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AstroGrid GSC : MRC 1 AstroGrid Science Update.

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1 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 1 AstroGrid Science Update

2 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 2 Summary AstroGrid Science Science Advisory Group Beta Testing and the Community AstroGrid and the AVO AVO 1 st Science AstroGrid and the Grid Community Science input through the GGF: Astro-RG

3 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 3 AstroGrid Science Advisory Group wiki keyword: AGSAG Meets every six months Inputs science priorities into the AstroGrid 'science' iterations Sep 2003 meeting: Defined key priorities for Itn 04 Large scale redshift determinations for imaging data sets Set priorities on key data and tools Feb 2004 meeting: Key priorities for Int 06 Solar case: coronal waves > key data sets and tools Extension to extragalactic cases Future aim: encourage use to 'do' science

4 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 4 Meeting the Requirements in Itn04 SAG priorities for Itn04: Access to imaging data Access to basic tool set : image extraction Itn04 delivered: WFS/2MASS/6dF/USNOB data available through AstroGrid Access to large catalogue sets through ViZier Access to basic tools: Sextractor, Data Federation, hyperz Added value via access to AVO demo tool Access to multi- λ 'GOODS' data Access to extra VO tools VOPlot, SED tool

5 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 5 Itn04: delivering a complex workflow

6 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 6 Itn04: In Action

7 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 7

8 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 8 Itn06: Solar Focus wiki keyword: Intn06SoloarCoronalWaves Key long term solar/STP priority related to Space Weather Itn06 focus: solar coronal waves Provision of AstroGrid service to enable feature visualisation User selected data: all disk image > SOHO-EIT Automate relevant data collection for feature: TRACE, Yohkoh Data registration Movie generation Service-reuse Theory Image stacks

9 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 9 Itn06: Extragalactic Astronomy Services Key extragalactic issue: Distance For deep imaging/ sepectral survey's Provide 'one-stop shop' distance service Provision of multiple distance estimators Access to spectral distances: PCM analysis of spectra Access to photometric methods SED matching: hyperz Baysian methods: bpz Neural network methods; ANNz Service locates data, runs methods Output: multiple distance estimates Science decisions as to result use

10 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 10 AstroGrid and the AVO: 1 st Science AstroGrid science a major input into the AVO '04 demo Hi redshift universe science Leverage of mainstream AstroGrid project deliverables Object extraction service Statistical service (redshift determination) Data localisation (registry service) Workflow capabilities Utilisation of AVO deliverables by the UK community Inclusion in the beta testing programme

11 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 11 AVO Demo:

12 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 12 AstroGrid Beta Testing: wiki keyword: BetaTesting Programme begun Q4 2003 with Itn 03 testing Beta testing continues with Iteration 04 product Programme includes access to AVO tools (e.g. Jan 2004 demo) Beta tester pool (currently ~30) composes: Science Advisory Group eScience astronomy students Interested astronomers Beta tester programme providing feedback Usability > input to GUI design Functionality > informs access to data and tools Reliability > uptime, speed of response, bugs

13 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 13 AstroGrid and the GGF AstroGrid initiative to connect astronomy requiremtns and 'grid' computing Astro-RG GGF research group initiated Co-chairs Walton (AstroGrid) and Reagan (NVO) Aim to feed astronomical (science) requirements to GGF Inform computing requirements by usage reports 'gap' analysis needs/functionality IVOA supported

14 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 14 AstroGrid: Science External Activities Science interaction with content providers VEGA programme development Coordination through VOProc Escience students AstroGrid related students: IoA, IfA, Leicester... EGEE – Applications area kick-off Cross council input: PPARC Kite meetings: Life Sciences 'Ensembl' Science Advisory Board MRC eScience Call review panel

15 AstroGrid Science @ GSC : MRC 15 Towards AstroGrid2 AstroGrid remains on target to deliver against key science milestones Mass scale access to WFCAM IR survey data (prep for VISTA) Access to european and world data > through IVOA stds 'Level 1' data mining > image extraction and visualisation Science priority for AstroGrid2 Ensure wide science take up of a robust system Encourage user demand for resource (disks etc) through AG 'Seed' provision of better tools Encourages external provision of capabilities Maximise exploitation of seamless data access/discovery

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