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Transaction Journaling

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1 Transaction Journaling

2 Synopsis Where is your data? How would its loss impact you?
How do you protect it? What does transaction journaling add? How easy is it to implement? How do I use it after it is installed? When can I get it? Discussion on implementation and options

3 Where is your data? Now 1970’s Nothing is written down
Filing cabinets are seldom accessed Receipts are queued and printed later All major documents are put in a fragile electronic box 1970’s Everything is written down All papers are filed (usually twice) Receipts are duplicated and filed Major documents are in a fireproof vault Computers have changed business All papers filed usually twice because there was a numeric and alpha copy. Nothing is written down – I know when I am on the computer and someone wants me to write something down, I generally have to find a pen.

4 Data loss impact Average hourly downtime is expensive
$78,000 per hour $8,000 per minute Somewhere in between Priceless problems include New customers entered that day Phone information without a paper trail Average hourly is theoretical and some times hard to prove. I mean only if overtime was needed to catch-up and with computers, a lot of times the people at them are salaried. Priceless problems we all can see. If a customer calls me at 8:00am, by 8:05 I have no recollection of that call.

5 How do you protect it? Nightly Saves Uninterruptible Power Supplies
RAID – Redundant array of inexpensive disks Dual (or more) everything Processors Memory Network Cards

6 Nightly Save Backup the data - usually to tape
Verify the backup is good Either a courier service or employee takes the day’s tape off-site This is great and now you are reasonably assured that your days data is safe.

7 Nightly Save Nightly saves alone are comparable to having your employees use an etch-a-sketch during the day and then taking a picture of it every night. The picture at the end of the day will be complete and perfect, but if somebody “shakes” that thing during the day…. But… why worry, you have RAID and everything is redundant

8 They all happen INSTANTLY, oh and redundantly
RAID All data is written at least 2 ways to disk Most RAID systems now allow hot-swap Every transaction is done instantly Newly created items and changes CLEAR-FILE DELETE-FILE DELETE They all happen INSTANTLY, oh and redundantly

9 Dual Everything Processors even if redundant, require a reboot and often data loss occurs Memory is much the same Network cards really only influence current data entry

10 What’s Missing? Everything is written down
Not until the end of the day (backup) All papers are filed (usually twice) This is pretty much covered by backup / offsite Receipts are duplicated and filed Again only at the end of the day Major documents are in a fireproof vault Again, covered by the offsite storage

11 What does TJ add? Everything is written down
With TJ, transactions are instantly “written down” in a separate journal Receipts are duplicated and filed Again, “all” transactions including the receipts are duplicated to a separate journal. TJ adds up-to-the-minute journaling so that zero percent captured data is lost

12 How easy is it to implement?
The entire procedure is on the next slide. It is incorporated in jBASE and no new software is needed. Run reports and/or recovery processes immediately. This is a marketing presentation, but it really can be that simple.

13 Implementation Run the tjinit script provided by your vendor
License the jBASE transaction journaling Add process to change logsets to the backup process or to an administrator’s daily task list Create a TJLOG file for reporting and admin processes.

14 How do I use it? The journals are updated automatically and require no changes to your installation Use the TJLOG file to report and/or select journals for processing SORT TJLOG WITH ….. SELECT TJLOG WITH …. Followed by jlogdup which “plays back” the transaction journal.

15 When can I get it? NOW! Transaction journaling is included in your current jBASE server. You need only purchase a license from your vendor and run the setup process

16 Planning your Implementation
What existing files hold temporary or transitory information and should not be logged? Should newly CREATED files be logged? Should print jobs be logged? Do any processes need to be changed to use the jBASE jEDI so that they get logged?

17 Options Hot standby configuration Transactional management methods
Audit reports Offsite journaling Professional services can help with the implementation

18 jBASE and the jBASE logo are registered trademarks of T-jBASE SA, a company of the TEMENOS Group, copyright © 2009 T-jBASE SA.

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