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1 Water!

2 Why is water important? All living things depend on it.
60% of human body depends on it. Helps transport in the body. Regulates body temperature. Photosynthesis in plants. Light+CO2+H2O→C6H12O22+O

3 Specific Heat High specific heat causes large bodies of water to heat up and cool down slowly. Stable temperature for aquatic organisms

4 Water on Earth Water in the air controls the rate at which air temperature changes. 70% of earth’s surface is water, 3% is fresh water (glaciers, snow, rain), and 1% is lakes, rivers, swamps, and atmosphere. Where is the rest of the water? hydrosphere- all water on, below, and in the earth’s atmosphere. Ground water- water below the surface Water in atmosphere is water vapor, clouds, ice crystals, and snow.

5 Water changes states Evaporation- the process of a liquid changing to a gas at the surface of a liquid. Condensation- process of a gas changing to a liquid. The water cycle- process in which water continually moves throughout the hydrosphere. Sun and gravity drive the water cycle. Transpiration- evaporation of water from plants (gets water from the ground then released it through the leaves) Runoff- water that runs downhill Ground water- water in the ground Reservoir- storage area for water

6 The Water Cycle

7 Water Cycle 1

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