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The Fashion of the 1940’s Evening Wear.

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1 The Fashion of the 1940’s Evening Wear

2 History of the Decade * – The United States was forced to enter into World War II by Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor * – ‘Vogue’ introduced a ‘Portfolio of Wartime Economics’ starting with your One and Only Dress * – WWII ended due to collapse of Germany and Japan * – Paris had re-established herself as the fashion center of the world * United States (New York) became temporary center for fashion * “Baby Boom” began due to length of time husbands were away from wives *“ Make Do and Mend”

3 Technological Advances
Necessity was the innovator to many new technological developments Flying suit developed from experimentations of materials during war (made from sun back rayon developed during the war) ‘Clothing from Chemicals’ * Nylon * Acetate * Rayon

4 Silhouette – Early 1940’s *Outline demanded by Wartime Deprivation
*Unadorned *Plain rectangle of clothing

5 Silhouette – Late 1940’s Hour-glass X silhouette returned from 1830
Swishing petticoat of the late Victorian period returned Fashions from Empire period copied Balenciaga       Beautiful and distinctive silhouettes       Tunic tops over long straight skirts       Major influence on fashion of 20th century       Elegant clothing Not afraid to create extreme silhouettes 1947 – New Look

6 The New Look *Introduced in February 12, 1947 1. Wide hats
2.      Voluptuously curved torso 3.      Nipped – in waist (wasp waist) 4. Small narrow shoulders 5.      Round padded hips 6.      Round bust 7.      Crinoline –swirling skirts dating back to the 19th century 8.      Long, full skirts 9.      30 – 40 yards required for f fashion 10.      Luxury corsets (hipettes) “Sculpted” into the required shape with a hot iron and use of “Top Secret Substance” – paper – stiff nylon

7 Fabrics Tulle Nylon Satin Muslin Velvet Laces Crepe Alligator Skin
Lurex - used to enhance curtain materials and decorative furnishings Mink Cotton Leather Wool Sheer Organza Very fine Silk Shirred Jersey

8 Shades of Color Dark colors Neutral Shades _*Gray _*Brown _*Black
Dye in short supply During war time – encouraged to mix and match colors to make best use of scare materials *Colors = dull and practical Jacques Faith introduced a new color pallet

9 Style of the Night Neckline – deep décolletage for evening
Waist defined Occasionally extremely tight Wide waistband Fairly high-waisted princess dress Gathers in front Asymmetrical seams Beads Embroidery Details of dress – suitable for occasion Sleeveless for the most part, some had jackets

10 1947 – 1949 Fashion Emerges a. The New Look Silhouette
b.      Basque bodice c.       Many frills d.      High or extremely low neckline e.      Skirts extremely long f.        Full pleated skirt g.      Draping in front shows Egyptian influences h.      Narrow silhouette spring i.        Back fullness j.        Panels of all kinds – 1949 k Ballerina Skirt – 1948 l American short black dinner dress

11 Accessories Pearls Gloves Colored slippers Hats

12 1940’s Evening Wear

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