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123 Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)

124 Compressed Air Foam System
Air Metering Valves Compressed Air Screw Air Compressor Gauges Check Valve Water Valve Foam Tank Pressure Water Tank Foam Proportioner Water Pump

125 CAFS Components Water pump Compressor Proportioner

126 Complete Systems Fire pump manufacturers offer full CAFS packages. Components are assembled, tested and calibrated as a complete system. Darley “AutoCAFS”

127 Compressed Air Foam Systems
Capabilities Superior absorption of heat Quick knockdown Light hose lines: (per 100’ length) 1-1/2” Hose: Water lbs. CAFS - 35 lbs 2-1/2” Hose: Water lbs. CAFS - 84 lbs Extended stream reach Ability to make wet or dry foam Limitations Tradition and knowledge base

128 CAFS Is A Versatile Tool
Limited only by the user’s imagination Think outside of the box Be progressive Be safe

129 Nozzles For CAFS Straight bore – CAFS bubble
Variable pattern nozzle – foam solution

130 CAFS Characteristics High energy system
Can be pumped higher and further than water at same psi due to lack of head pressure Lower foam concentrate % required 0.2% - 0.3% vs. 0.5%

131 CAFS Characteristics Small strong uniform bubbles
Greater foam durability Low expansion system User can easily adjust Expansion ratio Drain time Foam type

132 CAFS Safety Characteristics
Light weight hose Less strain on firefighters Effect on hose No water hammer Reduced friction loss Hose kinks Effective hose stream with kink

133 Additional CAFS Benefits
High volume air compressor Air tools Air bags Tires Drain hose

134 Aerial CAFS Discharge

135 Bumper Turret CAFS Discharge
Thinking outside the box

136 CAFS 5" Handline Way outside the box

137 Concentrate Delivery Systems
Many different levels of technology are used to deliver today’s water additives Fully understand the capabilities and limitations of each before deciding on a system

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