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2 1INTRODUCTION Your centers good name is everything in the community. You spend years building customer confidence, loyalty and a brand image. Your staff is professional, courteous and diligent. Yet one negative customer experience can put all that in jeopardy. For example, if a customer walks up your ATM machine and it doesnt work. No matter what the reason, that can damage your name every bit as much as a poor earnings report or not being able to find a parking space. Your ATM partner needs to understand that. We do. Your good name. Our Uptime Guarantee.

3 1INTRODUCTION ATM USA was founded in 1998 ATM USA provides full-service ATM programs that help retail centers maximize internal resources and realize profits Among the leaders in ATM placements in the United States, ATM USA is a nationwide turnkey ATM service partner ATM USA has over 3,000 placements all over the country Wells Fargo. Macerich. Dillards. Farm Fresh Grocery Stores. Major Fortune 500 companies partner with ATM USA The ATM Uptime service leader Youre in good company

4 1INTRODUCTION Trends in the marketplace 2FI TRENDS Bankruptcies, unemployment, falling real estate prices have had a profound effect on the retail markets and leasing is more challenging than ever Federal bailout money has been a public relations nightmare for financial institutions and has forced banks to re-evaluate off premise ATMs Fixed rents for ATM placements have declined or are no longer offered outside of A centers Loans and credit approvals are much more difficult to obtain The financial crisis is demanding a new way of doing business The answers arent easy

5 Retail centers are continually searching for new revenue streams to replace lost income A uniform ATM fleet provides retail owners leverage in branding, marketing and sponsorship programs ATM services are viewed by customers and members as a necessary convenience. Retail partners demand them Due to management requirements, fuel costs and maintenance needs, ATMs are expensive to maintain at levels of availability that reflect your good name Outsourcing ATM management and maintenance is an appealing option to many retailers 1INTRODUCTION A new focus 2FI TRENDS

6 ATM USA Managed Solutions Outsourcing can increase ATM profitability with little effort or impact on operations ATM USA provides full-service ATM Managed Solutions to retail locations of all sizes Solution includes first line maintenance (FLM), second line maintenance (SLM), transaction trafficking, network access, cash replenishments, cash vault services, ATM placement and on-site maintenance Innovative technologies allow us to install and relocate terminals in a matter of days, not months. ATMs with high availability provide convenience to your customers and provide them with cash to spend on site. The manpower, time, headaches and frustration that go with ATM ownership are eliminated without giving up the profitability Bank of The Commonwealth is up. We are extremely satisfied with the level of service and professionalism that is demonstrated on a consistent basis and would highly recommend ATM USA without hesitation. Deborah B. Coon Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Bank of Commonwealth 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS

7 Term of managed services sponsorship is 36 months. ATM USA will provide complete turnkey ATM service; equipment, processing, cash, armored car, insurance, monitoring, maintenance and communications Retail Center will set the surcharge for the location All branding and sponsorship revenue will be paid to the Retail Center The details about the ATM USA Managed Solution ATM USA will provide and pass through the cost of new,wholesale ATMs for all locations, depreciated over 36 months Install and pass through cost of the communications for length of contract Other pass through costs are for processing, cash replenishment, insurance, management and all first and second line maintenance ATM USA will refund 100% of surcharge transactions and all interchange to the Retail Center after expenses Flexible equipment options and pass through costs 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS

8 Services include monthly reporting, 24-hour customer service, terminal monitoring and the 98.5% Uptime guarantee Failure to maintain a minimum uptime service level will result in a reduction in management fee The Uptime Guarantee ATM USA will be paid a monthly management fee based on the number of ATMs being outsourced to ATM USA The monthly management fee is $250 per terminal Fits just about any budget Enter all new locations in our ATM Management Database and map out logistics for the conversion Create scope of work to be provided to all vendors and the customer Develop a schedule for the conversion, including cash removal, rebranding, communication installation and testing, and cash loading How the conversion plan works 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS

9 Send the proposed schedule to exiting vendors and operations staff Ship all materials upon approval to the technicians assigned to complete the installations. Materials include signage, Ventus communication equipment, and terminal cleanup materials Installations are only scheduled to be completed Mondays through Thursdays. Up to 25 terminal conversions per day We awarded ATM USA the contract because nobody else came close to offering as comprehensive a plan at such a reasonable cost….Were overjoyed with ATM USAs efforts to make the conversion painless Mary Gardner Chief Financial Officer Credit Union Member Access Company Approvals are a must Monitor the process daily until completion Send a daily report to the customer and vendors detailing the previous days successes and failures with a plan of action Quarterly formal review of the conversion, transaction performance, and ATM operation of the portfolio will be held between ATM USA and the customer after the first conversion date Monitoring progress is essential 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS

10 ATM USA provides a four-hour average response time All contracts have a uptime guarantee and penalties for failure to maintain our service level standards Our uptime for all managed terminals for the past 36 months is 99% Service level agreements Relocations are performed for all managed ATM portfolios Requests are accommodated with one weeks notice Cutting edge wireless communication solutions offer fast relocations with minimal service interruption Terminal relocation services Features ATM Manager Pro software and S-Wave software for analysis of real-time and historical data to forecast cash needs Cash level reports are reviewed daily, and e-runs are ordered when cash levels will adversely affect uptime requirements Cash management solutions 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS

11 ATMs are labeled with the toll-free Help Desk number Innovative technologies and integrated Help Desk Support with service partners such as Solvport offer the highest levels of 24-hour live support Service includes generous access to an in-house master technician The Uptime Help Desk The ATM Uptime Service Console spotlights potential terminal service issues even before they have been observed on-site Snapshot offers easy access to real-time transaction information, important service level statistics, and cash management operations, all from a single application Service Reports retrieve complex reporting information on demand The Dashboard provides a snapshot of the overall health and status of the ATM fleet at a glance Graphic charts and key benchmarks summarize monitored service level statistics, allowing for swift diagnosis and resolution Innovative monitoring technologies, processes and reports 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS

12 Currently all transactions are processed through RBS Worldpay and CDS Exploring alternate delivery solutions and methodologies Innovative technologies provide seamless reporting Standard ATM Portfolio reports can include availability analysis, performance assessments, cash forecasting, transactions by day and monthly transaction reporting Monitoring resources 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS A read-only, real-time view into all your managed ATM placements using the Uptime Service Console program A monthly transaction report is included with all settlement statements More detailed reports may be pulled from the Service Console program by bank or upon request ATM USA will work to provide any additional reports requested The reporting keeps everybody up-to-speed

13 The ATM USA Uptime Service Console Important account information is always accessible Tabs highlight different performance indicators with up-to-the-minute data and help forecast problems Real-time monitoring of cash levels is a given Information helps with scheduling, maintenance and forecasting 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS

14 Innovative Reporting Technology Rows highlight usage by days Time columns track usage by the hour Alerts call out potential historical problems 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS

15 Innovative Reporting Technology Breaks down average costs Monitors availability and performance against Uptime Guarantee Details upcoming install Highlights best performers 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS

16 ATM USA will provide new equipment and amortize payment back over the length of the contract ATM USA will supply all cash, maintenance and provide payments for all insurance and interest expenses Retail Center will control all screen flows and marketing messages attached to the ATM ATM USA will sell equipment to Center for $1 per terminal upon renewal of 36 month service agreement. ATM lifespan is 10-12 years Asset ownership options An ATM that is bank branded traditionally outperforms an unbranded ATM ATM USA can brand turnkey locations within your portfolio Experience in partnering with FI to win bids of ATM portfolios FI partners can select which locations to brand to target markets of need within portfolios The market rate for branded ATMs ranges from $250 to $400 depending on the metro area Make the most of your brand 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS

17 ATM USA uses Worldpay and CDS as our processors and thus can only process T-DES transactions All current security levels will remain the same ATM USA meets all PII requirements from our data transaction providers File transfers between integration partners are with SFTP FLM/SLM partners conduct inspections for skimming devices during their regularly scheduled visits Fraud prevention Data is stored (in encrypted form) in two secure third-party data centers, located in separate geographic locations Connectivity is provided by multiple providers with automatic failover capabilities Locations provide full physical security, including security cameras and key card access The network is secured with high-end redundant, automatic failover firewalls Fire suppression and environmental control are provided Automatic backup power is provided by on-site generators ATM USA backup & disaster recovery 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS

18 Retrieval testing is performed monthly to point out any data corruption that occurs in the backup process Steps are taken to fix any corruption or capture a completely new image should the corruption be irreparable Backup verification The only critical data system event to date was a failed hard drive on the primary database server The hard disks were protected in a RAID 5 configuration The system remained accessible in a slightly degraded mode until a replacement hard drive was installed and the RAID array was rebuilt A backup of the critical data was immediately verified in case recovery was required No additional failure occurred; total time of the event was less than 24 hours The last time backup resources were required 1INTRODUCTION2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS Data is encrypted before it leaves ATM USA servers Files are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption technology Security is a priority

19 1INTRODUCTION Wachovia Bank is UP Wachovia Bank was looking at closing unprofitable off-site locations Loss of ATM locations put at risk profitable DDA households with reduced convenience Other considerations included the risk of increased competitor visibility and a loss of acquisition opportunity The Challenge. In 2006 and Today 4TESTIMONIALS An innovative managed bank solution called Wachovia at Work The solution includes FLM, SLM, cash replenishment and telecommunications services Other services include vault cash at less than the prime rate The Solution. In 2006 and Today Wachovia at Work Solution Results Successfully authorized more than 1,400,000 withdrawals to date Reduced the average net operating costs and increased profit margins Maintained a 99.1% ATM uptime for entire At Work Portfolio Increased the number of managed ATMs from 20 to 225 2FI TRENDS3ATM USA MANAGED SOLUTIONS


21 Mark Klockner Mall Managed Solutions Rep Retail Infusion Phone: 615-265-8064 e-Mail:


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