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Hardware- Storage Devices HTM304 William Sullivan Victor Cortez Wendi Jardin Jonathan Thompson.

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1 Hardware- Storage Devices HTM304 William Sullivan Victor Cortez Wendi Jardin Jonathan Thompson

2 Storage Purpose: Without storage a computer can only function as a digital signal processing device (e.g. calculator, media player).

3 History of Storage Devices 1956- Hard Disk 1971- 8 Floppy Disk 1980- CD (compact disk) 1994- Compact Flash, Zip Drive 1995- DVD 1998- Memory stick 2001- USB key 2004- HD-DVD, Holographic

4 Store 1 DVD on…

5 Types of Storage Devices Hard Disk- a non-volatile storage device which stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surfaces. Optimal Disks- a storage device that uses tiny pits etched on the surface of a circular disc to store information, and reads this information by illuminating the surface with a laser diode and observing the reflection. Optical disc storage is non-volatile and sequential access. (Ex. CD, DVD)

6 Types of Storage Devices (cont) USB flash drive- a NAND-type flash memory storage device integrated with a USB (universal serial bus) interface. Flash memory stores information in an array of floating gate transistors, called "cells". Each cell stores one bit of information. Holographic- Holographic memory is a technique that can store information at high density inside crystals or photopolymers. The advantage of this type of data storage is that the volume of the recording media is used instead of just the surface.

7 CPU and Memory Main Memory Magnetic Disk Optical Disk Parameters that Affect Computer Performance

8 CPU and Memory Performance Factors: CPU Speed, Cache memory, Data bus speed, Data bus width. Beneficial for: Fast processing of data once the data reside in the main memory. Example Applications: Repetitive calculation of formulas and manipulation of large picture images.

9 Main Memory Performance Factors: Size and Speed Beneficial for: Holding multiple programs at one time, processing very large amounts of data. Example Applications: Processing large files in several programs and websites and gaming.

10 Magnetic Disk Performance Factors: Size, channel type and speed, rotational speed, seek time. Beneficial for: Storing many large programs and files, swapping files in and out of memory. Example Applications: store detailed maps and large data downloads from organizational servers.

11 Optical disk-CD Performance Factors: Up to 700 MB Beneficial for: Reading CDs, backup files. Example Applications: Install new programs, play and record music, backup data.

12 Optical disk-DVD Performance Factors: Up to 4.7 GB Beneficial for: Process both DVDs and CDs, backup files. Application Examples: Install new programs, play and record music and video, backup data.


14 Storage Capacity

15 Popular Brands 2.0 USB Flash Drives San Disk PNY Attaché Sony Memorex Lexar Price/Storage Capacity/Speed $14.99 - $199.99 512MB – 16GB, 480Mbps Floppy Disks Verbatim Memorex Maxell Price/Storage Capacity/Speed $3.49 - $9.99 (packs of 10 - 50) 1.44MB, 500Kbps

16 Popular Brands (contd) Optical Disks Sony Memorex Verbatim Maxell Fuji Film TDK Price/Speed/Storage Capacity CD-R/RW: $8.49 - $32.99 40x – 52x; 4x (RW) 700MB, 80min DVD-R/RW: $9.99 - $63.99 16x; 4x (RW) 4.7GB, 120min Double Layer DVD-R: $19.49 - $99.99 8x 8.5GB, 240min Blu-Ray: $20.99/each 2x 25GB, 120min (HD), 780min (standard)

17 Comparisons CD-Rs Source:

18 Popular Brands (contd) Hard Disk Drives Western Digital Seagate Hitachi Maxtor Storage Capacity/Price/Speed Internal: 80GB – 750GB $83.99 - $282.99 5400 RPM – 10,000 RPM External: 12GB – 1TB $51.99 - $449.99 5400 RPM – 7200 RPM

19 Comparisons Internal Hard Drives Source:

20 Comparisons External Hard Drives Source:

21 Comparisons External Hard Drives (contd) Source:

22 Comparisons External Hard Drives (contd) Source:

23 Previously Covered: History Function Major Parameters Major Brands Now… Who should buy and where should they buy?

24 I save all of my essays on my flash drive and keep it on my keychain so when I am at school, work, or wherever I have access to my schoolwork. Jenny L. Bigpond Liberal Studies Major CSUSM Cougar Age: 22 Years at CSUSM: 3.5 Student (document use)

25 I analyze data for the pool service industry. This is easy to do with QuickBooks software installed on my hard disk. I can print reports based on pricing and inventory as well as actual costs versus profit. I also backup all of my invoices on a flash drive. Tonya L. Bigpond Vice President Bigpond Enterprises INC. Age: 47 Years with company: 4 Company Manager (data analysis use)

26 Our customer and catalog lists are stored on hard disks. Our new catalog that comes out every year is put on the hard disk. Our products and pictures are also stored on the hard disks. Cindy L. Thompson Client Service Specialists/Receptionists Euro American Propagators LLC Age: 48 Years with company: 5.5 Secretary (documentation use)

27 Man! A flash drive is so convenient for my party music. Kyle McClellan CoBA Major CSUSM Cougar Age: 20 Years at CSUSM: 2.5 Home User (entertainment)

28 Cost-effective Recommendations Specifications Situation i.e. emergency (backup) Capacity i.e. how big or small Brand i.e. brand name or not (generic) Other options i.e. firewall (security) Places to Purchase Best Buy Circuit City Wal-mart Frys e-Bay Other online sites CDW Inc

29 Special Report: Hard disk exxxposed

30 Q & A

31 Sources Music: Scatman John Scatman MIS Textbook

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