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2 P.P. Kremenchukgumotechnika 2006

3 Kremenchukgumotechnika Private owned Ukrainian technical rubber plant Established in 1987 Built from nothing, without initial capital investments

4 Ukraine Ukraine, territorially located in the southeast part of Central Europe, is related to those countries where high qualification level of workers combines with very low level of salaries. Power and raw materials also have incomparably smaller cost, than in West- European countries.

5 Ukraine At the same time, Ukraine makes airplanes and launch vehicles, ships and locomotives, lorries and autobuses, cars and motorcycles, computer and electronic equipment, precision instruments and agricultural machines, TV and wireless apparatuses, chemistry and textiles. Practically all parts of economy are presented in Ukraine.

6 Kremenchukgumotechnika Plant location in Ukraine

7 Specialization Specialization of the company are rubber-metal molded articles.

8 Also we produce rubber parts for brake systems radial shaft seals silent-blocks protective rubber boots different rubber plugs, caps and grommets for cable systems water and gear pump seals rubber glands and gaskets shock-absorber seals vibration isolator or mounts o-rings and other packing elements.

9 Products Kremenchukgumotechnika manufactures precision rubber products – that are articles with higher requirements to size and functionality. Almost all of our products are oriented to automotive and machine-building industry.

10 Automotive Motor plants Auto-component makers Cardan shaft manufacturers Agricultural engineering Truck plants Bus plants Producers of hydraulics, pneumatics, stop valves, pumps, compressors, engines, electric tools etc. We are proud of our reputation of stable and competent partner, which helps customers to solve their problems. Customers

11 Principles of partnership Certainly high quality of manufactured products Price correspondence to quality Warranty responsibility Quick manufacturing cycle Decency in business relations

12 Trade names Kremenchukgumotechnika - always means high quality in Ukraine. Out of the local border company also use trade name Elastotechnic:

13 Trade mark

14 Production program Nitrile and Acrylate Oil-seals (NBR, ACM) with garter spring working edge can be mechanically trimmed or formed in mold - by customer demand

15 Production program Fluoroelastomer Oil-Seals (FPM/FKM) with garter spring We are working with several types of fluoroelastomers for different medias

16 Production program Large Diameter Oil-Seals (Trucks, Buses, Agriculture etc.) with garter spring We can stamp metal case up to 500 mm O.D.

17 Production program Open Case Oil-Seals with garter spring Hardmetal stamping with automatic post chamfering and automatic glue (adhesive) applying

18 Production program Shock-absorber seals and other Rubber-Metal products with garter spring Seal should withstand for 2 millions cycles of lengthwise movements during testing

19 Production program CR Rubber & Rubber-Metal Boots (zinc coated case)

20 Production program Valve Stem Seals (FPM/FKM, ACM) with garter spring

21 Production program EPDM Rubber Seals for Hydraulic Brake Cylinders (Brake parts) Seals are manufactured using transfer molding technique. V-ring seals are trimmed on precision machines. Ring-type brake seals with all working surfaces are polishing on special automatic machines.

22 Production program IR/SBR Vibroinsulators, Spark- Plug Caps, O-Rings, Car Suspension Parts, other Molded Rubber & Rubber-Metal Products

23 Production program Silent-blocks (Rubber-Metal)

24 Production program Rubber-Metal Radial Shaft Seals for special purpose

25 Production program O-rings from various materials

26 Production program Different type cardan shaft (driveshaft) seals - can be manufactured in very big quantities (about hundred thousand in a week on each molding machine - supported by automatic high- speed metal stamping - from 200 pcs/min).

27 Materials ELASTOMERS INCLUDE: Fluorinated Rubber, Fluoroelastomer, Fluorocarbon, Viton (FKM/FPM) Butadiene Acrylonitrile, Nitrile Rubber (NBR) Polyacrylate, Polyacrylic rubber (ACM) Ethylene Propylene Diene Ter Rubber (EPDM) Chloroprene Rubber, Neoprene, Baypren (CR) Isoprene Rubber (IR), Natural Rubber (NR) Butadiene-Styrene Rubber (SBR) Butyl/Chlorobutyl Rubber (CIIR) We can order by request: Hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber, Therban (HNBR) Silicone, Fluoro-Silicone (VMQ, FVMQ) We are ready to work with special type materials, available on World Market

28 Manufacturing cycle Company has fully closed cycle of oil- seals manufacturing. Sources only: metal, wire, ingredients of rubber mixtures.

29 Processes & equipment Tooling Tooling producing (Stamps, incl. Compound Die, Molds, Special tools, Automatons) Heat treatment, Chromium coating, Polishing etc. Tool incoming inspection Storage, Mold cleaning Metal Case Metal Inspection, Metal Storage Metal Preparing for Automatic Stamping (roll), or for Manual Stamping - guillotine Metal Inserts stamping on automatic lines (200 pcs/min), manual stamping. Presses up to 200 T Metal Case Storage Phosphate Treatment. Semi-Automatic Galvanic Line. Glue producing, Glue applying (automatic and manual) Rubber material Raw Material Incoming Inspection, Storage Compounding Rubber Physical Testing Rubber Calendering and Cutting Preforming (forming of raw rubber material)

30 Processes & equipment Curing Molding (Machines with ejectors) High Precision Post curing (computer controlled) Springs Spring forming Spring joining Thermostating of springs Trimming and postprocess machining Edge cutting of oil-seals with opened or rubbered metal case on fully automatic and manual machines. High precision Polishing of small rubber parts (for example, brake rubber parts with all working surfaces). Punching etc. Ready Parts Inspection, Assembling (Spring loading) and packing Storage and shipping, logistics Testing Laboratory controls processes on all stages

31 Molding Vulcanization shop equipped with double-side compression molding machines with automatic recharging (reloading) devices of cassette-type molds. Heating plates - 600х600 mm, force – 250, 400 T.

32 Punching Series of presses up to 200 Ton allow to stamp metal case for shaft seals with max. outer diameter of 500 mm

33 Punching There are 5 automatic stamping lines work in press shop, with minimum productivity of 200 pcs. in a minute. Punching of metal case on automatic lines processed by multipass stamps, and in manual mode – using compound dies.

34 Post-curing Post-cure section is equipped with precision ovens, linked to up-to-date controlling software on PC, which makes it possible to produce articles with high demand to temperature accuracy – in order to get best quality.

35 Mainline Own transforming station, compressor room (Atlas Copco), boiler house, galvanic shop, mold cleaning, glue processing etc.

36 Example of outcome 22 000 pcs in one shift, 500 000 pcs in a month from one molding machine. Price of one rubber-metal oil-seal with spring – $0,08.

37 Spring winding & joining

38 Rubber mixing Rubber compounds are mixed in our rubber compounding shop. Every rubber batch goes to laboratory for physical testing. We can develop a compound for customer requirement or seal application.

39 Competitiveness All processes of oil-seals fabrication, including production of tooling and metal parts, are concentrated inside the factory That allows us to control the quality of manufactured products at all production phases, considerably makes cheaper the cost price and let us quickly produce tooling for new products. Our technical team can help you in design development and in material selection. Finished products will be manufactured precisely under your requirements specification.

40 Tooling Shop We have own tool shop on the area of 1100 square meters.

41 Tooling Shop At our toolroom base we produce press tools (compound die) for manufacturing of metal inserts, moulds, special tools, technological devices and automatons.

42 Design department Design department, equipped with 2D & 3D CAD/CAM systems, is situated on the second floor of tool shop.

43 Tooling Shop Our engineers work in close interconnection with technologists that allows us to produce tooling for rubber-metal products in shortest terms.

44 Tooling Shop The complete cycle of internal moldmaking includes heat treatment (furnacing) and chromium (Cr) coating.

45 Tooling Shop When production of rubber-metal products - everything, that is necessary for us from the client - his requirements specification.

46 Aims of Tooling Shop Presence of own tool production facility allows us to develop new articles in shortest terms and to maintain all manufactured tooling in proper condition.

47 Quality policy We think that high quality of manufactured products - a necessary condition of our companys competitive strength, its success activity and growth. There are many factories in CIS countries, which produce rubber products, but quality has only a few. Only high quality but not low price, based on low quality, can guarantee long-run mutually beneficial relationship with clients. Therefore, the quality of work became normal for us. Even in most hard periods of our evolution we didnt betray to above principles.

48 Ukrainian certification Laboratory facilities include: Laboratory two roll mill for development of compounds Hardness testers, IRHD, Shore A Rheometer for cure testing of compounds Tensometer for measurement of tensile, modulus and elongation at break Compression set equipment Cell ageing ovens and laboratory general purpose ovens Gehmen low temperature testing Stand for an operating time and leakproofness of oil-seals Equipment for the control of seals cross-section Equipment for determination of bond strength of rubber with metal on brake-off Equipment for controlling of an axial force of springs Device for determination of pressure of working ridge with a spring on the shaft Solvent and oil resistance can also be measured using a range of test fluids. Our laboratory is accredited by bodies of State Standard of Ukraine for right to grant the certificate of conformity UkrSEPRO.

49 International certification Preparation for certification by ISO 9000 is in progress now. At the same time we consider that quality system should exist not only on paper, but to functionate really, building up streamlined system for the whole of enterprise, which will allow us to move forward and expand - to get profit from its implementation. Infrastructure and equipment, planning and controlling systems, procedures of interaction with customers and suppliers – all this is need first of all to us, as to enterprise, which manufactures quality products, offering full service to buyers: from drawing to mass serial production of rubber- metal articles. We are building such system now. When it will be formed completely - our foreign partner will define, to which agency he trusts to perform an audit.

50 Price policy Our factory is situated on industrial estate – in 7th kilometers from one of the leading industrial centers of the country - city of Kremenchuk in which are manufacturing lorries and passenger cars, wheel disks, road machines, railway vehicles, the electrotechnical equipment, chemicals and petroleum derivatives, carbon black, steel & die castings, tooling, concrete ties, etc. The industrial baseline of the city's factories has allowed to bring together at our factory skilled technicians: chemists, technologists, engineers, designers, tool makers, etc. It is difficult in the World to find specialists with such high level of qualification, which labor would have so low fee. For example, the salary of the qualified Ukrainian worker amounts $350. It is possible to find hundreds of similar instances in a difference between local and world prices. As a result - we offer to the buyer oil-seals cheaper than European prices, saving at the same time high level of quality and sufficient profitableness of production.

51 2006year program New lands buying. Building new shop with several sections under one roof: rubber edge finishing (trimming), oil-seals springs producing, oil-seals assembling, inspection and packing. New laboratory placement inside the main administrative building. Foundation a section of small automated machines 400x400 with ejectors - to have an ability to process not very big orders too. By results of cooperation with European partners – to begin ISO 9000 audit phase.

52 Self-investment Planned structure till 2010:

53 Where to find additional info? English, German: Russian: Ask us:

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