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Boots designed for workers. They were comfortable and малоизнашевыемыми.

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3 Boots designed for workers. They were comfortable and малоизнашевыемыми

4 Model Relaxed Fit A traditional fit that provides maximum comfort. Sits at the waist. Relaxed and easy through the seat and thigh, tapering slightly at the hem. Zipper fly.

5 President – Bogdan MohnachSenior Vice-President – Marina GavrishPersonnel Manager – Katrin RimskayaVP of R&D – Igor MaslakovVP for Production – Nadia DundukVP for Marketing – Olya ShumeykoVP for Shipping - Julia NaumlinskaVP for Finance – Denis Samohin

6 President – Bogdan Mohnach

7 Senior Vice-President – Marina Gavrish

8 Personnel Manager – Katrin Rimskaya

9 Vice-President of Research and Development – Igor Maslakov

10 VP for Production – Nadia Dunduk

11 Vice-President for Marketing – Olya Shumeyko

12 Vice-President for Shipping - Julia Naumlinska

13 Vice-President for Finance – Denis Samohin






19 Jeans are still favorite subjects of men's clothing, a basic thing in every men wardrobe. White jeans are certainly the "classic" of a warm season. The ideal time for wearing them is since early May till late September. Ripped jeans not only emphasize the rebellious spirit of the owner, but also are perfectly integrated into casual style image, transforming an everyday thing into a unique one. This season is actually the best time for wearing the jeans looking old and worn- out. Specially designed spots can make a fashionable model out of ordinary jeans.

20 Undoubtedly the most popular models of womens jeans in the coming season will be bell-bottoms. Moreover, any variety of style is of fashion: hip-flared or knee- flared. Jeans with cuffs fashion started long time ago. A year or two ago a blog dedicated to street fashion presented images of stylish- dressed young men and women who preferred wearing jeans that way. Then it removed to the fashion runway and in the spring-summer 2012 collections - both male and female - a huge number of these jeans were introduced.

21 Designer Collection – Nadia Dunduk women's wear collection for Gaga Style Autumn - Winter 2012-2013. The collection includes a variety of models of clothes so that any thoughts of conservative designer immediately go to the last plan. His style of exquisite minimalist and still uses Nadia Dunduk and current collection is no exception.

22 The combination of a rigorous collection trouser suits and skirts with crinoline, elegant coat, original jackets and satin dresses, and of course strong, but incredibly feminine hat complements the original, stylish ensemble. The color palette is a collection of women's clothing GAGA style autumn - winter 2012-2013 is not very rich and diverse, but remembered pink, orange, gray, and of course black, classic genre.

23 Gaga Style collection autumn - winter 2012-2013 is already too stylish and organic, a little strong, but incredibly feminine, in such clothes remain without attention surrounding unlikely to succeed. Overall, the new autumn - winter variation of Nadii Dunduk worthy of the attention and appreciation of design ideas. Ladies, you want to find a unique image, that all your outfits look elegant and feminine.

24 Kiev: TC "Prom" / SEC "Caravan" / TC "Terminal" / TC "Bolshevik" street. Getman, 6 / TC "Square" street. Gnata, 20 / TC "Square" Blvd. Perov, 36 / TC "Locker" street. Lunacharsky, 4 / st. Lower Shaft, 37/20 / pr Vozdukhoflotsky, 36 / str. Khmelnytsky 10A / st. Chervonoarmiis'ka 14 / Pobeda, 17 / Mira, 4 / Colin's stock shop st. Frunze, 160A Odessa Street. Bunin, 35 / per. Semaphore, 4 / shopping center "Panorama" Sq. Derevyanka, 1 Donetsk: st. University, 40 / Sq. Railway Station, 1 / st. Artem, 60 / TC "Donetsk City" Kharkov: Lenina, 18/9 st. Sumi, 40 / str. Kvitka-Osnovyanenko 9 / «Karavan" street. Labor heroes, 7 Kiev: Lenina, 186; Lenina, 171 / st. Gogol, 32 / Jubilee Ave, 14 Nikolaev: SEC «City Center» Lenina 98 / str. Potemkin, 65 (corner. Soviet) Kherson: st. Sovetskaya, 24 Krivoy Rog: TC "Okay" White Church: TC "Vega" Severodonetsk ave Guards Cherkasy: House Commerce Blvd. Shevchenko, 207 / TC "Plasma" Blvd. Shevchenko, 145


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