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Tropical Rainforest Biome Animals/Plants

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1 Tropical Rainforest Biome Animals/Plants

2 Gorilla (Animal Kingdom)
Genus: Gorilla Species: gorilla

3 Spider Monkey Spider Monkeys have long limbs to help swing from one tree to the other, where they spend most of their time. Their tail is used almost like another arm helping them balance on the tree limbs.

4 Orangutan Genus: Pongo Species: pygmeauss

5 Sloth Common Name: Two-toed sloth Genus: Cholopeus Species: didactylus

6 Collared Aracari Genus: Pteroglossus Species: torquatus

7 Toucan Toucans have a perfect shaped beak to help peel nuts and eat fruit. Also they have adapted a way to make themselves smaller to fit into little holes incase of a flood.

8 Rufous Motmot Genus: Baryphthengus Species: martii

9 Cicada Genus: Tibicen Species: pruinosa

10 Bullet Ant Genus: Paraponera Species: clavata

11 Walking Stick Genus: Anisomorpha Species: buprestoides

12 Blue-Jeans Dart Frog Genus: Oophaga Species: pumilio

13 Coati Genus: Nasua Species: narica

14 Gaudy Leaf Frog Genus: Agalychnis Species: callidryas

15 Leaf Cutting Ant Genus: Atta Species: cephalotes

16 Butterfly Genus: Asterocampa Species: celtis

17 Collared Peccary

18 Carabid Beetle

19 Dead-leaf Mimic Katydid

20 Damaged-leaf Mimic Katydid

21 Iguana

22 Squirrel Monkey Genus: Ateles Species: geoffroyi

23 Blue and Gold Macaw Genus: Ara Species: macao

24 Sulfur-crested Cockatoo
Genus: Cacatuidae

25 Bird-of Paradise Plant

26 Cacao Tree Genus: Theobroma Species: cacao

27 Kapok Tree Common name: Silk Cotton Tree Genus: Ceiba
Species: pentandra The kapok tree has adapted to its environment by making its limbs very strong like help the animals swing from branch to branch. Also spins come out from the bottom of the trunk to help the trunk stay in good condition.

28 Teak Tree (Plant Kingdom)
Genus: Theobroma Species: cacao

29 Strangler Fig Common name: Banyan Tree Genus: Ficus
This plant adapted to its environment by sprouting fruit to help feed the animals of the rainforest. Also strangler figs grow on trees to reach the light to help the growth of the fruit, by photosynthesis.

30 Bengal Bamboo Common name: Spineless Indian Bamboo Genus: Bambusa
Reduces soil erosion and can suck up water that can cause flooding. Also it’s a home to many animals. Common name: Spineless Indian Bamboo Genus: Bambusa Species: tulda

31 Saprophytes (Fungi Kingdom)

32 Anaconda

33 Boa Constrictors

34 Jaguars Jaguars are small and have strong limbs and jaws, this is an adaptation to help them catch and kill prey. Also jaguars are climbers, they can stay in a tree for days incase of flooding on the lower levels.

35 Piranhas

36 Algae (Protista Kingdom)

37 Burkholderia (Bacteria Kingdom)

38 Methanogens (Archaebacteria)

39 Food Web

40 9 90 900 9000

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