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Harnessing the energy of the sun to provide safe drinking water for the world.

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1 Harnessing the energy of the sun to provide safe drinking water for the world.

2 Nimbus is providing safe drinking water to the most important people in the world.

3 A Serious Problem

4 A Simple Solution WaterMaker Solar 2500-UF

5 Uses photo voltaic (PV) solar technology as the primary energy source, 12/24V battery alternative. No diesel generator Produces up to 2,500 gallons per day(GPD)* – *Based on a 1.7 gpm/24 hour production rate. Works on very low feed pressure. Can also be gravity fed from elevated water source. Packaged in portable rolling case Light weight, small foot print, easy to deploy.. Solar Powered and Portable

6 How many water bottles can the Solar WaterMaker replace?

7 5,000 ½ gallon btls or 10,000 1 liter btls per day 35,000 ½ gallon btls or 70,000 1 liter btls per week 140,000 ½ gallon btls or 280,000 1 liter btls per month 1,680,000 ½ gallon btls or 3,360,000 1 liter btls per year LOTS!

8 Why do this?

9 When you can do this.

10 What impact can that have on a typical DR/HA operation? Relieves burden on transportation system used to deliver bottled water. Transport can then used to move additional food or medical supplies. Dramatically reduces waste created by empty plastic bottles which need to be removed and wind up in trash cans or landfill.

11 Weight: Approximately 60 lbs Foldable Solar Panel: Approx. 72 x 36, fully deployed Output: Up to 2,500 GPD, 1.7 GPM (feed water 72°F) Twin-wall, ultrafiltration membrane Connections: 3/4 inlet, 3/4 outlet Rolling case System removes 99.9999% of bacteria, parasites and viruses System Specifications

12 Cryptosporidium Cryptosporidium is usually connected with poor sanitation. It is a common and difficult problem in developing countries and ranks as a leading cause of diarrheal illness worldwide Cryptosporidium parvum is a waterborne parasite encased in a leathery shell, or oocyst, and causes severe flu- like symptoms when ingested The only treatment is to let the infection run its course and drink plenty of fluids to restore electrolyte balance to the body. Cryptosporidium responds somewhat to chlorine but only in high doses, and it is resistant to many commonly used hospital and laboratory disinfectants Typical municipal water treatment plants may not be set up to test for or remove Cryptosporidium. To date, it seems Cryptosporidium can only be removed effectively by barrier methods of filtration including ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

13 Filtering Capability Ultra Filtration Removes contaminants to right of green line

14 Source water Solar array Filtering system Clean drinking water Typical Installation

15 Dramatically reduces need for bottled water use in Disaster Relief (DR)/Humanitarian Assistance (HA). Huge savings on logistical costs of operation. System is small and light enough to be checked as luggage on commercial flights. Very simple to train, set up and maintain. Extremely affordable with very low O&M costs when properly set up and maintained. One moving part - the pump. Advantages

16 An Affordable Solution Systems Solar UF system 2,500 gpd $15,950 Gravity-fed UF system 2,500 gpd$8,495 Maintenance Prefilter/Postfilter $264 UF Membrane $980

17 Cost per gallon 30 days production = 75,000 gallons of product water =.21 cents per gallon* 180 days production = 450,000 gallons of product water =.04 cents per gallon* 360 days production = 900,000 gallons of product water =.002 cents per gallon* Energy cost for transport of bottled water = ZERO – *Estimated costs based on typical installation and source water

18 Summary 2,500 gallons of safe drinking water per day Removes bacteria, viruses, parasites No diesel generator No water waste stream Dramatically reduces bottle waste and disposal Minimal training, set-up and maintain Affordable

19 Questions?

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