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Water Importance, and pollution sources Importance, and pollution sources.

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1 Water Importance, and pollution sources Importance, and pollution sources

2 " Water is a basic requirement, because life in all its forms depends upon the fate of the rights linked to it and the UAE one of the countries which sought the rights since ancient times to provide water for drinking and irrigation, as evidenced by the rest of the effects of irrigation canals, wells and springs that have been used, and our duty to develop sources water and preserve it " Zayed Bin Sultan mercy upon him UAE President

3 Water Importance. Water is essential and fundamental for social and economic development of sustainable human, so they must be used in an appropriate manner Home: cleaning, drinking, ablutions, cooking Industry: Manufacturing of paper, napkins, electric power generation Agriculture: irrigation of crops Tourism: water sports, fishing

4 Electric power generation

5 Area: 83,600 km 2 Latitude: 22 and 26.5 Longitude :51 -56.5 Climate: desert Rainfall: 110 mm / year Period of the solar brightness: 4 - 7.9 kW / m 2 / h Along the coast: 734 km Facts about UAE Average maximum temperature: 20-36 Air relative humidity: 27-85%

6 Jordan Per capita consumption of water UAEAfrica Canada 1 Gallon s per capita 32 Gallons per capita 79 Gallons per capita 500 Gallons per capita

7 Resources of water in the UAE Rain Treated water 57.5% Abu Dhabi Ground water Surface water Desalinated water 10% Water gathere d 75% Evaporation 15% Runoff 31.6% Dubai 7.9% Sharjah 3% Northern Emirates

8 Rain Surface water Underground water Runoff Treatment plant, sewage Water treatment filters

9 The cost of production and distribution of water in the UAE Cost production of 1000 gallons of desalinated water AED 9

10 Water pollution First - Freshwater. Secondly - sea.

11 Pollution of fresh water Lack of clean water tanks periodically. Fresh water is the water human uses in the preparation of his food. The most important factors that cause the pollution of fresh water as follows: Inadequate sanitation and the disposal of its waste in suitable ways Disposal of industrial waste without treatment, but are dealt with in part. Contamination of ground water with some minerals such as iron, manganese, lead, pesticides and others.

12 The impact of pollution of fresh water on human health and animal Diseases, including: Typhoid Dysentery of all kinds... Hepatitis.. Malaria Liver disease Cholera

13 Methods of pollution of the marine environment Sewage and industrial. Oil resulting from the water balance and incidents of sinking ships and tankers

14 The effects of marine pollution Harm to other living beings: Damage to fish.. Migration of seabirds Damage to coral reefs, which are Food, accommodation and environment for many marine fish also affect the diving tourism

15 Don`t use well water for drinking unless making sure of their safety for human consumption Maintain the groundwater and the rationalization of consumption and protect it from pollution. Guidelines to curb water pollution Ensure the cleanliness of drinking water reservoirs and not left open or sealed to prevent entry of dust and insects in it, which leads to water pollution.

16 . Not to deliver sewage in the marine environment. Guidelines to curb water pollution Must ensure the cleanliness and safety of containers used to store water. Lack of oil or oily mixture into the marine environment Do not store bottles of water under the direct rays of the sun so as not to lead to a change in physical properties of water.

17 We made from water every living thing From the Holy Quran

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