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Fashion History Fashions of the Twentieth Century.

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1 Fashion History Fashions of the Twentieth Century

2 1900-1910 Gibson Girl Look –Shirtwaist blouses –Hats- enormous with birds, feathers, ribbons, etc.

3 1900-1910 Men Spats Formal wear –Frock coats –Spats –Hats

4 1911-1920 World War I Hobble skirts- womens legs revealed for the first time! Narrow shape


6 1911-1920 Men Simplier form of dress more popular

7 1920s Flapper Sportswear introduced

8 1920s

9 Chanel Fashion Influence from 1920s until World War II Resurfaces in 1954 Little black dress Tweed Suit

10 1930s Era of elegance Bias cut Cowl neck Ginger Rogers

11 1930s

12 Men Double breasted suits Wide lapels Shoulders broadened

13 1940s World War II Separates introduced that can be mixed and matched

14 1940s Bobby socks, pleated skirts

15 New Look Christian Dior Full bustlines Tiny waists Full skirts

16 1940s Men Casual!

17 1950s Donna Reid or I Love Lucy Look

18 1950s Full skirts and strapless dresses

19 1960s Kennedy Era Chanel Suit Pillbox hat

20 1960s Aubrey Hepburn Look

21 1960s Hot Pants Jeans

22 1960s Mini Skirts The Mod Look

23 1970s Pantsuits, wide legs with large cuffs/ bell bottoms hip huggers Pants for women became acceptable in the work place. Long pointed collars.

24 1970s

25 1980s

26 Athletic wear more popular inspired by the movie Flashdance

27 1990s Doc Martens replaced atletic footwear

28 1990s Platform Shoes

29 1990s Retro look

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