Running in heels has never been this easy before. And really. There has been organised for over 4 years a running competition among women, who need to wear high heels. These shoes need to have heels over 8 centimetres and they must not be slimmer than 1,5 centimetres. There is always built out a 100 metres long track for the competitiors. The whole event is organised by a fashion magazine, and it is becoming even more popular year by year.

20 There are several Hungarian worldwide well-known designers, who sould definitely be mentioned, such as Dora Abodi, Kata Szegedi, Reka Vago, Nanushka, Naray Tamas and the team of USE UNUSED. In the beginning they were only known in Hungary, but nowadays mainly all of them have boutiques around the world and some of them also participate on the fashion weeks of New York. Their boutiques are mostly found in the city centre, on the Fashion Street or Andrássy Avenue. the Nanushka boutique on the Fashion street

21 Models of Hungary In few years our models became more and more popular and successful not just in the USA but in worldwide as well. Now I would like to introduce 3 wonderful models to you.

22 Barbara Palvin She is a pretty, 19 year-old Hungarian fashion model, who was chosen the best model of 2011 by Glamour magazine. She began her career at the age of 13 and now she was hired for the campaign of Stella McCartney for C&A, Chanel Beauty, Tommy Hilfiger, Calzedonia, H&M, Cartier, Express, Calvin Klein, Stradivarius – Chic Twist in 2011. And in 2012 she was chosen for the face of LOréal Rouge Caresse

23 Enik ő Mihalik She is a 25 year-old model and she is said to be the most wanted model in our country and internationally as well. She began her career at the age of 15 and until now she worked with Chanel, Gucci, MaxMara, Victorias Secret etc. and had a lot of cover photo in so famous magazines like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and so on. According to the she is the 25th most wanted model in the world.

24 Zsófi Srej She is better know as Sophie Srej. She is 23 years old and she began her model career after graduating from the high school. She worked as a model of Prada, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Alexander Mcqueen. She had several cover photos in international magazines like Vogue, Marie Clare and so on.

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