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Muscular System.

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1 Muscular System

2 Terminology (pg. 167) myo- fasciculus sarco- platys iso- tonos
syn- -trophy tetanos caput



5 Introduction Over 600 muscles Lots of mitochondria and blood vessels
45% of body weight is muscles

6 Functions Locomotion: move skeleton

7 2. Posture: some muscles are always partially contracted

8 3. Maintain body temperature by producing heat

9 4.Respiration and circulation

10 Guarding entrances and exits (sphincters)

11 6.Movement along internal passageways (peristalsis)

12 7.Communication (verbal and body language)

13 Characteristics 1. Excitability-ability to respond

14 2.Contractibility-ability to shorten

15 3.Extensibility-ability to stretch

16 4.Elasticity-ability to return to previous length

17 Types-Skeletal striated-appear lined voluntary
lots of nuclei in the cell


19 Smooth Non-striated Involuntary Spindle shaped


21 Cardiac Striated Involuntary Branched intercolated disks


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