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Water and Sanitation Initiatives Centre for Environment Education.

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1 Water and Sanitation Initiatives Centre for Environment Education

2 Range of WatSan initiatives With schools, colleges, and youth In partnership with communities For policy makers, administrators, practitioners and communities organizing consultations bringing innovative models of action through a land mark publication series (five books in the Environment and Development series deal with water) demonstration projects

3 Strengthening WatSan Education through Schools Experiential learning packages with a range of print and AV materials on water, sanitation, solid waste Hardware and software (education and outreach) packages for improving water and sanitation at schools, and community outreach Working with schools in all states of India Working with NCERT, the NCTE and several state education departments and their agencies Resource agency for National Green Corps (NGC) in 17 states, reaching more than 50000 schools

4 WatSan Activities in Eco Clubs MoEF supported National Green Corps supports formation of Swachchata Clubs Infosys Foundation sponsored water and science programme in schools: Developed manual on water, trained hundred teachers Stockholm Junior Water Prize CEE is the nodal agency for India

5 Water Quality Monitoring Ganga Pollution Awareness Programme, involving school children in WQM, was implemented in 100 schools of three states, including urban schools in Hardwar, Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Patna, Kolkata Based on the learnings of GPAP, Pani Parikshan programme was designed and implemented with school children in Lucknow monitoring water quality in the river Gomti

6 Outreach through Schools Anandshala Schools Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Structures Hygiene education Community involvement in quality of education, through PTAs and VEC Teacher training done with DIETs Cont…

7 Rainwater harvesting Composting Recyling paper Polybag weaving In 60 schools in the National Capital Region with support from ICEF Focus on school-staff families and school neighbourhood

8 Cont… Water Classrooms with UN Habitat in 4 cities of Madhya Pradesh

9 Focus of Community-based Water and Sanitation initiatives To initiate community participation in creating awareness, education and community organization in planning, monitoring, constructing, operating and maintaining in financial management, in community-government interface, and in conflict management of water systems and water resource management structures This model underscores the importance of community members operating in a systematic manner to benefit from projects Cont…

10 Women and children using innovative communication approaches for water care, sanitation and hygiene, and uses

11 Drinking Water Quality Some of the earliest programmes at CEE focused on drinking water quality: Educational and training programmes on water-related health and sanitation issues for fluorosis-affected villages in Amreli district aimed to increase understanding and awareness of the issues, behavioural change, and inputs for management National Drinking Water Mission-sponsored Jalapareekshana, involved CBOs in testing their drinking water for potability and reporting findings to Public Health authorities* * primarily in rural areas, but lessons applicable to periurban and urban areas lacking protected water supply

12 Communication for Protecting Water bodies and Aquatic Biodiversity Ahmedabad Talavdis protection and restoration campaign, done by CEE through newspaper articles and a panel discussion involving urban managers and professionals Gangetic Dolphin Conservation Project An educational and communication package is being developed for school teachers. The programme is a two-year long one where school programmes will be conducted with the help of partner NGOs along river Ganga in North and Northeast

13 WatSan at CEE: Opportunities CEE is the nodal agency for implementing the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development in India CEE works closely with NCERT, State Education Depts, and the NGC and cluster programme offer a large network of schools Regional Centres of Expertise will network a range of formal and community organizations CEE has a well spread out all India presence with several offices located in cities and towns Experience of working with communities and local administrations

14 Thank you

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