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Irrigation Department

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1 Irrigation Department
WELCOME Irrigation Department Kilinochchi


3 CONTENTS   ·     Objectives ·     Involvement of Provincial ID ·     Components of Jaffna Lagoon Scheme ·     Problems ·     Identified Proposals ·     Irrigation department Findings

4 OBJECTIVES ·  To introduce the components of Jaffna lagoon scheme   ·   To summarise the identified proposals so far   ·  To explain the present situation of the Jaffna lagoon scheme   ·  To recommend some proposals for immediate implementation   ·   To recommend some proposals for future studies   ·  To recommend some proposals for future implementation

5 Involvement of Provincial Irrigation Department In Jaffna Peninsula   Northern Provincial Council Ministry of Irrigation, Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries, and Animal production Prov.Director of Irrigation   Prov.DDI, Kilinochchi Range   Irrigation Engineer, Jaffna.  

6 IE, Jaffna is responsible, on be half of the Government of Sri Lanka for operation and Maintenance of;   ·                Valukkaiaru Drainage Scheme ·                Upparu Drainage Scheme ·   Thondamanaru Drainage Scheme

7 Valukkaiaru Drainage Scheme Now Barrage is being repaired

8 Jaffna Lagoon scheme Upparu Drainage scheme
Thonamanaru Drainage Scheme (Vadamarachchi lagoon scheme) Elephant Pass Lagoon scheme Could be categorized as Jaffna Lagoon scheme

9 Components of Jaffna Lagoon Scheme
Northern Barrage at Thondamanaru Vadamarachchi Lagoon Bridge at Vallai of Vada. Lagoon Bridge at Chavakachcheri -Road Bridge at Thalayady - Pallai Road Some Flood Bund in Lower Places Elephant pass lagoon Chundi kulam Spill Cum Causeway Elephant pass Peripheral Channel Link Canal Elephant pass Bridge (already closed) Some flood Bund in lower places

10 Components of Jaffna Lagoon Scheme (Cont)
Upparu Lagoon Ariyalai Barrage Separation Bund at Kappoothu Flood Bunds in Low Places Bridge at Koppay – Kaithady Road Bridge at Madduvil – Puththoor Road


12 Problems ·  Un controlled pumping and no planning for recharge of ground water is causing severe threat to the ground water potential as well as quality of water in Jaffna peninsula   · Due to the non maintenance of the salt water exclusion system in Jaffna peninsula, sea water intrusion has taken place in to the land area   · Many thousands of acres of fertile land has become saline and abandoned with out cultivation in Jaffna peninsula   · Many hundreds of dug wells have also been abandoned due to salinity

13 History and Proposal of JL Scheme
Mr. Twyneham GA, NP, has proposed Damming the sea water from entering to the lagoons – - Given up due to big flood disaster   Mr. Fesling GA, NP, Took it up the proposal and given up Mr.Horesburg started the part of the project, Blocked the Culverts across Point pedro – Chavakachcheri road – It was functioning well from 1920 to 1923 Mr.Webb proposal came up – Thonadamanaru Barrage Constructed 1947 – 1953, Ariyalai Barrage constructed -1955   Eng.S.Arumugam has proposed converting Elephentpass lagoon and Vadamarachchi lagoon in to Fresh water lakes to accelerate the leaching process.  It got failed – because Ø   Sea water seepage through Kandy Jaffna road bridge Ø   Damage of Eastern closure bund due to the settlement of subsoil below the bund



16 Proposal from Irrigation Department in 1976 headed by Eng. K
Proposal from Irrigation Department in 1976 headed by Eng.K. Shunmugarajah Eastern closure bund of 4700ft with the spill cum causeway of 7000 ft.   Access road of 6 miles also planned to be improved   Link canal of 2.5 miles with regulator Thondamanaru Gates   Repairs to Ariyalali Barrage Gates   Separation Bund at Kaputhu   Imp. to all Flood bunds Benefits shall be anticipated Reclaiming 11,000.00acs of non arable land Supplement 20,000.00acs of rain fed cultivated land for good and assured yield  Ground water improvements in the peninsula Livestock improvements in the lagoon surrounding area In 1983, the summery of Mr.K.Shunmugarajah’s report was submitted to His Excellency Mr.J.R.Jayawardana, President of Sri Lanka, on his request. By ; Prof. H.W.Thambaiah Eng.S.Arumugam Eng.K.Shunmugarajah

17 Existing Features Thondamanaru Barrage Total length 628ft
Ariyalai barrage 540ft length No of upper gates 18 Size 20ft*4ft Sill 0 No of Gates 42 Size 5.5ft* 5.0ft Sill -1.0MSL - Crest +4.0MSL No of lower gates 13 Size 20ft * 3ft Sill -3 No of subsidiary sp gates 16 Size 20ft * 2ft Sill +2 Tot.Area of Jaffna 400 Vad lagoon area 30 Upparu lag.area 10 EP lagoon area Catchment area of Vad.Lagoon Tot.Area of Jaffna 115sq ml Catchment area of Upparu Catchment area of EP

18 Irrigation Department Recommendations
Upparu Scheme 1.   Ariyali Barrage gates could be rehabilitated with necessary improvements. 2.   All Flood Bunds or Salt Water Exclusion bunds could also be rehabilitated including the drainage channel clearing, and de-silting the lagoon area to the original profile.   3.   Upparu lagoon could be considered to divide the area into THREE or FOUR sectors by constructing Barrage or gates to the bridge as shown in the map 4.   Separation Bund is not necessary, since both the lagoon are going to be with fresh water. But for the safe side, it is better to consider the rehabilitation.  5.   If it is necessary, the first sector, could be considered for CONTROLLED SALT WATER CONTENT AREA for the development of Salt water fishing and its related activities. ( Further studies are Required)


20 Vadamarachchi lagoon Thondamanaru Barrage repairs is being done
2. Vada. Lagoon could be divided into FIVE SECTORS by constructing, Barrage or gates to the bridge at Vallai Chavakachheri road, Mullipalam, Pallai road and finally the gate at mandalai as shown in the  3.   The first sector from Thondamanaru to Vallai shall be considered for CONTROLLED SALT WATER AREA for the dev. of fisheries sector. ( Further Studies are required)   4.    All Flood bunds or Salt water exclusion bund along the periphery of the lagoon on either side shall be rehabilitated including de-silting the lagoon to the original profile.   5.    Further studies are required  


22 Eastern and western sides of the lagoon could be kept with salt water.
Elephent Pass lagoon    EP Lagoon could be divided into THREE SECTORS by constructing peripheral bunds leads to send flood water as well as drainage water to Vad.lagoon through Mandalai- Mthurankeny cannel as shown in the map Eastern and western sides of the lagoon could be kept with salt water. 


24 Further studies and final investigations are required to;
Section of the peripheral bund ( it is advisable to have clay core and rock fill bund to function as spill cum bund) Width and discharge of the two peripheral channels and channel leads to Vad. Lagoon have to be decided ( 5000 cusecs and 250 to 300 ft BW) Is the opening of EP Bridge to be reopened to discharge the flood water – western portion to the sea Is it possible to issue water from the Iranaimadu tank to supplement drainage water, when it is not enough to cater the nominal demand of water to Vad.Lagoon

25 Thank you

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