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TSX-V: ESV. 2 This presentation may contain forward-looking statements and information that reflects the current views of the management of ESI Environmental.

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2 2 This presentation may contain forward-looking statements and information that reflects the current views of the management of ESI Environmental Sensors Inc. Forward-looking statements involve inherent risks and uncertainties that may cause our actual results to be materially different. For detailed discussion of forward looking statements and risk factors, please refer to ESIs annual report as filed with SEDAR. FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS

3 3 Proven and patented water management technology Strategically positioned in high growth industry verticals Commercial roll-outs to recognizable clientele WHO WE ARE

4 4 SHARE STUCTURE Listing DetailsTSXV: ESV Share Price (Aug 27)$0.40 52 Week High/Low$0.42/$0.235 Shares Outstanding18,761,889 Warrants9,148,099 (WAP $0.55; WAL: 1.1 Years) Options276,000 (WAP $1.0 ; WAL: 1.2 Years) Fully Diluted28,185,988 Insiders Holding35% Institutional Holding17%

5 5 INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS Patented & Proprietary Technology Focused on Driving Efficient Water Use Strong Product Platform ; $12mm spent to date on R&D Partnering with Leading Control Systems Companies Excellent Growth Opportunities Driven by Global Water Shortage & Declining Oil Reserves Transition from innovators to professional management

6 6 MANAGEMENT SIGNIFICANT SHAREHOLDERS MANAGEMENT & BOARD Ian Middleton – Managing Director Over 30 years of experience in senior positions President of Development Finance Corp. Born and educated in New Zealand, having attended Auckland University David Porter -- EVP Sales and Marketing BA in Economics and a MBA from UVIC Former Director of Business Dev. at Carmanah Technologies (TSX:CMH) and ACD Systems (TSX:ASA) Experienced in developing global retail and distribution network Bernard Beauchesne – Chief Financial Officer Graduate of UBC Senior Management experience at Diversified Industries (TSXV:DVS) Various roles including President, Director, CFO and Corporate Secretary Robert Dennis Alton – Chair and Director Bob has 35 years of experience in corporate dev. in both the Agricultural and Oil and Gas Industries Bob currently sits on several private company Boards Edwin (Bill) Mitchell – Director, Secretary, and Chair of Governance Committee Bill has an extensive background in marketing, communications, journalism and in matters of corporate compensation and union negotiations: three decades with both CTV and CBC, in seven of the provinces Trevor Moat – Director of New Product Dev. Masters degree at Carleton University in Ottawa Specialties are in signal processing algorithms for system identification and control Held lead positions at Magna International and SOMA Networks Inc. in Toronto


8 8 Agricultural Accounts for up to 70% of worlds freshwater usage Only 4% of U.S. irrigated land uses water management technology Oil World wide average of three barrels of water for every one barrel of oil produced Cost per barrel to produce & refine water in oil: $8 in Alberta, $3 in California TurfOver 17,000 golf courses in North America (National Golf Foundation) Among the most important issues facing the game of golf is that of water use James T. Snow, National Director USGA Green Section TARGETED VERTICALS

9 9 E.S.I. SOLUTIONS Gro Point - measures soil moisture by volume for agricultural soils. Enables higher quality crops and greater yield and reduced leaching; focused on the Agriculture and Turf markets FloPoint - inline water sensors that measure water content in a hydrocarbon stream; oil water cut sensors. Enables optimized production – more net oil MoisturePoint® - profiling moisture monitoring systems focused on the Geotechnical, Scientific and Academic Research markets

10 10 Accurate Knowledge of Soil Moisture Level Can: Increase crop yield Increase crop quality Decrease fertilizer use & costs Decrease leaching and erosion Decrease production costs High Value Crops Include: Cranberries Asparagus Peppers Tomatoes Grapes Avocados Tree Fruits Citrus GroPoint TM Agriculture Irrigated Land in N.A:64 mm acres Revenue per Acre:$500 - $1250 Addressable Market:$30 Bln Gross Margin:50%+ Penetration:40 Countries – Netafim, Adcon, Gro Net, PureSense

11 11 GroPoint TM Contd. Moisture Monitoring Enables Managers to: Provide superior turf quality Reduce overhead costs Enhance environmental stewardship Parks & recreation Golf courses Turf Grass Golf Courses in N.A:17,000+ Revenue per Course:$50 - $60,000 Gross Margin:50%+ Addressable Market:$1B+ Penetration:Signature Control Systems, City of Calgary, City of LA

12 12 Oil Problem: The Industry needs real-time, automated measurement of water content in oil production Pinnacling causing over production of water, damage to formation and inefficient operation Solution: Flo Point continuous real-time data: reduces labor costs and downtime optimizes oil production Pay back:Vertical Well – 1 to 3 months Horizontal Well – 0.3 to 1 month Flo Point Oil Wells in N.A:700,000+ Revenue per Well:$15,000 - $20,000 Gross Margin:60%+ Addressable Market:$1 B+ Penetration:EnCana (Canada), Encore Acquisition Co.(USA), ANA (U.A.E)

13 13 Moisture Monitoring Helps Determine: If water has infiltrated the cover If moisture is moving upwards from the waste Stability of mine waste piles and exposed slopes ESI profiles landfills & monitors water movement Geotechnical Isolate the waste from humans and animals, and prevent movement of the waste by wind or water Source: Mitretek Systems Moisture Point ® Landfills in N.A:1200+ Revenue per Landfill:$100,000+ Gross Margin:55%+ Addressable Market:$120 mm+ Penetration:City of LA, Alcoa Aluminum, Little Rock AK, City of Glendale

14 14 GroPoint Fragmented market More accurate and robust than competitors FloPoint Focus is on the mid-range of 10%-90% water in an oil stream FloPoint is more accurate in both light and heavy oil and is price competitive MoisturePoint® More accurate and robust than competition ESI is the only player in the landfill market COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Please see Appendix for competitive charts

15 15 Pro Forma Income (Internal Only) Pro Forma Income (Internal Only) FINANCIAL FORECAST

16 16 REVENUE BY SECTOR F2008 -09F2009 -10F2010 -11 Gro·Point SystemsMoisture·PointFlo·Point 1.728 0.34 0.54 3.75 0.57 1.72 5.65 0.97 5.66 ($ M)

17 17 Enhance end to end system product approach Expand presence in agriculture, oil & turf markets Strategic partners to provide speed to market Disciplined, focused product development Enhance product line with increased functionality GROWTH STRATEGY INTERNAL Expand third party partnering for increased vertical integration in sales, distribution & installation Broaden technology platform to other industry sectors Continue to broaden geographic reach Acquire & integrate with third party technologies EXTERNAL

18 18 MILESTONES 20072008 Q4 JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec Encana Trial Calgary Municipal Trial Introduced GroPoint TM Wireless to cranberry market Partnership with Signature John Deere Widening Distributor Network New Partners Signed Strategic alliance w/ major agriculture service provider New Division Encana Trial Expanding internal sales force by sector Expansion w/ large international oil co. Abu Dhabi trial starts NZ wineries Gro.Point Oil Sands Monitoring

19 19 OFFERING SUMMARY Issuer:E.S.I Environmental Sensors Inc. (TSXV: ESV) Offering:Units consisting of: One Common Share One Half Common Share Purchase Warrant Amount:Cdn $5,400,000 Issue Price:Priced in context to market Deal Type:Non-brokered Offering Procedure: Private Placement to Accredited Investors Finders Fee:8% cash Closing:On or around September 30, 2008

20 20 CORPORATE HEAD OFFICE: 2071C Malaview Avenue West Sidney, BC V8L 5X6 CANADA TSX-V: ESV


22 GroPoint TM Competition

23 Moisture Point ® Instrument cost for ESI MP is approx. $5500 USD

24 24 PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY TDR: Time Domain Reflectometry Similar to radar Electro-magnetic Pulse Time equates to amount of moisture / water present Reflection occurs 6x in standard probes Readings at multiple depths over length of probe Continuous vertical or horizontal profile TDR used in the Moisture.Point product suite. TDT: Time Domain Transmission Enhanced version of TDR invented by ESI Time equated to amount of moisture / water present Continuous transmission line Simpler signal allows for high accuracy TDT used in the Gro.Point TM and Flo.Point TM product suites WORLD LEADING MOISTURE SENSING TECHNOLOGY

25 25 ENCANA TRIAL Heavy Crude – (API 12-14) Watercut 45-65% Junction Box, Disconnect Switch & RS232 Cable Medium Crude – (API 30-40) Watercut 65-85%

26 26 ACTUAL WATER CUT FIELD DATA ESI Measures Continuously ESI Data far Superior FloPoint TM Measurements

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