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DCP Mewbourn II Rupture Disc - Recordable Incident

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1 DCP Mewbourn II Rupture Disc - Recordable Incident

2 Incident Description IE was installing a cap on a 1" by-pass line at the pig launcher outside of barricade (approximately 70' away) from the outlet side of the blow down piping / rupture disc process. At approximately 1:50am the 20' line reached the rupture disc blowout pressure and ruptured. IE was in direct line of fire with the outlet side of the pipe. When the disc ruptured the IE bent down and covered his head when he heard the "boom" from the blow down. IE then noticed that something had struck his left arm. IE was escorted to the safety trailer, then escorted to the ER in Greeley.

3 Site Sketch (NTS) –WSG

4 In- Line Close Up

5 In-Line 60 Ft

6 Rupture Disking

7 Rupture Disking (Simulation of Incident Blowdown)




11 Caution The next few pictures are graphic.
Aftermath Pictures Caution The next few pictures are graphic.

12 Injury To Distal Left Arm


14 Stitches

15 Root Cause Causal Factor

16 Root Cause – Causal Factor Tree

17 RCA Snap Chart – Time Line

18 Findings RCA discovered that a break down in communication was the ROOT CAUSE. Turn Over from day shift to night shift 2 turn over’s took place verbally 1 from day shift blow down GF to night shift blow down GF 1 from day shift Hydro/Nitro test GF to night shift Hydro/Nitro test Lead Hand Communication between night shift task were not shared between GF and Lead Hand Communication of continuous rupture disking task was communicated verbally and via radio from night shift GF No communication of 2nd Hydro test preparation in affected rupture disk blow down area IE entered direct line of fire from the rupture disk area, (outside barricaded area) to conduct bolt up for the hydro test preparation. BJSA did not discuss SIMOPs of the 2 task working in close proximity BJSA did not cover details of task being conducted

19 Contributing Casual Factors
Verbal turn over from day shift to night shift on both crews Inadequate barricade in place and tagged by day shift but not altered by night shift Barricade set differently than times prior Less personnel to be affected Not enough personnel to post perimeter watch More adequate communication during day shift with assistance of additional personnel IE entered 2nd hydro test area with out verifying blown down / rupture disk task was complete. No communication with blow down crew or GF

20 Corrective actions Create a SWP for: Blow Down / Rupture Disking
Lead by Operations / Management Assisted in completion by Safety Create a shift turnover information / verification form Complete communication exercise with supervision Completed by: Safety and Supervision Complete BJSA training with supervision and necessary personnel Completed by: On Site Safety – Cheryl Zaleski

21 Communication is the key to a SAFE and successful job!
Plan you work, Work your plan!

22 Questions? Discussion

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