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Fashion Styles Fashion Design, Textiles & Merchandising.

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1 Fashion Styles Fashion Design, Textiles & Merchandising

2 Fashion Is the particular style that is popular at a given time. Usually refers to clothes but may include hairstyles, home decorations or even foods Ex: Skinny jeans, shabby chic, yogurt

3 Style Refers to the characteristics that distinguish one particular item of clothing from another Ex: Necklines Scoop V-neck Boat neck Crew

4 Classic A classic style is one that stays in fashion for a long time These are usually more simple and less innovative Ex: Navy blue blazer, blue jeans, ???

5 Fad A fashion that is very popular for only a short time is called a fad Ex: color, accessories Platform shoes, bellbottoms Usually less expensive Often popular with teens

6 Avant-Garde French expression that means ahead of fashion These types of clothes are daring and unconventional and often dont appeal to many people

7 Retro and Vintage Retro Refers to styles of an earlier time that come back into fashion Ex: ballet flats, capris Vintage The original clothing that is not updated Ex: found at thrift stores, your grandmothers sweater

8 Fashion Cycles Every item has a fashion cycle Classics have longer cycles Fads have shorter cycles

9 Introduction Stage A fashion is born when its worn for the first time Ex: models and celebrities wear Most items are introduced in small quantities and at higher prices

10 Growth Stage An interest in the fashion builds and people gradually accept it, variations are sold at a lower price

11 Maturity Stage When many people wear a fashion, it reaches the peak of its popularity The style is produced in large quantities at prices that most consumers can afford

12 Decline Stage Eventually people tire of a particular style They may continue to wear it but sales rapidly decline Remaining items are sold at reduced prices Usually the shortest stage

13 Fashion Swings Designers will change details on garments to create updated looks Ex: Skirts Until WWI – floor length 1920s – hemlines to the knees 1930s – hemlines to calf WWII – knee length returned 1960s – mini, midi, maxi

14 Fashion Features Starting at page 103 Neckline Collar Sleeve Dress Shirt Skirt Pants Jackets and coats

15 Barbie Fashion Show Your assignment: Create or modify an outfit for a Barbie doll using the clothes given to you, another groups clothes or materials in class Write a description for the outfit using terms from the PowerPoint (ex: fad) and the style feature used (neckline, sleeve style, etc) One partner will walk Barbie down the runway and show-off garment details and the other will read the description You will turn in your written description

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