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Innovative Model for addressing Safe Drinking Water Challenge in Rural Areas.

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1 Innovative Model for addressing Safe Drinking Water Challenge in Rural Areas

2 THE CHALLENGE INDIA 70% habitations (Around 1,95,823) lack access to safe drinking water 80% of common diseases result from contaminated drinking water 73 million working days are lost due to water borne diseases every year The resulting economic burden on the country is estimated $600 million a year

3 Community Based Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment Plants OUR SOLUTION

4 Multi Grade Sand Filter Activated Charcoal Filter Micron Filter Reverse Osmosis Module UV Radiation Pump High Pressure Pump Purified Water Reject Water Raw Water Treatment Process TECHNOLOGY Reverse Osmosis + UV radiation Treatment


6 BUSINESS MODEL A 500 LPH Capacity plant caters to a community of 500-700 households. Plant capacity is arrived at based on the cluster size. The plant takes raw water and electricity connection with the help of local body – AMC Water is priced at Rs.0.30 per liter (Ex plant) OPEX mainly covers Operators salary, power bill, consumables and plant maintenance CAPEX is arranged by EPGL-EFL from/through their own sources through philanthropy or contributed by us on our own. Exclusive tie-up with communities and AMC for maximum market penetration Technical Support is provided by the promoters Funding support if taken from philanthropists, advertisements, etc. will be highlighted at the kiosks and in all our communications with the beneficiaries.

7 PROMOTERS: EPGL EPGL innovated and established the commercial viability of the model in 1999. EPGL is working in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi and Karnataka along with large organizations such as ICICI, MICA, IIMA, ISRO etc. EPGL pilots have received funding from Acumen Fund, International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Global Business Fund and Eureka Forbes EPGLs Growth since 1999

8 PROMOTERS: EUREKA FORBES A joint venture between the Forbes Group and Electrolux of Sweden Largest UV water purifier production capacity in the world 7,500 strong direct sales force operating from 220 Customer Response Centers in more than 145 cities Strong R&D and manufacturing base including Aquadiagnostics Water Research and Technology Centre, the first in India and South-East Asia and eighth in the world to be recognized by the Water Quality Association (WQA), USA. Partnership with EPGL and WASMO in order to provide affordable safe drinking water in Rural Gujarat and Rajasthan

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