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The mighty eagle has been the symbol of SunEagle Bay for more than 20 years.

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2 The mighty eagle has been the symbol of SunEagle Bay for more than 20 years.

3 Introducing …


5 It is with great pride that we introduce you to Talon Sewer Service and Water Supply Corporation. As directed by TCEQ in January 2009, a new entity was formed on June 24, 2009 under Chapter 67 of the Texas Water Code. This entity will assist SunEagle Bay in moving forward with the 7 year business plan submitted to TCEQ in February 2009.


7 Use of the word SunEagle was ruled out through legal research, as were Big Eagle, Bald Eagle, Eagles Nest and several others. Since we could not be an eagle, we choose the eagles most powerful survival tool as our name: TALON. An eagles talon has four powerful toes used to survive. TALON will focus on four areas: Administrative, Financial, Regulations and Operations.


9 Talon Sewer Service and Water Supply Corporation or TALON will serve as an agent for SunEagle Bay in seeking and obtaining permits, grants and loans required to keep the project on target. TALONs primary objective is to enable SunEagle Bay to bring the community up to State standards. TALONs goal is to make it easier for SunEagle Bay to obtain the objectives set out in the 7 year Business Plan by handling specific business functions.


11 Incorporators were appointed. Appointees served as Steering Committee. Articles of Incorporation were prepared and submitted to the Secretary of State. Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State and a fee was paid. Certificate of Incorporation was received from the Secretary of State. Initial Steering Committee was approved by the Secretary of State to act as a temporary board until membership election.

12 What needs to be done?

13 File exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. Obtain Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. Receive a favorable advance ruling determination letter from the IRS. Request tax exempt from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and other applicable state taxes, enclosing IRS determination letter. File with the County Central Appraisal District to obtain property tax exemption.

14 There is still much more to do !

15 Adopt by-laws. Set monthly board meetings. Set membership fee. Conduct Membership drive. You are not considered a member of Talon Sewer Service and Water Supply Corporation unless you have paid a membership fee and all documents are signed and completed, no exceptions. Hold annual membership meetings. Only those whose pay a membership fee and sign all documents may vote. Elect a permanent board. The board elects officers; the board rotates every three years.


17 TARIFF FUNDING/LEGAL Set tariff and rates under Chapter 290 & 291. Apply for Certificate of Convenience & Necessity (CCN). ADMINISTRATIVE Budget, billing, book keeper, certified operator, etc. OPERATION AND MANAGEMENT Schedule maintenance, understand & meet compliance. EDUCATION Board of director must attend management classes. Operator must maintain certification. Staff must attend professional development workshops. For more information visit

18 Providing a clean environment is everyones responsibility.

19 All TALON Board Members will be required to sign a conflict of interest statement. The conflict of interest policy will be part of the by-laws. This policy is required in order for TALON to be eligible to receive some grants or loans.

20 Who are the temporary Board Members?

21 Tom Beasley – 33 yrs Ford Motor Co. Mgr. Western Region Remarketing, Budget, Strategic Planning, Personnel Darrell Crews – 28 yrs Military / 10 yrs Teaching / Plano ISD Thom Hanford – 30 yrs University Park, Park Director / City of Tulsa / Texas Tech Faculty Jewel Kelly – 22 yrs General Ledger IT Support, Business Analyst / Customer Service / SWBT/ LSG / TXU Jackie Steward – 21 yrs Commercial Plumbing Inspector / City of Ft. Worth

22 Who will listen to me, hear my concerns or take my advice ?


24 Who are the Advisory Council Members ???

25 Jim Johnson, Chairman Over 30 yrs in Water/Wastewater Operations Bill Hager – 50 yrs Newspaper Pub. / Communications Charlotte Keating - 25 yrs Financial Control / Healthcare / Software Tom Whitehead- 35 yrs Finance / Management / GMAC Karen Whitmore - 35 yrs Corporate Security / Corporate Real Estate & Facility Management / Director Tom Whitmore – 30 yrs Industrial Engineer, Corporate Training / AutoCAD

26 Who else is involved in making this happen ? Who else is involved in making this happen ?

27 YOU !


29 Anyone in the two organizations or the Advisory Council. All are responsible for achieving the goals set out in the business plan.

30 TALONSunEagle Organize new entity Seek Project Funding Obtain Permits, etc. Council with and report progress to SEB Manage TALON s Daily Business Council with TALON Understand project requirements/goals Report Progress to SEB members Report Progress to TCEQ Manage SEB Daily Business

31 Information is a perishable commodity.

32 It is important that the information you receive is valid; therefore, we will disseminate information as at becomes fact. It is critical to the success of the project that the bits of misinformation floating around are not mistaken for fact. You now have a resource…The Advisory Council: use it wisely.

33 Committed to protecting public health and the environment by providing sustainable, cost effective, innovative wastewater treatment to SunEagle Bay. TALON SEWER SERVICE CORPORATION

34 We would like to thank you for your time and attention. Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to TALON. We hope you are excited about TALON and will join us in celebrating SunEagle Bays first step toward meeting its commitment to TCEQ in order to ensure there is a...

35 SunEagle Forever


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