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Dong Yanfei CEWP Chinese Secretariat Ministry of Water Resources, Peoples Republic of China 9 October 2013.

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1 Dong Yanfei CEWP Chinese Secretariat Ministry of Water Resources, Peoples Republic of China 9 October 2013

2 Current Situation ACHIEVEMENTS: inspiring - remarkable - unprecedented flood control capacity of the main rivers increased significantly reliability of urban and rural water supply improved substantially farmland water infrastructure witnessed continuous improvement water saving and protection strengthened water and soil conservation promoted development and utilization of hydro-power provided big benefits Water ecosystem protection initiated Xiaolangdi Project Three Gorges Project small watershed comprehensive management at Dingxi, Gansu

3 Time: Strong seasonal variation in rainfall June to September sees 60%~80% of annual total Space: water abundant in the south & scarce in the north Mismatch between water availability and water demand 2100 m 3 per capita, 28% of the world average ranked the 125 in the world Uneven water distribution Limited water per capita Water Resource Issues Current Situation

4 Imbalance between water supply and demand source-related water shortage in northwest, where precipitation is low and evaporation is high engineering-related water shortage in southwest, where rainfall is abundant quality-related water shortage in the east, where the economy develops fast Current Situation

5 Frequent flood and extreme events Major rivers are generally well regulated Emphasis on: middle and small river floods, typhoon, flash flooding, city water-logging, small-sized hazardous reservoirs Current Situation Climate change may make this worse

6 Inefficient water use by agriculture Food security is of great importance Irrigation demands about 65% of available water resource in China Irrigation infrastructure and technology is poor Water loss from irrigation is high Room for significant improvement and water saving Current Situation

7 industrialisation, urbanisation and modernisation of agriculture The water needs of developing China Future Situation In a changing climate and with a growing population

8 Our Understanding about the Importance of Water origin of life, essence of production, basis of ecology 3 OF 3 NATURE 3 IN public nature, basic nature, strategic nature indispensable primary element of modern agriculture Incommutable basic foundation for eco-social development inseparable safeguarding system for eco-environment improvement

9 economic security ecological security national security strive to blaze a path of water conservancy modernization with Chinese characteristics flood control security water supply security food security 6 security 3 view view water conservancy as a priority of national construction view farmland water conservancy as a key task of rural infrastructure construction view strict water resources management as a strategic move to expedite transformation of the economic development mode 1 path Our Understanding about the Importance of Water

10 2011 China No1 Document To accelerate water resources reform and development across China Recognises the need to manage water resources over a long period Provides funding of 4000 billion Yuan over 10 Years (= to 470 billion) The most important water management initiative undertaken by China Many similarities with the EU Water Framework Directive

11 Scale of Investment Doubles the investment in water conservancy in the coming ten years to 4000 billion Yuan = 470 billion Financed roughly 50% Central 50% Local 2011 China No1 Document

12 Priorities for investment Over next 5 years, 1800 billion Yuan Second five years determined after review – Further 2200 billion Yuan 2011 China No1 Document

13 Reduce weak links farmland water management middle and small river rehabilitation & small-sized hazardous reservoir reinforcement engineering-related water shortage emergency response for flood and drought drinking water security in rural areas Priorities

14 major rivers harnessing water transfer projects soil and water conservation and water ecology protection hydropower development hydrology and water science and technology Accelerate Development of Water Resource Infrastructure Priorities

15 First Red Line – controls water resources utilisation Second Red Line - controls water-use efficiency Third Red Line - controls water quality parameters Linked to Water Functional Zones in rivers and lakes 2011 China No1 Document Implement a strict water resources management system - Three Red Lines

16 Monitoring and assessment system Drives accountability for water resource protection Links directly to senior officials Strong penalties for non achievement 2011 China No1 Document Implement a strict water resources management system - Governance system

17 Drives innovation and reform of water resource management water infrastructure construction and operation local water management systems water price reform Innovation and Reform water resource management systems 2011 China No1 Document

18 Strengthens leadership and knowledge 2011 China No1 Document strengthen leadership clarify responsibility mobilise society build capacity law-based water governance

19 We see synergy with the EU Water Framework Directive We would like to cooperate on key policy development issues to increase joint capability These may include Integrated river basin management Water scarcity and drought management Flood risk management and engineering Water quality and pollution control Environmental management and sustainability Regulation and enforcement Economic analysis and post project evaluation Institutional capacity building The China Europe Water Platform will provide the mechanism Potential cooperation

20 20 China Europe Water Platform - CEWP

21 Water has been given a very prominent position in China. The Number 1 Water Document is now being implemented We have set a ten year plan with very ambitious goals Water investment will be increased substantially Construction and management tasks are challenging. New policy measures are effective and powerful Need best available knowledge and technology to achieve this We would like to cooperate on key issues and increase joint capability We must take water resources management to new level, if we are to meet the global water challenges In Summary

22 Thank you! And we hope to meet you again in China

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