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Ecological solutions for professional kitchen environments introducing Global Green Guard Ltd.

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1 ecological solutions for professional kitchen environments introducing Global Green Guard Ltd.

2 Solutions For The Professional Kitchen Supporting you every step of the way 1 Presenting The Issues 2 Nanotechnology Solutions 3 Biotechnology Solutions

3 Fat and Grease Control Surface Disinfection Water Disinfection Sanitation Odour Control Pipe Scale Control Offering Ecological Solutions: Products and Services 1 Professional kitchens have some or all of these challenges;

4 Surface bacteria is always a risk when food is involved. Heat, grease, food, and even the personnel are all favourable breeding grounds for bacteria some of the issues… Sinks / Drains clogging can place extra stress in an already intensive work environment, and dangerous chemicals near food/working environment is not safe.

5 Kitchen Floors have typically a high level of bacteria due to cross contamination from adjoining rooms, food having fallen, mopping with inefficient cleaner/disinfectant. This can lean toward malodour and drain flies around drains. some of the issues… Fat and Grease Traps Generally high maintenance, and sources of malodour. These can add costs to running expenses as fat/grease release in public network plumbing is fined.

6 some of the issues… Septic Tanks can become high maintenance due to their inefficiency of processing waste. If heavy chemicals have been used, they can kill the bacteria rendering the tanks useless. This can lead to malodours and continuous maintenance costs of pumping out the waste. Inspection Ports can contain grease, fat, and odours. This becomes a breading ground for pests like cockroaches and flies.

7 The heart of the establishment is its kitchen: whereby the alchemy of ingredients are catalysed by the chefs finesse. The heart is central to the whole. A happy and healthy heart reflects on the whole, and guests who visit notice this. Part of the whole Going Green, is the final step to a happy and healthy kitchen.

8 2 Nanotechnology Solutions Nanonized and Ionized Copper Based Solutions for Disinfection

9 What is Nanotechnology? Our Nanotechnology products simply use the properties of nature, in this case primarily copper, to control water quality, and perform as an ecological disinfectant. These products have a long lasting effect as copper does not evaporate; the products therefore remain active for weeks until in contact with bacteria. This product range comes in liquid form, with the relevant certification, and have been proven in laboratory testing as well as in practical applications. The origin of this product range come from EnvirEau Technologies in Canada. NANOTECHNOLOGY

10 An ecological solution to…. Surface Disinfection Combat ® is specifically designed to handle the kitchen environment. Odourless, just spray on the surface and leave, or wipe away with dry cloth after 5 minutes. Chlorine Combat ® Interacts with organic compounds forming numerous compounds hazardous to health and environment. Forms no deleterious compounds Highly unstable Is quickly exhausted Neutralized by UV radiation Highly stable Not easily depleted Will not evaporate Is not affected by UV radiation Is a chemical that can cause discomfort - skin, eye, sinus irritation and hair damage Contains only copper ions in a colloidal matrix Reacts with clothing May cause toxic symptoms when ingested Copper is a human, animal, and plant dietary requirement

11 An ecological solution to…. Water Disinfection POLYDEX is designed for water disinfection. Its applications range from disinfecting water in a tank, to large scale applications like lakes and rivers; the result is keeping the water delivered to the customers bacteria and algae free. POLYDEX is an eco-friendly method of controlling microorganisms. It is safe for human, animal and plant use, and uses copper that is a known dietary supplement. These bacteria / algae can make humans ill and are commonly known to cause for unsightliness, bad odour, and off taste in water storage containers, including potable water systems. Our solution uses nature to solve these issues. POLYDEX Keeping your water supply and your customers safe and chemical free. POLYDEX

12 3 Biotechnology Solutions Using EcoBacteria for Fat/Grease Control, Odour Control, and Kitchen Drain Maintenance

13 BIOTECHNOLOGY What is Biotechnology? In simple terms, this form of biotechnology consists of high concentrations of good bacteria that are designed to perform a particular function. Their application is such that they outnumber the local bacteria in a ratio of around a million times more, and in doing so, they take over the role of the original bacteria, while performing a particular task. This class of products have the same classification: registered in the EU as 'Class 1 Positive bacteria meaning they belong to the type that are non-opportunistic and non-pathogenic to humans, plants, and animals. They are Ecobacteria and are safe for the environment. The origin of this technology comes from Asty Ecology in Greece.

14 An ecological solution to…. Fat and Grease Weekly Drain Maintenance Tablet for Odours and Grease Control. Use bacteria to maintain: odour, fat and grease free plumbing. Odour, Fat/Grease and Drain Fly Control Tablets for: mopping or spraying on kitchen/bathroom floors, urinals, rubbish areas, and carpets. Organic Animal Fat and Grease Control in drains/grease traps. For any fat traps / plumbing with high use of animal fat/grease.

15 An ecological solution to…. Odour Control and Septic Tanks Odour Control Tablet: for grey water and black water sewage network plumbing. No more smell around the kitchen or establishment. Heavy Duty Odour Control – the only liquid that is sprayed outside the kitchen, and around the building where odour is prevalent; rubbish bins, animal areas and so on. Eliminate smells and reduce flies. Organic Breakdown and Septic Tank restorer - Reduces COD and BOD, and returns the function back to septic tanks.

16 ? Additional benefits we offer; A healthy heart leads to a healthy body… and these products are for the body! Treating the Body to Chlorine-Free Pools and Spas, and keeping the water systems scale-free!

17 The logical solution to…. Pools and Spas Liquid Ionizer® is introduced to the pool water to provide clarity to the quality of the water, while giving it a soft feel. Its main function however is to reduce maintenance and repairs on the pool pumps/etc. It will also reduce/eliminate the mineral deposits at the waterline. The ECOlogical Pool System BlueMagic® for Pools and Spas is specifically designed replace chlorine. Studies have linked chlorine to cancer and asthma, as other health defects. This product uses the properties of copper in a concentration well below international potable water standards, yet keeps the water bacteria and algae free. In addition, BlueMagic® reduces pump use, saves on electricity, lasts for months, and allows backwash to be used for grass/gardens as copper is an essential nutrient for animals and plants alike. A Healthy Ecological Solution.

18 An ecological solution to…. Water Hardness Liquid Ionizer® is specifically designed for water problems involving inorganic staining and metal precipitation, including these common applications: Metal Control: Liquid Ionizer® captures and prevents the precipitation of copper, silver, gold, iron, and other metals with one formula. Make filtration/metal problems a thing of the past. Mineral Control: Liquid Ionizer® captures calcium, zinc, manganese, and magnesium in water, preventing scaling before it happens. As a benefit to this preventative action, water becomes softer for a more enjoyable experience.

19 Global Green Guard Ltd. W ATER T REATMENT, W ASTE M ANAGEMENT, R ESTORATION, E COLOGICAL A PPLICATIONS, E NERGY -S AVING S YSTEMS T HANK Y OU. For more information please contact us 56 A/B Akropoleos Ave, Strovolos, CY-2012, Nicosia, CYPRUS P. O. Box 24157, CY-1701 Nicosia, CYPRUS Tel.: +357 22 10 69 70, Fax.: +357 22 26 16 50 //

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