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Anastasia Ivanova Gymnasium56 Class 10a. Many people are familiar with the concept of fashion. But how much well. Who can list the most famous designers.

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1 Anastasia Ivanova Gymnasium56 Class 10a

2 Many people are familiar with the concept of fashion. But how much well. Who can list the most famous designers of Great Britain and Russia. I think not all. Therefore, I present you with your project on the fashion industry, which gives the basic concepts, people and other things.

3 Тell about the world of fashion. Provide modern brands of clothing in England and Russia. Expand your horizons by learning about the history of costume. Studies on the: development of young talents in the fashion industry.

4 Fashion (Fr. mode, from the Latin. Modus - measure, image, method, rule, regulation) - the temporary dominance of a certain style in any sphere of life or culture. Specifies the style or type of clothing, ideas, behavior, etiquette, lifestyle, arts, literature, cuisine, architecture, entertainment, etc., which is popular in society at a certain period of time. The concept of fashion often refers to the most unstable and quickly passing popularity.

5 High Fashion (born Haute couture, Italian. Alta moda, «haute couture") - the art of sewing quality. This includes the creation of leading Fashion, which set the tone of international fashion, unique products that are produced in the famous salons of fashion at customer's request.

6 The concept of "haute couture" appeared in the middle of the XIX century. Then appeared the first Fashion and the first fashion designers. Fashion "haute couture" owes its appearance of Charles Frederick Worth. In 1858, this English fashion designer, opened his house in Paris, models and first distributed collections by season. After Worth lit up the names who have left a deep mark in the history of "high fashion": Poiret, Coco Chanel, Madame Viognier, Madame Schiaparelli, Christian Dior, Andre Kurezh, Guy Laroche, Yves Saint Laurent and others.

7 Alexander McQueen's The Gothic sensibility of a Brothers Grimm fairytale is closer in spirit to Alexander McQueen's clothing. McQueen's rise to power is a fashion fairytale all of its own. McQueen's bloodline of angular, aggressive tailoring is inherited from MGM costume designer Adrian, Christian Dior and Thierry Mugler. Brutality tempered by a lyricism characterizes the McQueen style. 1996 also saw McQueen replace John Galliano as head of Givenchy haute couture. But by 2001 the Gucci Group had acquired a controlling stake in McQueen's own label and the designer left both Givenchy and LVMH. 2003 saw the launch of his first perfume, In 2004 his men's ready-to-wear was shown in Milan for the first time.

8 Paul Smith A serious accident while riding his bike put paid to Paul Smith's dream of becoming a professional racing-cyclist. In 1970, Smith opened a store in his native city, selling his own early designs that reflected the types of clothing he loved but was unable to buy anywhere else. Studying fashion design at evening classes, and working closely with his wife, Pauline Denyer, a graduate of the Royal College of Art, by 1976 lie was showing a full range of menswear in Paris. The designer now has a staggering 300 shops in Japan, and also offers a range of womenswear and clothing for kids, in addition to accessories, books, jewellery, fragrances, pens, rugs and china. In 2001 Smith was knighted, and despite the success and breadth of his company - wholesaling to thirty-five countries around the globe - his hands-on involvement remains integral to its success.

9 John Galliano is one of Britain's fashion heroes. Having attended Wilson's Grammar School for boys, Galliano won a place at Saint Martins college, graduating in 1984. And it was that graduation collection - inspired by the French Revolution and titled 'Les Incroyables' Two seasons later, and with an unprecedented four British Designer of the Year awards under his belt, Galliano became creative director at Christian Dior, presenting his first collection for the spring/summer 1997 haute couture show. A champion of the romantic bias-cut dress and the dramatic tailoring of '50s couture at a time when minimalism and grunge dominated fashion, it was announced in 1995 that Galliano would succeed Hubert de Givenchy at the dusty maison de couture.

10 Vyacheslav Zaytsev Russia's designer, painter, graphic artist, designer of theatrical costumes, corresponding member of the Russia Academy of Fine Arts, Professor of modeling clothes and shoes of the Moscow Textile University. One of the leading television programFashionable verdict on the first channel. He is fond of painting, his work was exhibited in prestigious art galleries in the U.S., Belgium. Author of several books on issues of fashion.

11 Valentines Yudashkin He graduated with honors from the Moscow Industrial College in 1986. In 1991 it was presented in Paris, his first collection, consisting of 150 models. In 1999 at the Fashion House "Valentin Yudashkin" was launched line of jewelry and perfume «Valentin Yudashkin», draft, prepared jointly with the French company «Parour». Valentin Yudashkin Models are stored in the costume of the Louvre Museum, the California Museum of Fashion in the State Historical Museum in Moscow, the International Museum of the Olympic Games. Honored Artist of Russia, member of the Academy of Social Sciences, honorary academician of Russia Academy of Arts, corresponding member of the syndicate of the Paris haute couture and ready-made garments.

12 Max Chernitsov Full name Maksim Chernitsov - Russia's designer clothing, candidate of philological sciences, creative director of Russia's clothing brands MAX CHERNITSOV. In the style Chernitsov present intelligence and sexuality, the eclectic, historical and cultural contexts. His inspiring life and history: from Fellini to the heroic astronauts, from graffiti to winter fishing. Noisy fame Max Chernitsov brings a collection of 2005 "HOMOCOSMODROMO Professionals appreciate it for the concept and provocative, the clients for a practical and positive emotional energy. Overseas brand MAX CHERNITSOV represented on the island of Cyprus.

13 If we compare the British and Russian podium, then there is a lot of differences. England there is much less than Russia, so there is much more ways to get in the right direction. In our country there are many designers, but the present and demanded Couturier - units. If you look at the English podium, you can find many familiar names that can not be said about Russia. Of course, France is a fashion-setter, it was recognized by France, namely Paris, highly valued and appreciated. And even if you look on the geographical location, the state, people, finances, then one way or another Britain will succeed much better. Because it is always a huge selection. Easier to choose from a smaller group of individuals. But in any case can not be argued that Russia is behind Europe. No, they go along, although each state has its own specialization.

14 Literature English designers Russian designers

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