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Virtual UN Global Water Summit Final cycle: action plan.

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1 Virtual UN Global Water Summit Final cycle: action plan

2 by Childrens Centre University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria

3 WATER SCARCITY Our topic is water scarcity. This is a problem in Nsukka and in many parts of Nigeria.

4 In Nigeria we have a long dry season during which there is very little rain.

5 There are no lakes or rivers in our area, so water is pumped from deep boreholes.

6 We have water taps in Childrens Centre and in our homes, but often the taps are dry.

7 When water is not running, tankers bring water to store in tanks, which then supply our taps.

8 There are many causes of water scarcity: Blocked and broken pipes Poor power supply Breakdown in transport Poor distribution network Lack of rain in the dry season

9 Blocked pipes Pipes get blocked due to plant roots, algae and rust. Blocked pipes lead to reduction of water pressure.

10 Broken pipes Pipes get broken due to: Vandalism Rust Farmers digging Heavy truck traffic Heavy water pressure Construction work Broken pipes cause water wastage and scarcity.

11 Poor power supply When there is power failure, boreholes can not function and this leads to scarcity of water. Using generators to pump water is expensive, also leading to scarcity.

12 Breakdown in transport When water tankers break down, water distribution is disrupted. Poor roads make some places inaccessible.

13 Poor distribution network Outside campus many people do not have access to boreholes or pipe- borne water. Water tankers rarely go to rural areas where most people can not afford to buy water.

14 Lack of rain in the dry season During the dry season from November to March, there is little or no rain. As a result people cannot collect rainwater, but depend only on water from boreholes.

15 What are the solutions to water scarcity?

16 Actions Government can take: Provide adequate and regular electricity; Provide adequate security for water pipes; Replace old pipes and repair broken ones; Buy more generators to connect to boreholes; Make fuel inexpensive; Dig more boreholes to supply water to all areas.

17 Actions we can take : Form self-help organizations in our communities to ensure adequate supply of water, e.g. by contributing money for fuel, water tankers, digging boreholes; Buy water tanks to store water or build underground water tanks to collect rain water during the rainy season.

18 Storing water in tanks Many people buy plastic or metal tanks like this large plastic tank at the Childrens Centre to store water when it is running or to fill with water brought by tankers.

19 Underground water tank This drawing shows an underground water tank beside a house. It collects water from the roof during the rainy season. One can make use of the water during the dry season by pumping it through pipes into the house.

20 CONCLUSION Water scarcity is a problem in our community. We can solve this problem by joining hands with the government to ensure adequate water supply.

21 THANK YOU! From Childrens Centre, University of Nigeria

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