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Solar Water Heating in the US By Okan Okutgen 11 Summer of Learning Symposium October 1, 2010.

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1 Solar Water Heating in the US By Okan Okutgen 11 Summer of Learning Symposium October 1, 2010

2 Background Host Organization: AltaTerra Research A research consultancy that specializes in sustainable business and the commercial marketplace for clean technology solutions Location: Palo Alto, California Adviser: Dr. Jon Guice Managing Director of Research

3 My Internship Goal: Prepare a draft report on market overview of solar water heating in North America Method: – Extensive research and data collection (past AltaTerra reports and external publications) – Interviews conducted in InterSolar NorthAmerica Conference – Regular meetings with my adviser and constant editing

4 Solar Water Heating (SWH) Water heating is the second most energy intensive activity at homes (US Department of Energy, 2009) SWH can heat water up to 140°F to 180°F (60°C-80°C) (Patterson, 2010) Back up heater needed (electric or gas) Cost: $1.500-3.000 (US Department of Energy, 2008) (US Department of Energy, 2010)

5 Current State of Solar Water Heating in the US Solar water heating is not widespread in US due to several reasons: Poor product quality in 1970s and 1980s Lack of certifications and standards Low levels of public support Lack of private investment Lack of awareness (Guice, 2010) High up-front costs Long pay-back times ( ~12 years) (US Department of Energy, 2009) Source: REN21. 2010. Renewables Global Status Report: 2010 Update (Paris: REN21 Secretariat, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH.

6 California Can be the Next Big Market Key to the development of SWH market is extensive government incentive programs. Examples: Austria and Germany California Solar Initiative Thermal Program: Displace 585 million therms over the 25 year life of gas backup systems and 275.7 million kWh per year with electric backup systems. (California Public Utilities Commission, 2010)

7 What I Learnt An introduction to renewable energy field and to the Silicon Valley Energy problem can be solved only with a holistic approach that includes science, economics and policy. Improved research, communication and analytical thinking skills

8 Bibliography California Solar Initiative Thermal Program Handbook. California Public Utilities Commission. May, 2010. F83-74049585FF37/0/CSIThermal_SingleFamily_Handbook.pdfF83-74049585FF37/0/CSIThermal_SingleFamily_Handbook.pdf (Access: 9/16/10) Patterson, John. Solar Hot Water Basics. Homepower Magazine. (Access: 9/16/10) Solar FAQs Solar Heating. US Department of Energy. August 13, 2008. /cat=The%20Basics (Access: 9/16/10) /cat=The%20Basics Solar Water Heater. US Department of Energy. April 22, 2010. (Access: 916/10) Warming Up?: Large-Scale Solar Water Heating in North America. Guice, Jon, Anneke Hohl & Eric Paul May, 2010 05/warming-up-large-scale-solar-water-heating-in-north-america05/warming-up-large-scale-solar-water-heating-in-north-america (Access: 9/16/10) Water Heater Market Profile | 2009. US Department of Energy, September 2009. (Access: 9/16/10)

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