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Powder Plasma Arc Welding ( PTA )

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1 Powder Plasma Arc Welding ( PTA )
ARCRAFT PLASMA EQUIPMENTS ( INDIA ) PVT LTD, 124 , DIAMOND INDUSTRIAL ESTATE , KETKIPADA , DAHISAR ( EAST ) MUMBAI , INDIA. ,web : Arcraft Plasma Equipments ( India ) Pvt Ltd are leading manufacturers of Plasma Torches ( Both ID and OD ) Power sources , positioners , manupilators and related equipment used for PTA welding .

2 Arcraft Plasma Equipments (I) Pvt ltd
Arcraft Plasma Equipments ( India ) Pvt Ltd are leading manufacturers of Plasma Torches ( Both ID and OD ) Power sources , Positioners , Manupilators and related equipment used for PTA welding . Arcraft Plasma Equipments (I) Pvt ltd

3 PTA Powder Plasma welding is widely used for hardfacing , wear resistance , corrosion resistance , impact resistance besides many applications in a wide variety of industries. The benefit of PPAW or PTA is that it gives a strong metallurgical bond unlike many thermal spray processes.

An attractive bead with no signs of oxidation, and with little or no ripple. Very low dilution High, density, no porosity & no inclusions. Microphotos or x-rays show the deposits to be of high density & metallurgically bonded to the Substrate.

5 PPAW / PTA system This is a complete system consisting of Power source
Plasma torch with cables Torch Oscillator Controller Water chiller and recirculator Positioner Torch Manupilator or Column and Boom

6 Main Unit This is the main unit which also has the Pilot arc system for striking the plasma arc. The main Power Source is a reliable inverter based system with indicators for Current and Voltage . It also has Flowmeters for controlling thePlasma Gas and Sheilding Gas . It has indicators and switches for various functions which will be explained in more detail

7 Control console Flowmeter for Plasma gas and Shielding Gas
Power on /off switch with indicator Indicator for gas flow with Test and Switch off function HF/ Pilot arc test and switch off function. Water chiller on / off switch Trip indicator for water and gas failure 220 and 24 VAC Fuse in case of current over drawing due to fault in electrical / electronic components

8 Power Source Power source for delivering power to the plasma torch
Power source will be selected depending on customers requirement / location and budget. For export models we use Lincoln ( USA ) power source with current and voltage display and international warranty of three years .

9 Plumbing Board The Plumbing board has all the fittings for water , power and gas connections to the torch.

10 Powder feeder on /off This panel gives 220 VAC supply to the powder feeder and also the on / off signal . It has a floating auxillary contact for external interface if required.

11 Plasma Torch for surface applications.
400 Ampere heavy duty PPAW torch with 8 meter cables for surface applications. Torch is fully servicable with no moulded parts for easy replacement.

12 Plasma torch for internal bore welding
This torch is for internal bore welding and can do service in minimum diameter of 75 mm and a length of 500 mm.

13 I D 75 mm pipe

14 Plasma torch for internal bore welding
This torch can do service in internal bore of pipes of minimum diameter 75 mm and a length of 500 mm continuosly . Longer lengths can be developed . Torches are being developed for even smaller bores.

15 Controller

16 Controller Controller has functions for controlling the torch manipulator ( up,down , left – right of base ) Job positioner ( tilting , rotation speed and direction) Pilot arcing and weld start Programmes for torch oscillation automatic weld sequence straight or circular.

17 Oscillator control Oscillator stroke width from zero to 25 mm
Speed of oscillation upto 60 strokes per minute Dwell time 0 to 9.9 seconds independently adjustable on both sides.

18 Linear weld in control Cycle time Stroke and speed of straight weld
Step for number of bands

19 Circular weld programme
Speed control of rotational movement Cycle count for stepover of torch for number of bands . Overlap between two bands can be preset as required

20 Welding Positioner Available in tilting or fixed models upto .
Faceplate diameter and weight bearing capacity as per customer requirement

21 Torch Manupilator or Column and Boom
Various models available for height and stroke length Provison for oscillator mounting Base can also move and rotate manual or motorised options

22 Powder Feeder Hopper capacity of 5 kgs
Delivery capacity 5 kgs per hour Positive displacement of powder gives smooth flow of powder without pulsing. No need to place the feeder above the torch as required by gravity based feeders

23 Torch Oscillator Consist of stepper motor with ball screw mechanism for smooth jerk free movement as per signal from controller

24 Water Chiller cum Recirculator
Water chiller refrigerator heat transfer principle with digital display of water temperature . 50 liter water storage capacity

25 Some completed jobs

26 Some completed jobs

27 Internal bore

28 APPLICATIONS In a competition with laser surfacing the PTA technology offers much more high productivity, comparable high quality of deposits and significantly lower costs. Typical application areas of the PTA technology are extruding machine screws, valves, valve seats of internal combustion engines (motorcar, marine, locomotive etc.), accessories for ships, petroleum chemistry and power generation, cutting tools (milling cutters, broaches, knifes) ,Equipment for mining, crushing, rolling, road building and tunneling, Process equipment in ceramics and cement production,Molds and forging dies, Pulp and paper industry equipment, Agricultural equipment, parts for nuclear plants, parts for chemical plants

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