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Parlay/OSA: open APIs for service development

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1 Parlay/OSA: open APIs for service development
Damian O’Neill, Chair 3GPP CT5 Ultan Mulligan, ETSI PTCC Acknowledgements: Chelo Abarca, RIM, Andy Bennett, Lucent, Ard-Jan Moerdijk, Ericsson, Musa Unmehopa, Lucent Jeff Popoff, Redknee, Marc Leclerc, Ericsson

2 Outline 1- What is OSA/Parlay? 2- OSA in 3GPP and IMS
3- Under the hood - Framework and SCFs - Parlay X Web Services 4- Reference

3 What is OSA? A mediator API between Telecom networks and Operator or 3rd Party applications Secure interface between Network Operators and Application Servers. Open standards (specified by the Parlay Group, ETSI and 3GPP). Raises programming abstraction level and allows multi-network applications. Application Server/ Applications OSA API Operator’s (Multi-) Network infrastructure

4 Bringing Telecoms and IT Together
Developed by Operators, Independent Software Vendors, Enterprises and System Integrators Addressing the needs of multiple customer groups Wide Range of Applications Developed using IT technology and tools, using the power of the network Abstract the functions of the network, and simplify development The Parlay/OSA API Common Network Capabilities Fixed, Mobile, 3G, Wi-Fi Open standard API, created by ETSI, Parlay and 3GPP Supporting the same services on multiple networks reduces operating costs, eases migration and increases market share

5 Other Network Operator / MVNOs
OSA/Parlay Scenario Other Network Operator / MVNOs Network Operator Internal Applications Parlay/OSA SCS Parlay ASP SMS Parlay MMS WAP ASR/TTS MPC Signaling & Control Enterprise Corporate Database Applications Access Networks

6 Outline 1- What is OSA/Parlay? 2- OSA in 3GPP and IMS
3- Under the hood - Framework and SCFs - Parlay X Web Services 4- Reference

7 OSA/Parlay Standardisation
OSA specification and standardisation is a joint effort by the following: - 3GPP CT5 - ETSI TISPAN OSA Project - The Parlay Group The objective is to have a single API for the whole developer community OSA = Parlay - All meetings are joint meetings (Joint Working Group) The joint work is based on a common (UML) model

8 OSA/Parlay Standardisation #2
JWG meets 4 times/year: 2 with 3GPP CT WGs, 2 with Parlay Group, c. 20 delegates & 100 Tdocs/meeting Next meeting: October 2006, at ETSI Following meeting co-located with 3GPP CT WGs, 5-8 Feb 2007 Using 3GPP working methods, Tdoc numbering, & MCC support Next meeting invite and Tdocs:

9 3GPP2 And The Joint Working Group
3GPP2 have adopted OSA/Parlay No separate specifications 3GPP2 requirements brought to JWG 3GPP2 differences listed in annex to 3GPP specs Only scope/references differences to date

10 OSA and IMS OSA is one of the service environments defined in IMS

11 OSA and IMS: Bridging multiple domains
3rd party Applications + Content Applications + Content Web Services Parlay X Parlay/OSA Unprotected Applications + Content Protected Walled garden Web Service GW IN Parlay/OSA GW Video + Messaging Group Management Presence + Applications Multimedia Applications Service Layer SIP AS Vendor B Operator SIP AS SS7, MM7.. ISC ISC CS Domain IMS Core Network

12 OSA Parlay/Parlay-X Proposition
IN Enhancement or SCP Replacement Convergence and Migration to IP SDP (Service Delivery Platform) Web Services Network Integration Network API OSA Parlay/Parlay-X Gateways Fixed, Mobile, WiFi – Circuit switched, SIP

13 Outline 1- What is OSA/Parlay? 2- OSA in 3GPP and IMS
3- Under the hood - Framework and SCFs - Parlay X Web Services 4- Reference

14 Choices, Choices OSA/Parlay full API: Parlay X CORBA IDL specification
Web Services technologies J2SE API specification J2EE API specification Parlay X Abstraction, simplified interfaces Web Services only

15 Parlay/OSA Terminology: SCSs and SCFs
- The Parlay/OSA Gateway consists of several Service Capability Servers (SCS): functional entities that provide Parlay/OSA interfaces towards applications. Interface SCF - Each SCS is seen by applications as one or more Service Capability Features (SCF): abstractions of the functionality offered by the network, accessible via the Parlay/OSA API. SCS - The Parlay/OSA SCFs are specified in terms of interface classes and their methods

16 OSA: Framework + A Set Of SCFs
Application server Application OSA API interface class User Call control framework Location Service Capability Servers Not standardized OSA Internal API WGW HLR CSE Servers WPP E.g. Location server Billing server One of the Parlay/OSA SCSs is called the Parlay/OSA Framework, and is always present, one per network

17 The Parlay/OSA Framework
- control of access to the network - integrity management - discovery of network functionality Client Application 1 2 2 Enterprise Operator Registered Services Framework Call Control Mobility etc 4 3 - Application subscription to services - SCF registration - support of multi-domain

18 Framework Features Authentication Load & Fault Management
Event Notification Service Agreement Management Grouped Contract Management SCF Management Registration Discovery Factory

19 OSA/Parlay APIs Call Control Messaging Generic Location & User Status
Multi-Party Conference Multi-media User Interaction Policy Management Charging Account Management Messaging Location & User Status Presence & Availability Connectivity Management Terminal Capabilities Data Session Control Service Broker

20 Outline 1- What is OSA/Parlay? 2- OSA in 3GPP and IMS
3- Under the hood - Framework and SCFs - Parlay X Web Services 4- Reference

21 The Motivation for Parlay X: Web Services for Telecom
There is a requirement to publish the capabilities of the network for software developers There is a demand for enterprise applications to exploit the capabilities of the telecom network The Real-Time Enterprise (Gartner) Web Services is a key software development technology: Number of Developers Parlay-X millions Parlay/OSA thousands INAP, SIP thousand Expressive Power Parlay-X defines a set of easy-to-use Web Services, which provide simple and high level access to widely used telecommunications functions Third Party Call Control, Network Initiated Third Party Call Control, SMS, Multimedia Messaging, Payment, Account Management, User Status, User Location

22 The OSA/Parlay APIs Name Description Usage OSA/Parlay
Rich set of telecom APIs, for use in CORBA (C, C++), Java and web services environments. Several hundred methods. Suitable for use by professional software developers. Suitable for developing a pre-paid application. Parlay-X Web Services Set of high-level, simple to use telecom APIs, for use in a Web Services environment. 16 interfaces. Suitable for use by web developers. Designed for use with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Suitable for developing a ‘call-me’ button on a web page.

23 Parlay Web Services Defines a set of business models for using Web Services in a telecom environment. Mobile Operator Cross Network Access Network Operator and 3rd Party Integration Enterprise Application Extension Open Standard key to interoperability Leading to: Application Deployment Infrastructure for Parlay Web Services Comparison of OSA/Parlay and Web Services Architecture WSDL Style guide WSDL version of OSA/Parlay Specifications

24 Parlay and Parlay X

25 Web Services Web Service Registry UDDI Discovery Point Find Publish
Policy Publishing Discovery Point Find Publish Web Service Provider Web Service Requester Application Bind Binding Point Policy Negotiation Access Access Point Policy Enforcement Manage Operational Point

26 Web Services Technologies
ParlayX and Parlay WS use SOAP over HTTP WSDL used for interface definitions XML Schema for data types WS-Security WS-I Basic Profile compliance required Links to these specifications at the end

27 Parlay X APIs Call Control Short Messaging 3rd Party Call
Call Notification Call Handling Audio Call Multimedia Conference Address List Management Presence Message Broadcast Short Messaging Multimedia Messaging Location & User Status Presence & Availability Connectivity Management Terminal Status Terminal Location Payment Account Management Geocoding Application Driven QoS

28 Outline 1- What is OSA/Parlay? 2- OSA in 3GPP and IMS
3- Under the hood - Framework and SCFs - Parlay X Web Services 4- Reference

29 Specifications 3GPP ETSI Description TS 22.127 (Rel-4, 5, 6,7)
EG (4 parts) OSA Requirements TS (Rel-4, 5) - VHE/OSA Architecture TS (Rel-6, 7) OSA Architecture TS Rel-4 ES OSA API Rel-4, Parlay 3 TS Rel-5 ES OSA API Rel-5, Parlay 4 TS Rel-6 ES OSA API Rel-6, Parlay 5 TS Rel-7 ES OSA API Rel-7, Parlay 6 TS Rel-6 ES Parlay X 2 TS Rel-7 ES Parlay X 3 TR (Rel-4, 5, 6, 7) OSA Mapping Reports TR Parlay X Mapping

30 Links General information:
Overview and links to all OSA Specifications: 3GPP CT5 specifications: The Parlay Group

31 Web Services Useful Links
Basic Web Services information/tutorials: W3C WSDL 1.1: SOAP: WS-I WS-I Basic Profile: OASIS WS Security: UDDI:

32 3GPP – ETSI Differences TS 29.199 Parlay X: No Differences
TS OSA/Parlay base APIs Part 3 Framework: No Framework to Enterprise Operator interfaces in 3GPP Part 4-5: No Conference Call Control in 3GPP Part 6: No User Location Emergency or User Binding interfaces in 3GPP Part 9: Not in 3GPP Part 10: Not in 3GPP Part 14: Agent Presence interface not in 3GPP

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