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Duemila Fashion ® Quick – Simple – Expert ERP Software.

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1 Duemila Fashion ® Quick – Simple – Expert ERP Software

2 Duemila Fashion ® History So Old, So New This project has its origins in 70s when the first business computer arrived in Italy At the beginning it was a black/white text system for fabrics and accessory-needs calculation Duemila Fashion has grown day after day according to garment industries requests, throught economy and computer science engeneers Nowadays its a 360° ERP visual software, multilingual and accessible via Internet

3 Principal features of Duemila Fashion: Compatible with every kind of personal computer, Mac, Linux, also old models Everybody can work on same database and share information You can control your company from internet It is possible to set 16 different sizes for each style Every style can be produced with different fabrics, different colours; Size by size consumptions All items can be managed by lot number, location, dyeing lot, twin set, boxes, weight control Real time production control, delivery forecast, resource planning, many stock warehouses Components list, production needs, purchase orders, raw materials, semigarments, finished products, stock control, industrial costs, and lots more (see charts below) You can also modify Duemila Fashion by yourself You can store photos, pictures, multimedia files for every item Is possible to extract all information into Microsoft Word and Excel Barcode automation system (optional) Automatic send P.O, Proforma, Invoice, Production Instructions via PDF-email This software is modular; you can start with few pieces (little cost) and buy new modula and new user licenses time after time Start-up of the system in one week on your site TeleAssistence, instructions, helpdesk, all customizations you need We can make a demo of Duemila Fashion also via internet, conference call

4 Duemila Fashion ® - Overall Flowchart

5 Duemila Fashion ® - Areas Flowchart Styles & Materials Component List Production Needs P.O. & Arrivals ProductionShipping & Invoicing Accountancy

6 Duemila Fashion ® - Commercial Flowchart Component List Costing Sheet Price List Offer Order Customer Database Customer Service

7 Duemila Fashion ® - Production Flowchart Work Stage Progress Materials Picking Outside Contractor Work Stage End Materials Download Inside Manufacture Finished Product Upload Launch of Production Raw Materials Upload

8 Duemila Fashion ® - Administration Flowchart Proforma Invoice Packing List Finished Product Download Customer Invoice Accounting Commissions / Royalties Payments Control Supplier Invoice Salary of Employees Taxes and other Profit and Loss StatementVAT and other Industrial Accounting Financial Accounting Costs Analysis

9 Duemila Fashion ® - Main Page

10 Duemila Fashion ® - Customer / Supplier Database

11 Duemila Fashion ® - Style Database

12 Duemila Fashion ® - Material Database




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