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Daskalakis Nikolaos Paschalakis Pantelis. Water supply Water supply in Greece is considered as a Public Service Greece is divided in 14 regions Each region.

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1 Daskalakis Nikolaos Paschalakis Pantelis

2 Water supply Water supply in Greece is considered as a Public Service Greece is divided in 14 regions Each region has its department for potable water preparation Municipalities are rsponsible for the water supply and sewage services

3 EYDAP and EYATH In Athens and Thessaloniki the water supply need and sewage services are covered by two big water companies EYDAP and EYATH.

4 These two companies cover the water need of 5.8 million people (60% of Greek population) In 2001 they entered the Greek Stock Market 51% of the shares belong to the state They are funded for their projects 100% by the Greek government They propose monthly charges at the begining of the year that are being approved by the Ministry Environment

5 Local water companies Cities with population less than 10000 people have their own water companies They are controlled by the municipalities 35% of budget is coming from the state 75% of budget by local charges Their monthly charges are approved by the local council They try to expand their services in neighboring countries

6 Aspropirgos of Attica

7 Menidi Attica

8 Psitalia Piraeus

9 Neo Galatsi Attica

10 Problems that face water companies Increased water consumption during summer in Greek islands because of tourist influx and high temperature Sea intrusion in the groundwater at the coastal regions Reduction of annual rate of rainfalls

11 Answer to these problems To face these problems water companies Use modern systems and equipment and replace the old pipes to control the leakages Use desalination systems Store rainwater with surface reservoirs Transfer water by boats Water from the last three solutions is used only for domestic use




15 Quality responsibility The authorities treat the water properly and use disinfection methods to assure the quality of water.the water quality is carefully controlled by Companies laboratories Universities Central Laboratory of the State

16 Physical Water Physical water contains a variaty of inorganic, organic compounds and microorganisms. Organic compounds Detergents VOCs PSBs PAHs pesticides Inorganic compounds Ca 2+ CO 3 2- Mg 2+ Cl - Na SO 4 - K + NO 3 - Fe 2+ PO 4 - Mn 2+ F -

17 Problems that are caused by these compounds Inorganic compounds bad taste salty taste bad smell illnesses in children diaria malfunction of kidneys and liver corrosion of supply tubes and pipes

18 Organic compounds Cancer Malfunction of kidneys Ravage of liver Ravage of blood transfer system Creation of tumors in brain Malfunction of neuric system

19 Microorganisms in water bacteria viruses alge mycetes protozoa worms

20 Health problems caused by microorgansms in water cholera diaria typhus pneumonia meningitis hepatitis giardiasis malfunction of guts


22 Steps that take place to produce potable water Screen filter in the entrance for the overflown solid matters Screen filter for alges and plankton Aeration system for the divestment and oxidation of flying microorganisms that cause bad smell and taste Fast mixture for uniform distribution of chemical compounds and gasses in water ozone and chlorine is added in water to retard the growth of microorganisms and oxidize the matters that cause bad smell and taste

23 flocculation that causes destabilization of colloids and creation of small flocks small flocks unite to bigger flocks Sedimentation takes place in the sedimentation tank between the flying matters and the flocks that were created absorption in active carbon occurs for the removal of matters that cause but taste and smell in water and also give color. active alumina is used to remove F, P, Ar and Se through absorption Oxidizing chemicals are used to destroy pathogenic microorganisms

24 sand is used for the absorption of solid matters chemicals are added to create sediment. During this step Mg, Fe, heavy metals and hardness are also removed from water lime-soda ash is added to the water to remove also hardness CO 2 is added in water and reduce pH to restore chemical balance NaF is added to water to control conciseness of Fr in water and to reduce the threat of teeth problems microorganisms are added in water to exalt nitric ion exchange, osmosis and evaporation to remove the dissolved matters form potable water take place

25 eclectic removal of cat ions and anions from water semipenetratable membranes are used to withhold salts and attributes to clean water it is used electric potential for the filtering of water via semipenetratable membrane that withholds salts evaporation of multiple stages with condensation is used for the production of big quantities of desalted water, at the last step Quality control in chemical laboratories Water is supplied to the public


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