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2.3 Waste Management – Revised IBTS

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1 2.3 Waste Management – Revised IBTS
Regulation 12 – Tanks for oil residues Integrated Ballast Treatment System Separation of Clean and Dirty Drains Pre-treatment of Oily Drains Minimum Sludge Tank Capacity Revoking of UI (Minimum Sludge Tank Capacity is 50% if an Homogenizer or Sludge Incinerator is fitted)

2 Regulation 12 – Tanks for Oil Residues
2 Oil residues (sludge) may be disposed of directly from the oil residue (sludge) tank(s) through the standard discharge connection referred to in regulation 13, or any other approved means of disposal. The tank(s): .1 shall be provided with a designated pump that is capable of taking suction from the oil residue (sludge) tank(s); .2 shall have no discharge connections to bilge system, oily bilge water holding tanks, tank top or oily water separator; and .3 may be fitted with drains, with manually operated self-closing valves, for the collection of settled water or an alternative arrangement, provided such arrangement does not connect directly to the bilge piping system.

3 Integrated Bilge Treatment System
Clean Drains Main Engine Air Cooler Drain Cooling Fresh Water, Sea Water Steam Drain, Boiler Water Drain to the Clean Drain Tank and can be Pumped directly overboard.

4 Integrated Bilge Treatment System
Oil Residues (Sludge) Hydraulic Oil Pump & Tank Coaming Drain Waste Oil Pump & Tank Coaming Drain LO Pump & Tank Coaming Drain Bilge Equipment Coaming Drain Main Engine Scavenge Drain Compressed Air Drain Purifier Sludge Bilge Primary Tank (Oil Side) Workshop Drain Drain to the Sludge Tank for discharge Ashore or Incineration

5 Integrated Bilge Treatment System
Oily Bilge Water Engine Room Scuppers Engine Room Bilges Drain/Pumped to Primary Bilge Tank for pre-treatment to separate oil and water phases. Water side drains to Bilge Holding Tank and discharge via OWS Oil Side Drains to Sludge Tank

6 Example of a Bilge Primary Tank

7 Minimum Sludge Tank Capacity
Incinerators Operation during Manned periods only, e.g. 8 hours per day. Port stays and stand by passages restrict operation. Homogenizers Effectiveness UI will be revoked with amendments to MARPOL Annex I

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