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Sustainable Process Industry

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1 Sustainable Process Industry
SPIRE Brokerage Event Sustainable Process Industry Project Idea Presentation Sarah Sangermann & Martin Riegels, LANXESS RUC SPIRE Brokerage Event, Brussels, 16th December 2013

2 Organization LANXESS – Energizing Chemistry
Sales in the year 2012 EUR bn Employees worldwide approx. 17,500 Portfolio Performance Polymers Advanced Intermediates Performance Chemicals Global orientation 52 production sites worldwide LANXESS is one of Germany’s most important providers of polymers and chemicals

3 Rubber Chemicals (RUC): a leading supplier of chemicals and additive solutions to a variety of industries Facts Part of: LANXESS Performance Chemicals Employees: < 600 Production Sites: Kallo (Belgium), Brunsbüttel, Uerdingen (GER), Bushy Park (USA), Jhagadia (India) Selection Products & Brands Antidegradants Specialties: bonding agents, anti-reversion agents, fillers Accelerators Applications

4 Project Idea Concept Current Situation of Production at RUC-site in Kallo, Belgium
Waste streams contain large amounts of Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT), some amines, Zn2+ and other chemicals Complex pre-treatment in several tanks with sulfuric acid before biological waste water treatment Some recyclable fractions can be used again, but most are burned or abolished in the biology before the waste water is passed to the river

5 Project Idea Concept Future Scenario: Development of robust waste water pre-processing
Membrane and/or ion exchange technology For large scale factories and small scale pretreatment plants Decreased amount for biological waste water treatment Higher recycling rate of components, e.g. MBT, bromide

6 Idea Impact Reduction of the amount of zinc having to be treated in the biological waste water treatment currently: around 430 kg/year possible reduction to „0“ Recycling of MBT which is now burned or abolished and that could be used again in the process raw material savings: -10% Cost savings – reduction of costs for sending certain components to the river Simplified Process Design in general

7 Existing Project Consortium
Testing and implementation ECOSYNTH/Belgium Evaluation of the oxidation process MIONTEC /Germany Evaluation ion exchange technology

8 Looking for partners… … specialist in membrane technologies to remove selective organics from waste water … specialist in alternative technologies to remove selective organics from waste water … other companies having similar waste water problems

9 Contact details Sarah Sangermann LANXESS Deutschland GmbH Global Production & Technology Business Unit Rubber Chemicals Kennedyplatz Köln, Germany Phone : Mobile : +49(0) Lipnizki Jens LANXESS Deutschland GmbH Technical Application Membranes Liquid Purification Technologies Phone : Martin Riegels LANXESS N.V. Site Manager Rubber Chemicals Business Unit Rubber Chemicals Geb. 7633, Ketenislaan 2, Haven 1992 9130 Kallo, Belgium Phone: Jenny Barbier LANXESS Deutschland GmbH Ion Exchange Resins Liquid Purification Technologies Kennedyplatz Köln, Germany Phone :

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