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Grammar Chapter 2A.

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1 Grammar Chapter 2A

2 Reflexive verbs Some Spanish verbs have se attached to the end of the infinitive. The “se” is the reflexive pronoun

3 cepillarse yo me cepillo nosotros nosotras nos cepillamos tú
te cepillas vosotros vosotras os cepilláis Ud. él ella se cepilla Uds. ellos ellas se cepillan

4 Definite Articles A definite article is generally used instead of a possessive adjective when using a reflexive verb to talk about personal items. Me pongo los zapatos I put on my shoes. ¿Quieres lavarte las manos? Do you want to wash your hands

5 The word se sometimes combined with the él/ ella/ Ud. or the ellos/ ellas/ Uds. form of a verb in order to express the action. Se habla español aquí Spanish is spoken here. Las verduras se comen muchas People often eat vegetables veces para el almuerzo for lunch.

6 The preterite tense of reflexive verbs
Reflexive and non reflexive verbs follow the same patterns you have learned for forming the preterite tense. Bañé al perro I gave the dog a bath. Me bañé. I took a bath. Ella vistió a su hermanita. She dressed her little sister. Ella se vistió. She got dressed.

7 Demonstrative Pronouns
Demonstrative adjectives become demonstrative pronouns when they are used with written accent marks and when they take the place of a noun.

8 Los pronombres demostrativos
singular plural masculino femenino masulino éste ésta éstos éstas ése ésa ésos ésas aquél aquélla aquéllos aquéllas

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