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Water, Landforms and People

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1 Water, Landforms and People

2 Pick any nine of these words and write them in your grid.
Deposition Flood Discharge Hydrograph Abrasion Hydrological cycle Arch Ground water Aquifer Levee Coastal management Meander Erosion Ox- bow lake Evapotranspiration Run off Spit Transportation V- Shaped valley

3 A type of Erosion

4 A narrow accumulation of sand formed by longshore drift.

5 Movement of material by rivers and waves

6 A narrow, steep sided valley formed by rapid vertical erosion of a river

7 Laying down of material that has been transported

8 Protection of the coastline and wildlife and improving the quality of life

9 An area of land drained by the Tributaries and the rivers.

10 Wearing away of material carried by rivers and waves

11 A coastal feature formed when waves erode through a small headland

12 A rock that can store water

13 Loss of moisture from water surfaces and soil of vegetation

14 A period of high river discharge when a river overflows

15 Water stored underground in a permeable rock

16 A graph that shows changes in discharge over a period of time

17 Continuous recycling of water between sea, air and land.

18 An artificial embankment built to prevent flooding

19 A bend in a river

20 A crescent shaped lake formed after a river cuts through the neck of a meander

21 Surface water from rain or snow.

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