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DFE Tension Measurement & Control

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1 DFE Tension Measurement & Control
The Dover Difference Dover Flexo Electronics

2 Why do customers choose DFE for tension control?
“DFE specializes in one technology area for our customers in the converting, printing and web processing industries. If you require tension measurement or control, we offer everything you need.” --Ken Ekola, President

3 What sets DFE apart? Value Innovation Leadership Product Focus
High quality, competitively priced products and unmatched technical support Innovation Leadership No other tension control manufacturer offers as many cutting-edge products for measurement and control applications Product Focus Tension sensing, monitoring and control are all we do.

4 What Sets DFE Apart? Broad Standard Product Range Fast Delivery
Exclusive Extended Range (XR) option boosts tension measurement range from 50:1 to 100:1 for wider application.

5 What Sets DFE Apart? Custom Engineered Application Solutions

6 What Sets DFE Apart? Quality Management Programs
ISO 9001 Certification 5-Year Tension-Free Product Warranty Customer Satisfaction Surveys Rigorous on-site laboratory testing CE-Marked Products No-Squeal Brake Warranty

7 What Sets DFE Apart? Customer Support
Largest Tension Control Engineering and Support Staff in North America Expert Technical Support Always available 24/7/365 by phone or at Code Blue urgent request service Experienced Applications Support Fast, Friendly Customer Service

8 What Sets DFE Apart? 35 years of Satisfied Customers
More Tension Transducers on machines in North America than any other manufacturer

9 PRODUCTS Tension Transducers
Some call these ‘load cells’, or ‘tension sensors’ Tension Transducer Amplifiers and Indicators Automatic Tension Controllers (analog and digital models) Pneumatic Dual Disk Brakes

10 Tension Transducer Advantages
Stainless steel and aluminum construction for better corrosion resistance than competitors who offer plated steel construction. Precision Recessed Seals protect inside the transducers from dust, water and the industrial environment.

11 Tension Transducer Advantages
Extended Range (XR) is an exclusive option of DFE tension transducers that increases their effective operating range from 50:1 to 100:1. XR allows customers to run a broader range of substrates (and tensions) with the same transducers.

12 Tension Transducer Advantages
Mechanical stops that are designed to give higher overload protection than the competition. No failures from web pulls or from operators climbing on the rolls. Dual cantilever beam design and limited beam travel enhance durability and minimize risk of resonant frequency vibration problems at high speeds.

13 Model C Tension Transducers
Eight Standard Load Ratings from 10 up to 800 lbs (45 up to 3560N; or 4.5 up to 364 Kg). 50:1 effective load sensing range, standard (100:1 with Extended Range option) Dead shaft and Live shaft (rotating bearing) models. Superior seals protect inside from dust and water. Dual cantilever beam for high strength and accuracy.

14 Model C Tension Transducers
More mounting styles (5) than any competitor. Screw mount (S) Pillow Block (PB) Flange Mount (FL) Through-Frame (TF) Piloted Flange (PFL) S FL PB TF Piloted Flange Mount enables transducer to fit in place of standard RFC 3” piloted flange bearings. PFL

15 Tension Roll® Transducer
No assembly required. Tension transducers and dead-shaft idler roll combined into a single, easy-to-install unit. Time-proven through-shaft design provides superior overload capacity and strength.

16 TR Tension Roll® Transducer
Save Engineering Time. The TR Transducer installs easily in place of an existing idler roll anywhere in the web path. Connector at one end only eliminates cable-crossing between machine frames.

17 Narrow Web NWI™ Transducer
Cantilevered idler roll and two tension transducers in one unit – for high accuracy and fast, simple installation. For Narrow Web machines with single-side frame. Widths from 7 – 20 inches (178 to 508mm) Optional LED Readout and 0-10 VDC output. Screw mount or Flange mount.

18 Heavy Duty UPB Transducers
UPB (Under Pillow Block) transducers install under standard pillow block bearings. UPBH for tension force parallel to top plate. UPBV for tension force perpendicular to top plate. Load ratings from 100 – 5000 lbs (450 – 22250N) Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum for harsh environments, like paper processing.

19 Tension Amplifiers & Indicators
Tension signal amplifiers, interfaces and indicators provide a tension readout and voltage or current output proportional to tension. Output can be used as reference to control tension manually. Signal can be used to interface with drive systems, controllers, computers, or recorders.

20 TI17C TrueTension™ Amplifier
Low-cost, ultra-stable transducer interface for tension measurement. VDC or 4 – 20 mA isolated outputs proportional to tension. Quik-Cal™push-button zero and calibration. CE-marked. Choice of mounting styles, including DIN rail mounting. TI18C runs on 24 VDC.

21 iAmp™ Inline Transducer Amplifier
Compact tension transducer amplifier (50mm x 75mm x 25mm) mounts on transducer cable or on transducer. Saves space, expense and installation time versus standard amplifiers or interfaces. Powered by 24 VDC. Outputs 0 – 10 VDC isolated for PLC, motor drive or other controller. Easy-to-setup zero and calibration potentiometer adjustments. Optional built-in LED tension readout.

22 WebHandler™ 3 Tension Controller
Automatic closed-loop web tension controller. Control outputs include: psi pneumatic, 0-90 VDC, 45 VDC, 24 VDC, and 0–10 VDC isolated and non-isolated. Touch panel setup and calibration via large, backlit LCD display. Compensation for speed and roll diameter. Auto/ Manual control mode, Emergency Stop, Soft start, storage and recall of multiple job setups, serial access via computer with Windows-based software, and many other features and options.

23 Pneumatic Dual Disk Brakes
Available in 5 standard sizes. From 6 inch (15 cm) up to 18 inch (457 cm) diameter disks. Wide torque range from 3 to 17,990 lb-in. Large heat dissipation capacity. Simple friction pad removal and installation – no tools required. Brakes fit easily in place of competitive dual disk brakes. Limited travel pistons prevent disk scoring. Universal actuator return spring cannot puncture the diaphragm.

24 Dover Flexo Electronics The Tension Control Specialists

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