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Natural Resources Test #5 Water. 111111 222222 333333 444444 555555.

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1 Natural Resources Test #5 Water

2 111111 222222 333333 444444 555555

3 What is the Water Cycle?

4 Name of the 4 Water Cycle Spheres What is the hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and lithosphere?

5 In what sphere does water move from the earth to the atmosphere through the processes of evaporation and transpiration What is the Hydrosphere?

6 This provides the energy for the water cycle What is the sun?

7 This sphere includes all plant and animal life which are consumers of water What is the biosphere?

8 Name the 3 basic needs for human life What is food, water, and shelter?

9 Water is needed for daily living, approximately how many gallons a day for most people What is 100 gallons?

10 Term used for water that is safe for human use and consumption What is potable?

11 The measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of water What is pH?

12 The concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in the water is a measure of what What is hardness?

13 2 main sources of water What is surface and ground water?

14 This water should be tested and always treated before use What is surface water?

15 7 types of non-flowing bodies of water What are oceans, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, sloughs, marshes, and estuaries?

16 An indication of fecal contamination in the water supply What is coliform bacteria?

17 A measure of the solid material suspended in water What is turbidity?

18 2 types of pollution What is point source and non-point source?

19 An example is the disposal of wastewater from factories What is point source pollution?

20 Loose particles of sand, silt, and clay that may be suspended in the water What are sediments?

21 An example is the runoff of wastewater carrying pesticides from a farm field What is non-point source pollution?

22 Term used to refer to living and nonliving things that can cause diseases What are pathogens?

23 Water found between soil particles and rocks within the earth What is groundwater?

24 Groundwater is stored in these large underground rock formations What is an aquifer?

25 In this type of aquifer groundwater is sandwiched between 2 layers of impermeable rocks What is a confined aquifer?

26 Wells that have been drilled into a confined aquifer What are artesian wells?

27 Three main sources of groundwater contamination What is agriculture activities, human activities, and natural sources?

28 Transformation of water from its liquid form to its gaseous form as a result of coming in contact with heat or the air What is evaporation?

29 Process of plants releasing water through their leaves What is transpiration?

30 What is precipitation?

31 Boiling of water and collecting it vapor to make useable water What is distillation?

32 The downward movement of water through the soil What is percolation?

33 As a team, decide how many of the points you already have you wish to wager. If you get the question correct, you will earn double the points you wagered. If you get the question incorrect, you will lose the points you wagered. Good luck!


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