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Svetlana Garančovská 3.B

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1 Svetlana Garančovská 3.B
Fashion Svetlana Garančovská 3.B

2 Fashion But what is it fashion? It´s an important thing in modern society, a big business (because nobody wants to be naked), the way we can express our personality and an art. Each person has his own style and taste. We will scarcely find two individuals who agree on every detail of their clothes. Fashionable trends are imitated all over the world. Clothes and fashion have always been important for people. It’s a big business. Fashion designers, models, managers and dress-makers make lot of money.

3 Fashion and clothing People have different attitude to fashion.

4 Weather... In summer we wear light summer dresses, loose blouses with a low neckline, cropped trousers, shorts and various T-shirts and on our feet we usually put on sandals. When we go swimming we put on a swim suit {bikiny, swimming costume} or trunks. In winter we need to wear something warm, trousers, jeans, sweaters or jumpers, anoraks, winter coats and jackets, gloves and mittens, caps, hats and of course boots. When we go to a concert or to the theatre we prefer to be dressed up. We wear an evening dress, which consists of a dark suit, a light shirt, tie and gown. For sports we put on sport’s wear like jeans and T-shirts blazers, a waterproof jacket or anorak and sport’s shoes. At home we like to feel comfortably and so we prefer comfortable clothes – slacks, jeans, T-shirts and on our feet slippers. To school we wear something practical and comfortable. The most favourite clothes of teenagers includes jeans or trousers, shirts, pullowers and trainers. Special kinds of clothes are uniforms and costumes Different factors that have influenced the styles of clothing are geography, climate, poverty and wealth. At home I wear casual clothes such as jogging suit (tepláky) and some T-shirt. In school I like wear mainly clothes in which I feel comfortable such as jeans, trousers or skirt in the summer and some shirt, pullovers or jumper. When I go to the city or on a trip the most important is shoes – tennis shoes.


6 The biggest centres of fashion
The biggest centres of fashion are Paris, London, New York, Milano.

7 Clothing for... Women wear short skirts and tops or dresses. Men usually wear some shorts and a t-shirt or a short-sleeved shirt. Another thing in summer is wearing swim suits. Every man or woman has it own sense of style. Fashion is not just about modern stylish clothes, it is also about all kinds of accessories. These shops are pretty expensive and many people can not afford shopping in this kind of stores. Many people in Slovakia prefer cheap clothes of poor quality. Well, not everyone can buy a t-shirt with a 2 000Sk price tag on it. I personally prefer quality over price.But sometimes I am breathless when I find out how much does the piece actually cost.

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