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Tasks in Setting Up a Hard Disk

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1 Tasks in Setting Up a Hard Disk
Initialize the disk with a data storage type. Create partitions or volumes. Format the disk partition or volume.

2 Storage Types

3 Partition Types

4 Volume Types

5 Working with Simple Volumes
A simple volume contains disk space from a single disk. Use Disk Management to create and format a simple volume. Create simple volumes only on dynamic disks. Format a simple volume with NTFS, FAT, or FAT32. Extend a simple volume that is formatted with NTFS.

6 Working with Spanned Volumes

7 Working with Striped Volumes

8 Adding Disks

9 Changing Storage Types
Upgrade a basic disk at any time with no data loss. Existing partitions on the basic disk become simple volumes. Existing striped volume sets become dynamic striped volumes. Existing spanned volume sets become dynamic spanned volumes. Disk must contain at least 1 MB of unallocated space.

10 Upgrading Basic Disks to Dynamic Disks
Open Disk Management. Right-click the basic disk in the new computer. Click Upgrade To Dynamic Disk. When prompted, restart your computer.

11 Reverting to a Basic Disk
Remove all volumes. Open Disk Management. Right-click the dynamic disk. Click Revert To Basic Disk. All data is lost.

12 Disk Properties Disk: the number for the disk in the system
Type: basic or dynamic storage Status: the disk is online, offline, foreign, or unknown Capacity: total capacity for the disk Unallocated Space: amount of available space

13 Disk Properties (continued)
Device Type: IDE, SCSI, EIDE, and IDE channel Hardware Vendor: vendor and disk type Adapter Name: type of controller Volumes Contained On This Disk: volumes and total capacity

14 Volume Properties General: volume label, type, file system, used and free space Tools: perform volume error-checking, backup, and defragmentation Hardware: checks properties of and troubleshoots the physical disks Sharing: sets network shared volume parameters and permissions Security: sets NTFS access permissions on NTFS version 4 and 5 volumes Quota: sets user quotas for NTFS 5 volumes

15 Refresh Refresh updates drive letters, file system, and volumes.
Refresh updates removable media information. Refresh determines if unreadable volumes are now readable.

16 Rescan Disks Rescan Disks updates hardware information.
Removable media and CD-ROM drives Basic volumes and drive letter File sitemaps Scans all disks for disk configuration changes.

17 Managing Disks on Remote Computers
Member of Administrators group or Server Operators group Exact account and password on both computers in a workgroup Custom console with Disk Management pointing to the remote computer

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