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Negative and Affirmative Words

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1 Negative and Affirmative Words
By: Deidre Yeager Period: 3 Class: 118 – Ms. Marville

2 Affirmative Words Negative Words Negative Words Sí- Yes
Algo- Something, Anything Alguien- Somebody, Anybody Algún, Alguna- Some, Any Siempre- Always También- Also, Too Ya- Already Todavía- Still Ya no- Not Yet No- No Nada- Nothing, Anything Nadie- Nobody, Anybody Ningun, Ninguna- None, Not Any Nunca- Never Tampoco- Neither, Either Todavia no- Not Yet Ya No- Not Yet

3 Rules for Affirmative and Negative Words
In the Spanish language, sentences can contain two negatives No is sometimes used before the verb and another negative expression follows the verb. The words nada, nadie, nunca, tampoco can be ahead of the verb, and no may be taken out. Sometimes, when the word follows the verb, another negative is needed before the verb.

4 Examples and More Rules
No come el manzana Nunca come el manzana Todavía no lo encuentra. No lo encuentra todavía Todavía is sometimes used at the beginning or at the end of a negative sentence when it is the same as yet. When todavía is used without a verb, it must be used with the word no, which most frequently follows todavía.

5 The End

6 Bibliography Funston, James F. “Negative and Affirmative Expressions”. Navegando 2. Ed. Judy Cohen. St. Paul:EMC/Paradigm Publishing,

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