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Mother Earth: The Global Rain Barrel Are Some of Us Sucking Too Much?

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1 Mother Earth: The Global Rain Barrel Are Some of Us Sucking Too Much?

2 How We Use Water Water, water everywhere and not much of it is safe to drink. We drink it, we prepare our food with it, we clean with it, we clean ourselves with it, we grow our food with it, and we love to play in it. The facts are, without clean water we die, our world dies. In survival value it has no equal, as a commodity it is priceless. Oil, petroleum, and gas all have alternatives that can substitute our energy and transportation needs. Water has no alternative. Yet little focus is placed on its wasteful disregard. Now is the time for the next phase in home conservation, we are beyond the low-flow thing. Now is the time for gray water recycling systems in all new or renovated homes. Its a no brainer. We have the tools, and must do it now!

3 Why Save Water? It is easy for us to take our water for granted, but not all the world is so blessed. 1.1 billion people, or 1 out of 6, lack access to an improved drinking water supply. Less than 1% of the worlds water is accessible for human consumption. Millions of women and children walk for hours to collect water from distant, often polluted, water source. Water is an increasingly expensive commodity, and expensive to treat. People can live for weeks without food, but only days without water.

4 What Can You Do? Help reduce the strain on water treatment plants. Dont needlessly pour clean water down the drain. Recycling water is both environmentally and economically viable. Now is the time for grey- water recycling We have the tools, we must use them now!

5 Introducing the Envirosink® This simple and affordable installation is your opportunity to help save a precious resource!! Envirosink is an environmentally helpful secondary sink that utilizes all standard plumbing fittings. It can be easily installed by the "do-it-yourself" handy person, at a reasonable cost. It is easily removed for cleaning and is dishwasher safe. A family of three can save an average of 18 gallons of water a day!

6 The Envirosink® Envirosink will help you conserve our most precious resource. Envirosink is a cost effective alternative to dumping clean water down the drain...only to be treated as sewage. Envirosink allows you to conserve and recycle the 'light' gray water from your kitchen. Envirosink is the only system that allows some catchment of water at the kitchen sink -- to help fill your rain barrel in the dry season. Without Envirosink, all water from your kitchen goes into the sewer system and becomes 'black water'. Most treatment facilities are at capacity. It is expensive and a waste of resources to treat water as sewage before sending it back into the ecosystem. This Envirosink benefits homeowners, municipalities and the environment – saving not only money, but the toll on delicate ecosystems as well.

7 9 Reasons To Use Gray Water 1.Water is a precious and scarce resource. It should not be removed from the ecosystem to be treated as sewage. 2.Manufacturing potable water is costly. 3.How much, and what is removed during treatment? 4.There are two kinds of wastewater: gray and black. Mixing gray and black water for treatment is wasteful. Currently this is how water is processed in treatment plants. 5.Gray water is easily cleaned for re-use (not as potable water). 6.Watering gardens, lawns, and flushing toilets does not need potable water. 7.Human ingested chemicals, antibiotics, and other toxins are not completely broken down or removed from treated sewage. 8.Treated sewage becomes someone elses water source: FISH, ANIMALS, BIRDS, ECOSYSTEMS and INDEED HUMANS. 9.One of the tools: ENVIROSINK® is a cost effective alternative to dumping clean water down the drain only to be treated as sewage.



10 Want To Learn More? Visit our friends at to learn how to save money and water!

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