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2 Basic Fashion and Business Concepts
Chapter 1 The Meaning of Clothing and Fashion

3 FASHION REVIEW 1. Clothing provides protection to the human body from four main categories. Name these and give one example of each.

4 Weather Environmental dangers Occupational hazards Enemies

5 Weather gloves long underwear wide-brimmed hats windbreakers
coats gloves long underwear wide-brimmed hats windbreakers water-repellent jackets

6 Environmental dangers
shoes space suits sterile gloves face masks

7 Occupational hazards safety goggles protective helmets gloves pads
hard hats safety goggles protective helmets gloves pads special shoes and boots

8 Enemies suits of armor army helmets camouflaged fabric
body shields suits of armor army helmets camouflaged fabric bulletproof vests reflective vests/jackets

9 FASHION REVIEW 2. How does adornment fulfill psychological needs?

10 Attractive decoration of the body provides a psychological feeling of well-being.

11 FASHION REVIEW 3. How does identification fulfill psychological needs?

12 When people dress like others of a group, clothing fulfills the need to belong.

13 FASHION REVIEW 4. Why are dress codes often used by schools and businesses?

14 Besides achieving group identity, the clothes help the group members maintain a certain discipline of behavior.

15 FASHION REVIEW 5. What molds a society’s standards of decency toward how people cover their bodies?

16 The culture and social system

17 FASHION REVIEW 6. Give three examples of clothing items or features that give people higher status in our society?

18 Fur coats Expensive jewelry Designer labels Service sripes School letter

19 FASHION REVIEW 7. Explain how a person’s values and attitudes affect the selection of certain clothes.

20 They are the basis of a person’s decisions, lifestyles, code of ethics, and feelings or reactions.

21 FASHION REVIEW 8. Explain how conformity versus individuality affects the selection of certain clothes.

22 Peer group pressure encourages people to conform and to gain a feeling of belonging. On the other hand, people also communicate their individuality by using self- expression in their clothing.

23 FASHION REVIEW 9. Explain how personality traits affect the selection of certain clothes.

24 Personality traits affect the amount of decoration, comfort, economy, and other factors in peoples’ clothing choices.

25 FASHION REVIEW 10. Give an example of a clothing need versus a clothing want.

26 Student response

27 FASHION REVIEW 11. In what ways is fashion an art? In what ways is fashion a science?

28 As an art, fashion thrives on creative, innovative, forward- thinking ideas. As a science, fashion uses chemistry and technology to design, mass- produce, distribute, and sell fashion goods.

29 FASHION REVIEW 12. Explain the statement, “for individuals, fashion is both highly personal and very public.”

30 Personal fashion choices are a result of individual responses, yet can be constantly seen outwardly by others.

31 FASHION REVIEW 13. Explain why clothing tends to look “perkier” during prosperous times.

32 Styles are often brighter and more adventurous in good times, since people are willing to try new, different fashions.

33 FASHION REVIEW 14. Why are some styles said to be “homogenized”?

34 They are produced in such large quantities and accepted by such a mass of people that they all seem to be alike.

35 FASHION REVIEW 15. Describe a current fashion.

36 Student response.

37 FASHION REVIEW 16. Explain why avant-garde clothes are not considered to be fashions of the times.

38 They are too unconventional and startling to be considered fashions.

39 FASHION REVIEW 17. Give three examples of classic garments.

40 Student response.

41 FASHION REVIEW 18. What does “good taste” in fashion mean?

42 Good taste in fashion is often considered to be a well-designed outfit with fashion acceptance worn by someone on whom it looks appropriate.

43 Assignment # 1 Add the 24 Chapter 1 fashion terms to quizlet.
Heading: Fashion Marketing Chapter 1 The Meaning of Clothing and Fashion Twenty-four terms plus definitions. Print a copy of terms for a daily grade. Take a pre-test; all multiple choice questions; all 24 terms; daily grade.

44 Assignment # 2 Prepare a timeline/chart of fashion throughout the decades starting with the “Roarin’ 20’s.” Decade Visual Socio-Economic Fashion Factors/Influences Trends

45 Assignment #3 Chapter Test


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